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Dear A-1video,
I received my video today. The movie was wonderful. I'd like to let you know that A-1 has to be the best online company I've come across. It was shipped really fast and was in perfect condition. I'm only 11 years old and you were always nice to me and you worked with me to order the video. I'll tell everyone to go to the website for good movies.
P.S. I'm going to order again sometime soon!
Thank you, Michael R.

Finally!  Something fondly remembered from my youth which waaaaay exceeded my expectations when it was re-encountered.
Thanks for spreading joy! My life is much improved for havimg contacted you.
Keep it up!  -  J. Rogers

Thanks to Robin Cook for this wonderful re-creation of the Hal Roach titles

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 For Vaudeville, including such acts as Smith and Dale, Bob Hope, A. Robins (the Banana Man), jugglers, animal acts, and many more,
also for historical films on Coney Island and other amusement parks, various Circus shows
click here for

Early Americana

 For the greatest comedians of all time,
lick here for
Laurel & Hardy

 From Georges Melies and Thomas Edison, to Pathe'-Freres,
 D.W. Griffith and Cecil B. Demille and many other giants,
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A handsome young man

For the greatest silent era comic of all time as well as selected talking era and TV work
Click here for Buster Keaton

For vintage music from the 20's through the 60's,
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For sight-gags and slapstick comedians such as Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Ben Turpin, Charley Chase, Billy Bevan, Mack Sennett, The Keystone Cops, Lupino Lane, Mabel Normand, Larry Semon, Little Rascals and more
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For vintage Baseball greats such as Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and more
Football, Basketball, Hockey, etc,
Click here for
Vintage Sports


For comedy, live TV, variety including such greats as Jack Benny, Ed Sullivan,
Abbott and Costello, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Ernie Kovacs, and more,
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For both live and filmed children's entertainment like Andy's Gang, Captain Kangaroo, Howdy Doody and many more,
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Children's TV & movies

For classic era live TV dramas, filmed anthology dramas, action and adventures and mystery shows, click here
TV Dramas, Mystery & Adventure


Cartoons, TV specials and films with a holiday edge,
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For Documentaries, Newsreels on subjects from early days of entertainment to World War 2 and Viet Nam, Click here for
Documentaries & Newsreels

From Animated cartoon commercials
to Toy commercials, automobiles, Coke, Dodge ,Wurlitzer and others
Click here for

WurliTzer logo


From Bing's early short films to TV Specials featuring him at great  guests like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Rosemary Clooney, Peggy Lee and others, the King of Crooners,
Click here fo
r The Rat Pack & Bing Crosby

For fast-paced dialogue and situation comedy in the vein of Clark and McCollough,
 Leon Errol, W. C. Fields, Edgar Kennedy, Andy Clyde,
Bob Hope, and many more,
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For great works by the master directors, and unforgettable stars,
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Variety of films from the 30's through the 50's,Click here for


From Sherlock HOLMES  to Bulldog DRUMMOND
and More,

Click here for MYSTERY & THRILLERS


From silent horror to schlock "B's,
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Science FictioN - Fantasy - EXPLOITATION


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Felix The Cat

From Antique Autos to Race cars, and old advertising commercials on cars,
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For a great selection of Trains and Trollys,
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For movie and TV Western adventure click here




Other Sales-
all the different categories of films, books, collectibles,
autographed items, audio archives, etc.


 Movie Posters
Books, Magazines, Photographs, pressbooks,
and more

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8mm and projector.gif (530 bytes)16mm films
from Blackhawk Films, Castle Films, Columbia Pictures
and many others

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16mm, 8mm and Super 8mm films, and equipment
Categories include Action-Adventure, Comedy, Musical, Sports, Animation,
 Documentary and Newsreels , Laurel and Hardy , Little Rascals, Science Fiction & Horror,
Silent Era Comedies, Talking Era Comedies, Miscellaneous , Pioneers and Primitives,
Silent Era Features, Silent Era Shorts (non-comedy), Television.

Books & Periodicals , Autographs
Old Time Radio,
Historical Audio recordings Stock footage ,
Antique Toys & Collectibles from movies & TV



For those of you new to this web site, A-1video.com  specializes in collector videos on various subjects from first half of
the 20th century. With the recent anniversary of the cinemas first 100 years, there has been a renewed interest in it's origins
and development. Early motion pictures not only bring us a true to life record of our history, culture, fashions and trends
but also reflect what was important subject matter to the general population at a given time in history. Our politics, social
concerns, morality and our sense of humor all can be evaluated by the types of movies our ancestors paid their nickels to see.
   The scientific and technical advances can also be accounted for and analyzed. The events of history have affected early
cinema and its development. France, Great Britain, Italy and Germany all played early key roles in the development of film in
its various technical and artistic forms only to have wars intervene and allow other countries, mainly America to forge ahead
and break new ground.
   Sadly, much of this rich heritage has all but vanished forever due to the instability of nitrate film stock which was made at
the time. What survives is, in most cases, less than perfect quality and incomplete. Thankfully, through the efforts of restoration facilities such as The Eastman House, The Library of Congress as well as private companies such as Dennis Atkinson's "Encore Entertainment" , Michael Agee's "The Nostalgia Archive", and Larry Urbanski's "Moviecraft", we can still enjoy a portion of this unique art form.
   A-1 Video specializes in the collecting of these early efforts through special arrangements with various facilities (listed elsewhere in this web site). Many titles are cross-listed in more than one category page due to the multiple interest range.

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