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Here is a nostalgic look at the early days of motoring when the tin lizzie was an unpredictable mode of transit. In "FLIVVERING" (1917), Victor Moore tries to take his family on an outing with numerous breakdowns and assorted problems along the way. "T'WAS HENRY'S FAULT" refers to Henry Ford having invented the car. A domestic comedy with the wife and husband at odds over their new car. What she expected and what he was able to afford was quite something else! Silent screen comedienne Billie Rhodes stars in "A TWO-CYLINDER COURTSHIP" (1917) with Jay Belasco. Here the auto helps a romantic couple to elope. From the roaring 20's comes Mack Sennett's "SUPER HOOPER-DYNE LIZZIES" starring Billy Bevan and Andy Clyde. Billy invents a radio-controlled auto. When the wires get crossed, the cars go crazy! Loads of fun from Sennett's peak period of comedy.
(A-51) B & W silent with music score added........approx 60 minutes........$9.98 plus shipping and handling


Among the comedies featured in this second volume is "OUT BOUND" starring Sid Smith of the famed "Hall Room Boys" and Cliff Bowes of vaudeville fame. In this film, a truck with a long ladder backs into a bedroom window with a nearby doctor and his patient causing the ladder to carry the bed and the patient into the street and eventually the edge of a cliff (perfectly logical!). Join in the fun as the truck with the ladder and the bed teeter on the edge! Next, Harry Gribbon stars in "SKYLARKING" with a hot air balloon-car that goes through the air like a mini-Hindenburg. Other classic car comedies are included with the likes of Buster Keaton, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Laurel & Hardy!
B & W silent and part-talking............approx 60 minutes...............$9.98 plus shipping and handling




In the movies early days, independent producers would keep within their budget by using surrounding Los Angeles area backrounds for their pictures. The first two shorts presented here were photographed at Venice, California; the playground of Los Angeles. "BEAUTY AND THE BUMP" (1927) was produced by Bray Studios as a Skylark Comedy and features Nita Cavalier, Perry Murdock and Robert Page. A young couple on a Circle Swing is harassed by a bully. To make matters worse, the young man has to go to the fortune teller and have the bumps on his head read to make the girl happy! His lack of bumps adds to the comedy confusion. "TIRE TROUBLE" (1923) was produced by Hal Roach as a part of his popular Our Gang series. The rascals venture their way to an amusement park with lots of great scenes of coasters, etc. "THE SHIEK OF HOLLYWOOD" (1923) was produced and starred Fred Caldwell and Gale Henry. The story concerns the owner of a shooting gallery. The major action takes place on "The Race Through the Clouds" coaster. First built in 1911 , it was the first racing coaster built on the West Coast. Designed by John Miller, it was rebuilt in 1921 after a fire in the fall of 1920 which leveled the park. "BOYS WILL BE JOYS" (1925) is another Hal Roach-produced Our Gang comedy. This time the gang builds their own back lot amusement park complete with a Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, shoot-the-shoots and other attractions.
(A-426-E) B & W silent w/ music score added..approx. 60 minutes... $20.00 plus shipping and handling

Along with other modes of transportation, the airplane has always been a source of thrills and adventure in films, especially comedies. Lige Connelly stars in "AIR POCKETS" to start off this festival. As a wacky inventor, he displays an auto that folds up thus avoiding the need for a garage or parking spaces! When the mafia gets involved a wild chase through the air ensues! Other comedians who made use of airplanes are featured in clips from their movies. Among them, Larry Semon, Laurel & Hardy, Mack Sennett, Billy Bevan, Ben Turpin, and more.
(A-49) B & W silent with music score added...approx 60 minutes...$9.98 plus shipping and handling

Al Christie comedy studios presents Jimmie Adams in three comedies; "MEET THE FOLKS" (1927) and "BEAUTY ALA MUD" (1926) are rare 2-reel complete versions. Also featured are "LOVE SHY" (1928) and "CHASE YOURSELF" (1926).
(A-600-V) B & W ....silent with music added......................................$9.98 plus shipping and handling



 Monty Banks
 comedy Festival

 "THE COVERED SCHOONER" (1923), "THE GOLF BUG" (1924), "WEDDING BELLS " (1924), "PAY OR MOVE" (1924). "PLAY SAFE (a.k.a. CHASING CHOO CHOOS" (1926) .
(A-892) B & W ......silent with music added.....................$9.98 plus shipping and handling


Almost from the beginning of movies, baseball has been a popular subject. In 1905, the Edison Film Company made a short subject titled "HOW THE OFFICE BOY SAW THE BALL GAME". Combining actual shots of major league baseball players including the Pittsburgh Pirates and Christie Matthewson, a simple comic story was made. The first major American comedy star of the movies, John Bunny, stars in a baseball comedy "HEARTS AND FLOWERS" featuring Christy Matthewson in an acting role playing himself. Charles Ray stars in a 1917 baseball film titled "THE PINCH HITTER", directed by Victor Schertzinger. Ray plays a shy fellow named Joel Parker who seems to be going nowhere until his girlfriend Abbie Nettleton enters his life. With her backing, Joel is transformed from a tinid no-name to a bombastic baseball star!
(A-582 ) b&w...................approximately 80 minutes total............................$9.98 plus shipping and handling

This second volume offers silent era comedian Charles Ray in  "THE BUSHER" (from 1919). The great silent era movie star Colleen Moore co-stars along with soon-to-be matinee idol John Gilbert. A young baseball pitcher in the bush leagues is discovered by a big-league manager and given a chance to make good in the "Bigs". Not exactly a challenging or original plot line but as with most of these movies, it's the fun seeing the characters in actin and resolving problems. Bonus shorts include a baseball clip of Mickey Rooney in"MICKEY McGUIRE'S BASEBALL GAME" . The great Buster Keaton is featured in  "ONE RUN ELMER", along with some other baseball comedy clips that he did over the years!
(A-895) b&w...................approximately 90 minutes total............................$9.98 plus shipping and handling

The Better 'ole  starring  Syd Chaplin as "Old Bill"
Sidney Chaplin stars in this W.W. 1 comedy from 1923.
(A-887) B & W ......silent with music added.....................................$12.98 plus shipping and handling

BILLY BEVAN at Sennett;
The Silents Vol.1

Billy Bevan stars in this compilation of Mack Sennett comedies from the 1920's. Titles here include "BUTTERFINGERS" (1925), "PINK PAJAMAS" (1925), "ICE COLD COCOS" (1926), "CIRCUS TODAY" (1926). "SUPER HOOPER-DYNE LIZZIES" (1925) "WANDERING WILLIES" .
(A-601-V) B & W ......silent with music added.....................................$12.98 plus shipping and handling


CHARLIE CHASE Silents Vol. 1
Charlie's girl wants to be an actress so he decides to join her on the boards in "BROMO AND JULIET" also featuring Oliver Hardy. Next Charley portrays a coward who is bullied by everyone including the little Rascals in "THE FRAIDY CAT". Charley stars in the roaring 20's comedy "TEN MINUTE EGG". When he tries to avoid a planned marriage, Charley pretends to be looney in "CRAZY LIKE A FOX". Charley must overcome a dominant pooch in "DOG SHY". Charley is an inventor in "THE RAT'S KNUCKLES". Finally we see Charley in one of his earliest starring roles with the Keystone Cops and Harold Lloyd (in a cameo gag) in the wild comedy "LOVE, LOOT AND CRASH".
(A-521) B & W silent with music score added....approx 2 hrs....$14.98 plus shipping and handling
CHARLEY CHASE Silents Vol. 2
Charlie is unloading his clunker of an automobile and the buyer barely gets it out of the driveway when it collapses! You know he'll meet up again with this fellow. And when he does, it's in a camping cabin with the angry buyer's wife in "THE CARETAKER'S DAUGHTER". Also in the cast are James Finlayson, Jimmy Parrott, and Symonia Boniface.The domestic scene is disturbed once again in "FORGOTTEN SWEETIES" as Charley and his jealous wife discover they live across the hall from Charlie's old girl friend and her husband! In "SITTIN' PRETTY", Charlie is in a stock swindle comedy. We next find Charlie as a traveling salesman out West who must contend with a corrupt sheriff in "POWDER AND SMOKE". Charley falls in love with a girl who likewise is attracted to him in "AT FIRST SIGHT". Turning back the clock a bit, Charley stars with Mae Busch in an early comedy,"SETTLED AT THE SEASIDE". Charley plays a temperamental artist who must deal with Charlie Murray in "HIS FATAL ATTRACTION".
(A-522) B & W silent with music score added..approx 2 hours....$14.98 plus shipping and handling
CHARLEY CHASE Silents Vol. 3
In "FLUTTERING HEARTS", Charley is a millionaire who masquerades as a chauffeur to win the approval of his girl’s father who hates the idle rich. Unfortunately for father, he hasn’t been idle in the flirtation department and must engage Charley to recover some incriminating letters from blackmailer Oliver Hardy. Using a female mannequin as a ruse, Charley gets the letters in a most unusual way! In "BE YOUR AGE", Charley is coherest into into courting a rich widow while it’s here secretary he’s crazy about. Oliver Hardy plays the widows rich, spoiled son. In "MIGHTY LIKE A MOOSE", Charley has big, buck teech and his wife has a nose made for wide-screen cinemascope so they both get facial surgery. Now that they look different, they flirt with each other not recognizing each other! In "INNOCENT HUSBANDS", all Charley wants is to play checkers with his neighbor but his jealous wife thinks he’s stepping out. So Charley does and turns the tables on his suspicious wife!
B & W silent with music score added..........approximately 100 minutes total................$14.98

LLOYD & CHASE at Keystone

Both Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chase learned their craft partly at Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios around 1915. This collection shows them at the start of their great careers. Harold plays one of the suitors in "MISS FATTY'S SEASIDE LOVERS". He has a featured role in "COURTHOUSE CROOKS" starring Ford Sterling. Charley Chase with the Keystone Cops in "LOVE, LOOT AND CRASH" with Harold Lloyd in a cameo as a vegetable cart vendor. Charley also stars with Mae Busch in "SETTLED AT THE SEASIDE".
(A-519) B & W silent w/ music added......approximately 1 hour total.....$14.98 + shipping & handling


Considered the best and most creative period of his career, the short comedies produced by Mutual have been the ones Chaplin is best remembered for. This first volume features "THE IMMIGRANT", "THE ADVENTURER", "THE CURE", and "EASY STREET".
(A-491) B & W silent with music score added ..approx 85 minutes .......$9.98 plus shipping and handling


This second volume consists of "THE COUNT", "THE VAGABOND", "THE FIREMAN", and "BEHIND THE SCREEN" which holds some extra interest in that it is a parody of the old slapstick comedies and film-making of the time.
(A-492) B & W silent with music score added ...approx 85 minutes .......$9.98 plus shipping and handling


Chaplin attempts, some say with mixed results, to make a solo comedy with props as his other "players" in "ONE A.M." where he portrays a drunk returning home and having complications with such things as coat racks and murphy beds. "THE PAWN SHOP" casts Charlie as the assistant to a Jewish pawn broker. Charlie has the usual run-ins with customers and rivals. "THE FLOORWALKER" has hi-jinxs at a department store. "THE RINK" provides roller-skating antics and shows Chaplin's athletic abilities at taking falls.
(A-493) B & W silent with music score added........approx 85 minutes...$9.98 plus shipping and handling

While Mack Sennett and Hal Roach were the primary producers of comedy films during the golden age of silents, Al Christie was also very active in the field. Christie emphasized situational comedy with slapstick embellishments as opposed to frenetic sight-gags. Show girls in skimpy roaring 20's costumes were also a trademark of Christie's comedies. Bobby Vernon stars in "SPLASH YOURSELF" as a plumbers' assistant and you can imagine the chaos created by his bungling! Billy Dooley stars in "DIZZY SIGHTS". Jimmie Adams is featured in "OUT WEST". Neal Burns stars in a fast-paced little comedy about stock market shenanigans in "SLICK SLICKERS" also featuring Francis Lee. "RECKLESS ROSIE" stars Francis Lee as a show girl who shows a bit too much in public. Bobby Vernon paints himself into a marriage when he catches his future father-in-law on canvas flirting with a girl in "SEA SIRENS". Francis Lee, Billy Engle and Neil Burns star in the lively show-biz comedy "NIFTY NUMBERS". Dorothy Devore must masquerade as her husbands best man in a marital farce entitled "KNOW THY WIFE" from 1919.
(A-37) B & W with Color tints ...approx 100 minutes...$9.98 plus shipping and handling


Fay Tincher and Harry Depp star in a comedy with a Western flavor, "ROWDY ANN". Neil Burns stars in "COURT PLASTER". Also on hand is the theatrical comedy "STAGE STRUCK SUZIE" starring Francis Lee. Billie Rhodes plays a tom boy who tinkers with cars but still wants to be a wife to Jay Belasco in "A TWO CYLINDER COURTSHIP". Comic Billy Dooley stars as a sailor on leave who thinks he has a plague-infested guinea pig for a pet in "SAILOR BEWARE", also on hand are Vera Stedman, Max Asher and Eddie Baker. "HOLD STILL" tackles the flapper era career girl at odds with her fiancée. Anne Cornwall stars with Jimmie Harrison, Bill Blaisdell and Jack "Old Geezer" Duffy. "SWISS MOVEMENTS" is a mountain climbing contest gone to new heights of absurdity with Jimmie Adams, Bill Irving, Doris Dawson and Billy Engle.

(A-540) B & W silent with music score added...approx 94 minutes...$9.98 plus shipping and handling


This is one for silent comedy fans but train and trolley buffs as well. Johnny Hines plays Terry O'Toole a young Irishman who arrives in America and gets a job as a streetcar conductor on the Big Red Line. He rescues the son of the company president from death, foils the attempts of crooks (GM?) To gain control of the street railway company and marries the boss' daughter. Johnny Hines first starred in the movies in the mid teens and by the 1920's was a crackerjack comedian.
(A-472-E) B & W silent with music score...approx 65 minutes...$20.00

From the roaring 20's era comes a collection of comedies starring Lige Conley in a series of fast-paced slapstick chase comedies. This offering here includes "FAST AND FURIOUS" (1924), "AIR POCKETS" (1926) and "BATTLING KANGAROOS" (1926) with a young Sterling Holloway also in the cast.
(A-602-V) B & W ........silent with music added ...................................$9.98 plus shipping and handling

From the Hal Roach Studios comes a collection of comedies starring Australian comic Clyde Cook. Stan Laurel either wrote or directed these snappy comedies. Included here in this compilation are "STARVATION BLUES" (1926) with Clyde and Syd Crossley as two street musicians on the run from the pesky cop on the beat. "WIFE TAMERS" (1926) is a domestic comedy with Lionel Barrymore co-starring with Clyde. "WANDERING PAPAS" (1926)   Clyde works as the camp cook in a logging operation with Oliver Hardy as his hungry foreman. This comedy was written and directed by Stan Laurel.  "WHAT'S THIS WORLD COMING TO?" (1926) with Stan Laurel in a cameo appearance. Oliver Hardy is an insurance company doctor who must examine Clyde Cook who is to be bumped-off for the money by a scheming couple in the 1925 comedy "SHOULD SAILORS MARRY?".
(A-603) B & W ........silent with music added ...................................$12.98 plus shipping and handling



Mack Sennett produced this feature as a starring vehicle for his long-time star Mabel Normand. This is a Cinderella-type story of a small town girl who comes to Hollywood and gets into pictures. Of course there are comic twists and complications that make this basic storyline fun to watch. The most memorable scene in this film is where Mabel leads a lion around by a rope through the studio much to the fear of everyone else! A fine behind the scenes look at the Sennett Studios is an added bonus!

(A-225) Color tinted silent w/ music score added....approx 70 minutes..$9.98 plus shipping and handling




Roscoe Arbuckle, affectionately known to the world as "Fatty" Arbuckle, was probably Sennett's first major discovery and it was Arbuckle who took the Keystones to the next level in comedy development after Sennett got it started. Certainly he was a major influence on Chaplin, Lloyd and Keaton, who all got their start in Arbuckle films. "FATTY AND MABEL ADRIFT" is classic era Arbuckle with developed characters, superior photography, and exciting climaxes. "FATTY JOINS THE FORCE" speaks for itself with Roscoe becoming a Keystone Cop . Unfortunately he gets no respect from the local kids in the neighborhood and winds up in jail himself! In "THE SPEED KINGS" , Roscoe is at odds with Ford Sterling in a race car track setting. "THE WAITER'S BALL" co-stars Al St. John in a typical Arbuckle gag-fest. Roscoe is next cast as a boxer who must fight Edgar Kennedy, the Keystone Cops and a troublesome referee played by Charlie Chaplin in "THE KNOCKOUT", and also featured is "HE DID AND HE DIDN'T" co-starring Mabel Normand and Al. St. John.
(A-40) B & W silent w/music...........approximately 2 hours total..........$19.98 plus shipping and handling

Fatty has mother-in-law problems, then wife problems with a flirt. The flirt's husband returns and the chase is on! "FATTY'S TIN-TYPE TANGLE" provides us with the typical domestic farce style of comedy so precedent during this era. Edgar Kennedy who would go on to fame in his own series of domestic comedies co-stars along with Louise Fazenda. In "FATTY'S FAITHFUL FIDO", Roscoe and Al. St.John try to eliminate each other as rivals for Minta Durfee in a Chinese laundry. Roscoe siks his dog, Fido, on Al to gain the edge! In "FATTY'S NEW ROLE", he plays a tramp who masquerades as a saloon owner but is mistaken for a mad bomber.
(A-41) B & W ...........silent with music score added...approx. 1 hr........$12.98 plus shipping and handling

A frequent policy of Sennett was to utilize an event such as a car race or an exposition with elaborate sites and large crowds as a back-drop for an impromptu comedy. This gave a look of production on a limited budget. "FATTY & MABEL AT THE SAN DIEGO EXPOSITION" is such an example. Some Royal Hawaiian dancers at he Hawaiian Village end up in a free-for-all with the local police! "FATTY AND MABEL'S SIMPLE LIFE" has Mabel being forced into a marriage she doesn't want. After many comic situations, she and Fatty are able to be happy. "MABEL & FATTY'S WASH DAY" portrays them as married but not to each other. Mabel's husband is lazy and won't help with the laundry. Fatty is already doing his laundry and when he and Mabel get their things mixed up, the suspicions and "mix-ups" begin! In "MISS FATTY'S SEASIDE LOVERS", Arbuckle plays the bloated rich man's heiress who must out-wit "her" father when suitor's flock around the hotel and beach they are vacationing at. Among the suitor's is young Harold Lloyd who, along with the others, must rescue Miss Fatty when a wave sweeps "her" away. It will take a strong arm to pull this gal out of the ocean! Also on this offering is "THE ROUNDERS" in which Arbuckle and his side-kick Charlie Chaplin play a couple of top-hatted drunks who go out on the town much to the anger of their shrewish wives who chase them into the local park lake where they fall asleep in the row boat! Roscoe has a guest role in "MABEL'S DRAMATIC CAREER" in which Mabel Normand runs away from the farm to join a movie company in the bug city. When her former suitor, played by Mack Sennett, sees her in a mello-drama with Ford Sterling he gets excited and shoots up the theater only to discover that the villain in the movie, played by Ford Sterling, is her husband in real life.

(A-42) B & W  silent with music score added.......approx 90 minutes.....$12.98 plus shipping and handling

"MABEL, FATTY & THE LAW" (1915) is another domestic farce which made Keystones so popular. Two errant husbands flirt with their maids only to get caught. They go to the park where they encounter each others spouse. The cops enter the scene to enforce the "no spooning allowed" rule and the fun begins. Mabel Normand co-stars. "FATTY'S PLUCKY PUP" (1915) is not to be confused with "Fatty's Faithful Fido" (from Vol. 2) though both were made the same year. Arbuckle plays an incompetent son living with his mother. He sets fire to his bed, drops mother's laundry in the mud, and makes more trouble than help for her. Later he takes his girl to the amusement park where she's kid-napped by crooks. But Fatty, his plucky pup, and the Keystone Cops come to the rescue. In "WISHED ON MABEL"(1915), she and her mother are at the park when Fatty comes along and off he and Mabel go together. A park bandit steals mother's watch but loses it. Fatty finds it and gives it to Mabel. The crook comes back and demands "his" watch! Mabel's mother comes along and identifies it as her watch. Well, you can imagine the ensuing scuffle! In "FATTY AND THE BATHING BEAUTIES"(1915), Mabel and Fatty are trying to have a nice day at the beach only to have a pesky masher bothering all the girls including Mabel. In a jealous fit, the masher releases a rope holding an air balloon that Mabel is about to ride in but Roscoe can't hold on and Mabel is up and away in a runaway air balloon. He and the Keystone Cops are off to the rescue! On her own without Roscoe ,Mabel gets engaged to one fellow with mama's approval in "MABEL LOST AND WON" but a female siren attempts to lure him away by feigning an illess at the engagement party while her cohort keeps Mabel occupied as well. The siren is exposed when her husband and kids turn up and Mabel realizes that her fiance' was set up and all is forgiven.
(A-217) B & W  silent with music score added........approx. 1 hr. ......... $12.98 plus shipping and handling


More classic Keystones! In "MABEL'S DRAMATICE CAREER", Roscoe guest stars in this early comedy in which Mabel goes to the big city to become an actress. Her rube boy friend, played by Mack Sennett, sees her in the movie theater and sets out after the villain, played by Ford Sterling. Next is "MABEL'S WILFUL WAY", while having lunch with her parent, Mabel is grossed out by the onions her mother is eating. She leaves and meets Fatty at an amusement park. They go on several amusement rides and eat food without paying for it. Mabel's parents go searching for her and get in a squabble with Fatty's friend, Edgar Kennedy before finally discovering their daughter's whereabouts. In "THAT LITTLE BAND OF GOLD", Mabel & Fatty get married and Mabel's mother moves in on them. Some set up! One evening, the women are waiting for Fatty to arrive home and take them to the opera when Fatty shows up drunk! They go anyway but Fatty spots a friend with a lovely date and intermission time finds Fatty and his best friend's girl in a restaurant where Mabel & mother show up and the romp is on!. In "MABEL & FATTY'S MARRIED LIFE", they are newlyweds sitting in the park when visited by a monkey that belongs to an organ-grinder who puts a curse on them! Back home a mysterious intruder is discovered and the Keystone Cops are called in to find the trouble. Finally Mabel Normand co-stars with Charlie Chaplin in "MABEL'S MARRIED LIFE". Also appearing are Mack Swain, Charlie Murray, Hank Mann, Harry McCoy and Alice Davenport. In this film, Charlie and Mabel are in the park when Charlie decides to go into the bar for a drink or two. Mabel is left alone sitting on the bench when flirtatious Mack Swain tries to pick her up. Charlie returns but is no match for the large Mack Swain. Mack's wife shows up and she IS a match for her wandering husband! Back at the bar Charlie gets drunk while Mabel has a boxing dummy delivered to their apartment. Charlie returns and, in a drunken state, thinks the boxing dummy is Mack and starts to fight with it!.
(A-43) B &W silent with music..approx 72 minutes total...................... $12.98 plus shipping and handling

Fatty Arbuckle in LEAP YEAR - Full length feature
This rarity shows us how well Arbuckle was able to handle a feature length comedy format. Roscoe give a lively performance as an energetic, stuttering millionaire involved in a marriage plot.
B & W.......sound..............approximately 65 minutes........ $12.98 plus shipping and handling

RoscoArbuckle.jpg (14752 bytes)

FATTY ARBUCKLE ; The Final Chapter
The advent of talkies brought Arbuckle out of retirement and he made a series of short subjects in sound much to the delight of the depression era audiences. His sudden death from a heart attack ended what would have been a remarkable career. This compilation features his final short comedies he made which show all the zest, warmth, and visual fun that Arbuckle was famous for the world over.
B & W.......sound..............approximately 100 minutes........ $14.98 plus shipping and handling



This delightful comic actress stars in some rare comedy shorts from both the silent era and talkies. "DIZZY DAISY" (silent) Louise is a not so bright girl who applies for a position as a maid in a household of crooks who stage a jewel heist. Louise takes matters into her own hands and rescues the jewels but is pursued by car, horseback and boat before the crooks are captured. In "BOMBS AND BRIDES" (silent) Louise is the campaign manager of a crooked Mayor and his bribing officials. The usual political shenanigans ensue with a wild car chase with a bomb inside of it! In "HEARTS AND FLOWERS", Louise co-stars with Ford Sterling and Phyllis Haver in a cross-dressing comedy made decades before Lucy fooled Ricky on the 50's!Louise is the check-out clerk at a local diner in "A HASH HOUSE FRAUD" from 1915."FARO NELL" (1929) an early talkie, is a parody of what an old fashioned mello-drama from 1909 would have been like. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Fazenda and the rest of the cast go way over the top in this one! Reel two is all that survives of "HOT LEMONADE" (talkie) starring Walter Heirs, Johnny Arthur and Louise Fazenda.
(A-604) B & W ..........silent (and sound) ..........................................$12.98 plus shipping and handling



Sidney Drew (uncle to the Barrymores) directed and starred in this fantasy-comedy from 1914. Drew plays Dr. Cassadene who can’t stop flirting with his beautiful patients. His fiancee (played by Edith Story) resorts to some fictitious magic seeds that transforms men into women and women into men without altering their outward appearances. "A Florida Enchantment" was filmed on locations around Fort Lauderdale. Also in the cast is Lucille McVey (Drew’s wife) using her stage name Jane Morrow.
B & W silent with music score added.....approximately 63 minutes..................$9.98

Fox Comedy Rarities

Here are some extremely rare silent comedies boasting great production values and wacky, overblown storylines. Included are "WINE, WOMEN and SAUERKRAUT" (1925) directed by George Marshall. "TWENTY LEGS UNDER THE SEA" (1926), and "THE LADY LION" (1925). Also include are "A BANKRUPT HONEYMOON" with Harold Goodwin and Oliver Hardy as a pair who run an "Eat while you ride" bus with some wild results when bus driver Ollie get knock out and the bus goes wild!". Earl Foxe and Anita Garvin are featured in "THE MOTOR BOAT DEMON" with some spectacular water chases and explosions in a race.
(A-612-V) Color tinted and B & W silent with music added .........approx 95 minutes.......$12.98 plus shipping and handling

FUNNY MANN starring Cliff Norton
Cliff Norton stars in this syndicated series of silent era comedies as host and narrator. Many boomers became acquainted with the classic silent era comedians due to shows like this as well as "Comedy Capers" and "The Mischief Makers". Presented here are such comedy players as Ben Turpin (as "Lawmann") Billy Bevan (as "Circusmann") , Billy Bletcher (as "Waiterman"), Builly West (as "Ladies Mann") Bobby Dunn (as "Rocket Mann") Andy Clyde with Mary Ann Jackson in "Fisher Mann") Mickey Rooney as Mickey McGuire in "Kind Mann", The Three Fatties in "BoatMann", and Billy Bevan and Andy Clyde in "Gadget Mann". Others in the series included Snub Pollard, Vernon Dent, Charlie Murray,  and more.
(A-834) B & W music and narration ....................$19.98 plus shipping and handling

FUNNY MANN starring Cliff Norton - more Hilarity
(A-815-E) B & W music and narration ....................$19.98 plus shipping and handling



If gadgets and inventions are your cup of tea then this collection will fill you up with laughs! Walter Hiers leads off this compilation with "WIRELESS LIZZIE" where he concocts a car driven by radio. Billy Franey appears in a hotel comedy with all sorts of gadgets in "THE BATH DUB". Snub Pollard stars in a couple of gadget-oriented comedies. "THE BIG IDEA" and "STRICTLY MODERN" are such examples. Buster Keaton shows off his genius in "THE SCARECROW" and "THE ELECTRIC HOUSE" where all the home conveniences are rigged with ropes and wires.
(A-48)  B & W silent with music score added...approx 90 minutes...$14.98 plus shipping and handling


starring Laurel & Hardy, Larry Semon, Syd Chaplin, Monty Banks and more

Well, the title does pretty much explain this format. Golf has always been a source of fun for those who ever tried to play and even for those who watch. This compilation features some of the top names in comedy doing their "best" to play golf. Such stars as, Billy Bevan, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Larry Semon and Snub Pollard to mention a few. In "GOLF" (1922) watch as Larry Semon and Oliver Hardy battle a ball-snatching gopher 50 years before Bill Murray waged his war in "Caddy shack". Ben Turpin tries to master the golf game with his crossed eyes in  "HAPPY FACES" (c 1924). "THE GOLF BUG" (1924) features Monty Banks. Syd Chaplin does his best at golf in "GUSSLE THE GOLFER" (1915).  Snub Pollard and Marvin Loback try out their skills in "MEN ABOUT TOWN" (1928).
 B & W sound and silent (with music)........approx  90 min.........$14.98 plus s & h

The Great Vita-phone Silent Slapstick Festival
Here are six great compilations from the late 1930's from Vita-phone shorts featuring some of the best comedy clips, gags, chases and personalities of the roaring 20's! Such stalwarts as Billy Bevan, Ben Turpin, Louise Fazenda, Larry Semon, Oliver Hardy, Harry Gribbon, Marie Prevost, Ford Sterling and the great Keystone Cops. Titles include "HAPPY TIMES AND JOLLY MOMENTS", "HAPPY FACES", "A SMALL TOWN IDOL", "LOVE'S INTRIGUE", "ONCE OVER LIGHTLY" and "GOOD OLD CORN" each of these is humorously narrated with full orchestral score and great sound effects! This is a great entry level introduction to the world of silent era slapstick comedy from the best practitioners in the business!
(A-717) B & W .....music, narration and effects..........approximately 120minutes total........$12.98 plus shipping and handling



Harry Langdon stars in his first feature-length comedy produced at the Mack Sennett Studios.
Fire chief Amos McCarthy, divorced three times, counsels his nephew Harry Howells to avoid getting married at all costs. But the love-struck Harry is determined to marry his sweetheart Ethel. Harry's plans are upset when Ethel falls for Amos after being rescued from a fire. Later the clamor of a fire alarm allows the bumbling, baby-faced Harry a chance to be a hero to Ethel who really loves him after all.
Bonus shorts;
"THE FIREMAN" features Charlie Chaplin, a contemporary of Langdon, in a short comedy from Mutual Studios in 1917.
Also "BATH TUB PERILS" with Fred Mace and the Mack Sennett Keystone Fire Company as they rescue a waterlogged, flooded hotel.
(A-894-V) B & W ....silent with music added ...approximately 90 minutes total...$9.98 plus shipping and handlin

The famous character actor best remembered from the 1930's and 40's made some silent comedies and early talkie shorts. Three silents and a talkie comprise this volume. "DAD'S CHOICE" (1928)features Eddie courting his girl against her fathers wishes. With the help of the gardener, plans an elopement. Only the gardener is her father who actually gets to like Eddie, so he plays along! In "VACATION WIVES" (1929) poor Eddie plans a fishing trip but the wife and in-laws barge in on his vacation. Their ride on the double-decker bus with a fishing pole and loose line cause quite a bit of havoc! Getting to their boat and fishing proves to be a wet experience also! "HORSE SHY" (1928) features the problems Eddie encounters in a high society fox hunt. He has to tame a wild horse and his ride through the countryside is memorable to say the least! An early talkie, "THE RIGHT BED" (1929) rounds out this collection. Edward Everett Horton would go on to become one of the most familiar character actors of the 30's and 40's and a familiar voice in the Jay Ward animated cartoons of the 50's and 60's on television.
(A-606-V) B & W ....silent (and sound)..approximately 80 minutes...$12.98 plus shipping and handling



W. C. Fields

W. C. Fields stars in this silent era comedy with Louise Brooks. As Elmer Prettywillie, Fields is a harassed store owner who endures the pesky patrons as well as family members and rude neighbors. A real estate deal lands him in trouble when the salesman is arrested for fraud and must clear himself while Fields tracks him down in New York City only to return home to an unexpected discovery. This comedy is basically a blueprint for Fields' talking era masterpiece "It's A Gift" but is sufficiently different to be entertaining in its own right.
(A-135) B & W ...silent with music score added ....$9.98 plus s & h




Stan Laurel      Charles & Sydney Chaplin

Billie Reeves     Billy Ritchie

When Fred Karno brought his pantomime troupe to America he turned loose a huge output of classic English Music Hall comedy tradition. All the comedians learned what Stan Laurel dubbed "Karnoism" in their style. Here is a collection of silent era comedies.
"A NIGHT AT THE SHOW" probably represents some of Karno's live stage show "A Night at the English Music Hall" which featured both Chaplin brothers and Stan Laurel. Stan Laurel is seen in his own drunk role in the comedy "PIE EYED" in which he is a drunk who first causes havoc in a jazz speak-easy and gets bounced from the place by the owner who is a former prize fighter. Through a series of circumstances, Stan winds up being taken "home" by a cop who delivers Stan to the bed of the nightclub owner! Many of the gags and plot elements in this comedy would be incorporated by Stan in the later Laurel and Hardy comedies. Billie Ritchie also stars in "LIVE WIRES & LOVE SPARKS" which show him more in the fashion of the tramp character he claims he originated prior to Chaplin but in a domestic setting of children, wives, jealous husbands and wild chases! Stan Laurel returns in “THE SLEUTH”. One of the hallmarks of English Music Hall comedy is the female impersonation  comedy typified in the classic “Charlie’s Aunt”. Stan’s versatility has him doing a drag routine in two sections of this comedy as he also adopts many other disguises as well.  Sydney Chaplin, Charlie's older brother was also a member of the Fred Karno Troupe. He is seen in a pair of Keystone comedies from 1915, "GUSSEL'S BACKWARD WAY" and "GUSSEL'S WAYWARD PATH".
(A-896) B & W ...silent with music score added ..approximately 2 hours total......$9.98 plus s & h

Stan Laurel understudied virtually all of the major Karno parts including the drunk. This gave him a versatility unmatched by his contemporaries. Here, Stan parodies John Barrymore's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the spoof
 Chaplin's drunk act was reprised in several of his early comedies. One of them is a virtual solo comedy called
"ONE A.M." in which a drunken Charlie, as a night club souse, returns home to encounter many obstacles in his own house". Chaplin returns in "THE CURE" in which he plays another society swell attempting to dry out at a health resort.
  Billie Ritchie, imitating his imitator, stars in an L.K.O. comedy short where he reprises his role of the tramp he claims he originated in the Karno era before Chaplin adopted it for the movies in
"PARTNERS IN CRIME" from about 1914-15 era. Here, Billie plays against a pair of actors who are clearly supposed to be Mabel Normand and Fatty Arbuckle but the heavy-handed direction of infamous  Henry "Mr. Pathe'" Lehrman detracts from any resemblance to the real thing.
  Billy Reeves stars in a pair of Lubin comedies also from about 1915. The first is
"A READY MADE MAID". Billie plays a tramp who finds some discarded maid clothing. Needing a job, he puts on the maid's clothes , and with a wig gains employment. The household dinner party turns into a disaster!  Billie plays a comic policeman in "A DAY ON THE FORCE". Sydney Chaplin stars in the Keystone comedy from 1915; "GUSSEL'S DAY OF REST".
(A-897) B & W ...silent with music score added ..approx 120 minutes....$9.98 plus s & h

Here’s a collection of silent era comedies featuring the antics of children and animals. "SPARKY THE MOVIE STAR" and "SPARKY GOES TO SCHOOL" features Rascals dog Pete the Pup with Big Boy in some funny situations. Mickey McGuire wins a sandlot baseball game in "MICKEY’S BASEBALL GAME". In "BLACK SAMBO’S ESCAPE", a small boy steals a water melon but the cop on the beat lets him go. The McDougal Alley Gang are engaged in "THE BIG MUD-PIE RAID" and "YANKEE DOODLE". The comedy gang star in "THE WRECKING CREW" (no, not the Dean Martin version!) And "FUN AT THE PARTY". More animal antics with Jocko the Monk in "JOCKO’S REVENGE". Another animal comedy is "BARNYARD WEDDING". Wolfheart and Rin Tin Tin are featured in "TRUCK RESCUE" and "DOG WONDER".
(A-526 ) B & W silent with music score added..........approximately 1 hour................................$9.98


There were many rival studios who attempted to duplicate the success of the Hal Roach "Our Gang" comedies of the 1920's. The most well known were the Mickey McGuire series with Mickey Rooney and the Shirley Temple Baby Burlesques. Featured here are six shorts from other studios. "THE SEA SCAMPS" features Malcom Sabiston as "Big Boy" . The kids go on a cruise ship and cause much distraction and havoc! Mastered from a gorgeous Kodascope print. Malcom returns in another "big Boy Comedy", "ON THE TRAIN".  "WHAT PRICE OPRHANS?" is a Barr Comedy saved from 35mm nitrate print. "KIDS, CATS AND COPS" is a MacDougal Alley Kids comedy where they deal with kidnappers, cops and parents. Mickey Rooney is featured in two of his "Mickey McGuiire" comedies from the early talking era. "MICKEY'S CLEAN-UP" and "MICKEY THE DETECTIVE" round out this collection.
(A-613-V) B & W silent with music added ..............................................$9.98 plus shipping and handling



This talented, acrobatic comedian had a busy decade in the 1920's. Here are some selections including; "HIS PRIVATE LIFE" (1926), "MAID IN MOROCCO" (1925) and "PURELY CIRCUMSTANTIAL" (1929 sound).
(A-607-V) B & W ...................silent (and sound) .....................................$16.98 plus shipping and handling

This second volume includes "THE FIGHTING DUDE" (1925), "HOWDY DUKE" (1926), "NAUGHTY BOY" (1926), and "TIME FLIES" (1925).
(A-608-V) B & W ........silent wit music added ........................................$16.98 plus shipping and handling

In  "BE MY KING" (1929), Lupino and his brother Wallace are shipwrecked on an island that is inhabited by cannibals. An Amazonian female cannibal takes a liking to Lupino and might be spared the stewing pot if he marries her! Also on this volume are "HELLO SAILOR" and "MOVIELAND"
(A-609-V) B& W ...........silent with music added ....................................$16.98 plus shipping and handling

The vaudeville theater was always a good setting for comedians to create a  comedy with lively happenings, eccentric characters and novelty bits that might not fit into a conventional comic plot. Such is the case with "DRAMA DELUXE". Next, Lupino stars in a swashbuckling send-up of the Fairbanks, Barrymore gendre of action films in "SWORD POINTS". Dudley DoRight has nothing on Lupino Lane in a parody of the mounted police films in "MONTY OF THE MOUNTED".It seems the bad guy and Lupino's superior officer are twins so we have Lupino constantly assaulting the wrong man and saluting his nemesis!
(A-610-V) B & W silent with music added ..............................................$16.98 plus shipping and handling


This newest addition features
"FANDANGO" and has some marvelously funny gags and dances. Appearing with Lane are Marjorie Moore and Anita Garvin. "ROAMING ROMEO" is set in the old Roman days and has some lively slapstick. In the third entry to this volume, "SUMMER SAP", Lupino plays a frustrated husband who takes his kids to a summer resort town where it rains endlessly for weeks. "Cucked" up in a tiny hotel room for weeks with a flannel-mouthed nagging wife with a gift for the bleeding obvious and two whining bratty kids, Lupino looses his cool and starts a war with every resident in the hotel including massive Blanche Payson!
(A-638-V) B&W silent with music added...............................................$16.98 plus shipping & handling


Harry Langdon stars in this full-length feature comedy.
(A-530) B & W silent with music score added.......approx 75 minutes......$19.98 plus shipping and handling


In the early days of film comedy it was not uncommon for comedians to adopt the make-up, costumes and styles of successful stars. Mack Sennett, Fatty Arbuckle, Charlie Chaplin were among those who were imitated by rival studios in the hopes of cashing in on the popularity of these exclusive contract players. Former Fred Karno player Billie Ritchie, who played in tramp guises prior to Chaplin, dons Charlie's Keystone costume and stars in a Sennett-imitation comedy "PARTNERS IN CRIME" (1914). The best of the Chaplin imitators, Billy West, stars in two comedies; "SHIP AHOY" and "THE HOBO".
(A-495) B & W silent with music score added........approx 1 hour........$14.98 plus shipping and handling

Oliver Hardy's first feature film, previously unknown! Ollie plays a pivotal role in drag as a maid in a story about a man who auctions himself off as a groom to the highest bidder!
(A-599-V) B & W silent with music added ............................$16.98 plus shipping & handling



Better remembered as James Parrott who was the brother of Charley Chase, he had a brief starring career in the mid-twenties in a lively series of one -reelers. Included here is a collection featuring eight comedies; "THE IRONWORKER" is another of the work-place comedies with plenty of hi-jinx and slapstick. In "DEAR OLD PAL" Paul is teamed with Snub Pollard. They have an "Alphonse & Gaston" relationship even to the degree of courting the same girl. At a picnic, they are about to participate in a three-legged race when the girl's expensive necklace is stolen and they attempt to chase after the crook with their legs tied together. They still can't agree on who should save her when she's trapped in a building on fire! In "PASTE AND PAPER", Paul is the bumbling assistant to a wallpaper hanger and the Stooges have nothing on these guys! "TIGHT SHOES" takes place in a department store full of rabid bargain hunters. "DON'T BUTT IN" is one of those many comedies at a work place that offers endless opportunities for sight-gags and slapstick chases.    "WHISTLING LIONS" is a parody of the old Roman coliseum epics. Also on this selection is "POST NO BILLS", Paul is a tram-car conductor in "TAKE NEXT CAR" and the epic western takes it on the chin in the parody, "UNCOVERED WAGONS". Here we have flivvers with covered wagon bonnets on them and Indians on bicycles! Snub Pollard joins Paul Parrott in two more comedies; "GET BUSY" and "JOIN THE CIRCUS" .
(A-611) B & W silent with music added  2 hours total....................................$16.98 + S & H


Well, at least he didn't call himself the King of Comedy, but Larry Semon takes us through his usual lively paces of chases and sight gags in the roaring 20's era comedy. Although Oliver Hardy is not the star of this feature-length comedy, he is prominent in it as the angry landlord who tries to collect room and board money from Larry Semon. The boarding house is a frequent venue for comic situations as there are a variety of character types living there and most of them owing money to the ever-persistent land-lord! But Larry manages to elude Hardy and sneak off to work. At work Larry is entrusted with a satchel full of money. A series of robberies in the area make Larry very nervous about carrying around so much cash. One thing leads to another and in the Larry Semon tradition of zany chases, he is on the run from police, crooks, and Oliver Hardy!
Stan Laurel in
Oliver Hardy & Bobby Ray in
Stan Laurel in "SAVE THE SHIP"
(A-116) B & W ..........approximately 2 hours total ..............$9.98 + shipping and handling



Hal Roach's legendary series of kid comedies started in the early 20's with "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison". He became the first black child actor star in movies. Joining Morrison in these early silent Our gang comedies were Mickey Daniels, Joe Cobb, Jackie Davis and Mary Kornman. This first volume features such titles as "THE CHAMPEEN" in which they stage a boxing match. "BACK STAGE" is one of the earliest of their attempts at putting on entertainment in the local barn for the neighborhood kids. "HIGH SOCIETY" follows with the gang getting into mischief. "MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY" is a clever little comedy with a remarkable airplane chase at the climax. "MONKEY BUSINESS" follows and the volume finishes with "SEEING THE WORLD" which has guest appearances by Stan Laurel and James Finlayson.
(A-35) B & W silent w/music added...approx 2 hours total...$14.98 + shipping & handling
This second collection starts off with a schoolhouse comedy titled  "COMMENCEMENT DAY", then "OLYMPIC GAMES" are held by the gang. "THE LOVE BUG". "TIRE TROUBLE" has the gang at an amusement park with an old man who learns how to be young at heart if not in years. "BOYS TO BOARD" takes place at an orphanage where they must deal with an unpleasant matron . "AN AVERAGE DAY" follows with "An Average Day" which  has parts of "Playin' Hookey", "Love My Dog" , "Ten Years Old" (With the goat), and "Telling Whoppers" in it
. The gang's various doings including a bull fight. "BOYS WILL BE JOYS" has the gang building their own amusement park in a back lot. "SPARKY GOES TO SCHOOL" has Pete the Pup saving his master from the bullies at school.
(A-36) B & W silent with music score added...approx 100 minutes...$14.98 plus shipping and handling

A frequent theme of the rascals comedies are when the kids observe something the adults are doing and proceed to do their own kids' version of it such as building a children's amusement in an empty lot or making their own train or taxi out of an old wagon and a mule. In DOGS OF WAR, they find themselves at a movie studio (the Hal Roach back lot) and after seeing movies being filmed, decide to make their own epic! Harold Lloyd guest stars. In DERBY DAY, the gang visits a local race track where Sunshine Sammy's father is a jockey and decide to stage their own race.  In HIGH SOCIETY, Mickey is involved in a custody battle between his rich aunt and poor Uncle (whom he's happy living with). SHIVERING SPOOKS has the gang in a fake medium's emporium that's full of scary gadgets to fool customers into believing in the here-after! The gang run wild from fake ghosts and illusions! The do-it-yourself theatrical play at a local barn is the theme of  STAGE FRIGHT. Shakespeare would not be amused, but you will!
(A-88 ) B & W silent with music added........Approximately 2 hours......$14.98 plus shipping and handling

This collection begins with the very first comedy to star the Rascals, OUR GANG. Long thought a missing film, approximately half of it's  elements have been found and restored to give a good idea of what the original Our Gang film was like. Other shorts in this volume include FOURTH OF JULY, ROCK-A-BYE BABY, OFFICIAL OFFICERS ,  and some short excerpts from other surviving Rascals comedies such as HOBO'S ESCAPE, A COUNTRY SCHOOL YARD and WATERMELON FEAST.
(A-618) B & W silent with music added........Approximately 90 minutes......$14.98 plus shipping and handling

Another great collection of Our Gang-Rascals comedies! In this volume are THE SPANKING AGE. , 10 YEARS OLD, FAST FREIGHT, BARNUM AND RNGLING, INC. and RAINY DAY.
(A-581) B & W silent with music added........Approximately 100 minutes......$14.98 plus shipping and handling


Hal Roach employed many comic players with the hopes of creating new comedy stars. Some succeeded while others became writers, directors or character actors. This collection includes; "TOL'ABLE ROMEO" starring Frank Butler as a vaudeville violin player at odds with others in the troupe including Katherine Grant and William Gillespie , then Paul Parrott and Snub Pollard are two feuding friends who carry the "Alphonse and Gaston" bit to new heights of farce in "DEAR OL' PAL". "IN THE GREASE" (1925)  stars James Finlayson who must raise his kid by himself and also take over the unruly class room at the local schoolhouse. In "YEARS TO COME" (1922) Snub Pollard stars in a futuristic comedy about women taking over the world and men being relegated to the house-keeping. "WHAT'S THIS WORLD COMING TO?" (1926) stars Clyde Cook in another futuristic comedy farce not too far removed from eventuality. Back to old fashioned slapstick in "AT THE RINGSIDE" (1921) with Snub Pollard and Noah Young, "PASTE AND PAPER" (1922) stars Paul Parrott in an old fashioned wall-paper slapstick comedy. "MONEY TO BURN" (1920) starring Snub Pollard, "THE FLOOR BELOW" (1920) features Snub Pollard. Earl Mohan and Billy Engle are paired in a Mutt & Jeff-style comedy teaming in "ALL WOOL" and "RIDERS OF THE KITCHEN RANGE".
(A-614) B & W silent with music added .....approx. 2 hours .....$19.98 + s&h


WILL ROGERS Silent Shorts
America's great humorist made numerous silent era comedies even though he is best remembered for his talking era features where he could be heard as well. These silent comedies are tuned to his personality and have a home-spun flavor to them. Featured here are; "HUSTLIN' HANK" , THE ROPIN' FOOL", "TWO WAGONS; BOTH COVERED", "DON'T PARK THERE", and "THE COWBOY SHIEK".
(A-615-V) B & W silent with music added .............................................$16.98 plus shipping and handling
W. C Fields stars in this silent era comedy classic from the roaring 20's.
(A-136 ) B & W silent with music score added ..................$14.98 plus shipping and handling



One of the silent screen's most bizarre clowns, Larry Semon was virtually a live action cartoon in his approach to slapstick. Short on story but long on sight-gags and chases , the sheer over-kill is amusing in itself! In "THE SHOW", Larry is a stagehand at a Vaudeville house and also plays a duel role as the crotchety old man in the audience who disapproves of most all of what he sees. Oliver Hardy is the stage manager with corruption on his mind when a satchel of money is stolen. Naturally a wild chase in the Larry Semon tradition ensues. "THE BELLHOP" is a 1920's hotel comedy with the usual array of eccentric characters who come and go providing lots of opportunities for gags and laughs. Frank "Fatty" Alexander and Oliver Hardy are among the co-stars of this film. "GOLF" is simply put, a comedy about the golf craze of the roaring 20's. Once again, Larry is at odds with his landlord and his neighbors as he practices his driving (not his putting!) indoors. Out on the golf course, Larry battles rude golfers as well as a pesky gopher 50 years before Bill Murray battled one in "Caddy Shack"! This jam-packed volume concludes with "THE BAKERY".
(A-531) B & W (with color tints) silent w/ music score...approx 2 hours total...$14.98 shipping and handling
The world of logging will never be the same after Larry runs rampant in "THE SAWMILL" (1922). He attracts various enemies including his foreman, Oliver Hardy and the owner Frank "Fatty" Alexander who was clearly put on this earth to be dumped on unmercifully by every barrel of flower, every bucket of goo and anything wet or dirty. But in an exciting rescue he rescues the owners daughter to redeem himself. Also on this compilation is "THE GROCERY CLERK" which takes place at one of those old fashioned general stores of the early 20th century in rural America. "HER BOY FRIEND" starts out in a jazz-age speak-easy as Larry gets involved with kidnappers who take the girl to a ship. After Larry goes to great lengths to rescue the girl he's in for a surprise! Oliver Hardy co-stars with Dorothy Dwan. "A WEEK-END DRIVER" casts Larry as the suitor to a rich man who sets his daughter up with another man who kidnaps her in an airplane. A wild chase through the air ensues!
(A-532) B & W (w/part-color tints)..silent w/music ...approx 90 min...$14.98 plus shipping and handling
In this compilation Larry is seen in "FRAUDS AND FRENZIES" (1918) with Stan Laurel as his side-kick. As two convicts on the rock pile, the fellows are at odds with each other as much as with the prison guards. Naturally they manage to escape and get into civilian clothes. Now, out in the open they still compete with each other but over the same girl. She turns out to be the warden's daughter and when they are recognized they are off on a wild chase through the city. Larry is next seen in "BATHING BEAUTIES & BIG BOOBS" (no kidding, that's the title) from 1918. This is a throwback to the old Sennett-style beach comedies that proved popular in the early teens. "THE DOME DOCTOR" is filled with bizarre gags! Larry actually turns a bald-headed man into a werewolf with his science-fiction-like contraptions.  In "BEARS AN BAD MEN", Stan Laurel teams with Larry in a mountain feud comedy where a bear provides a greater obstacle to the feuding families than shot guns! In "HORSE SHOES", "Fast Eddie Semon" hustles Oliver Hardy and some other pool room thugs with his pool playing then takes it on the lam! A rare 1950 interview with Oliver Hardy is next as he talks about working with Larry Semon in the pre-Laurel & Hardy era. Larry's final film, "A SIMPLE SAP", concludes this volume. Filmed at the Hal Roach Studios, the setting is a general store which is up for sale. The buyers are not impressed as a wild slapstick finale brings down the curtain on Larry's career.
(A-533) B & W (w/part color tints)..silent w/music...approx 80 min..$14.98 plus shipping and handling

Mack Sennett introduced a series of domestic comedies called The Smith Family starring Raymond McKee, Ruth Hiatt and future "Our Gang" star Mary Ann Jackson. This volume includes "THE SMITH'S CANDY STORE", "THE SMITH PICNIC", and "THE BURGLER".
(A-616-V) B & W silent with music added ..............................................$9.98 plus shipping and handling

This second volume features "THE SMITH'S BABY" (1926), "THE SMITH'S FISHING TRIP" (1927) and "THE RODEO" (1928) and the Smith's engage in some rural slapstick on "THE SMITH FAMILY FARM".
(A-617-V) B & W silent with music added .............................................$9.98 plus shipping and handling

A more complete version of "THE IRON MULE" with a cameo by Buster Keaton as an Indian launches this festival of comedies starring Al St. John. "LISTEN LENA" (1927) follows, "HOT OR COLD" (1928 silent) with a wild food fight finale, and "THE PAPERHANGER" .  Followed by the talkies; "MLLE. IRENE THE GREAT" (1930 talkie) and "HAREM SCAREM" (1932 talkie).
(A-618) B & W silent and talking approx 1 hour 50 min.............$12.98 plus shipping and handling

Frank Capra directed this Harry Langdon silent era full-length comedy feature and it is generally considered as one of the best.
B & W silent with music score added...approx 80 minutes...$19.98 plus shipping and handling


From the Joe Rock Studios came a series of chubby comedians known as "The Three Fatties". This first volume features "ALL TIED UP" (1925), "TAILORING" (1925), "THE HEAVY PARADE" (1926), "OLD TIN SIDES" (1927) and "THREE MISSING LINKS" (1927).
(A-620-V) B & W silent with music added .................................................$16.98 plus shipping and handling

The three chubby comics return again. Frank Alexander, Kewpie Ross and Fat Kerr star in "A HEAVY LOAD", "THREE OF A KIND" and "THREE WISE GOOFS".
(A-621-V) B & W silent with music added .................................................$16.98 plus shipping and handling

Cross-eyed, acrobatic and eccentric was Ben Turpin who, with his bizarre looks, parodied heroic characters in comedies filled with sight-gags and farce elements.  "YUKON JAKE" (1926) features Ben parodying the old westerns from the Klondike with some bizarre sight-gags. He could also play hen-pecked husbands in domestic comedies with equal hilarity. In "IDLE EYES" (1928) Ben is a missing heir who is at first reputed by those he annoys then becomes the object of a reward for his discovery. In "HAPPY TIMES", Ben is featured in some excerpts from some of his wild Sennett era comedies. Ben is next seen in "A MUSICAL MARVEL" as a piano player in a vaudeville house who is involved with various theatrical acts and ends up as the leader of a band with less than satisfying results! "A HAREM KNIGHT" (1926) features Ben as Rodney St. Clair, the playboy from the international set! In the next comedy, "THE EYES HAVE IT" (1928), marriage is like a mouse trap. Easy to get into; hard to escape from (at least in those days) and the husband is a piece of cheese! This is one of Ben's domestic comedies where he is constantly in trouble. His mother-in-law could wreck homes faster than contractors could build them!
(A-74) B & W silent with music score added.........approx 2 hours...$14.98 plus shipping and handling
 The cross-eyed grotesque is back with another array of insensitive, irreverent, politically incorrect comedies. "A SMALL TOWN IDOL" stars Ben as a movie star who returns home for a reception of his latest movie only to get involved in a shooting and is nearly lynched by his "loyal" fans! In "SEEING THINGS" (1928) some folks think married men live longer. They don't. It only seems that way. Ben plays Joe Grubb. A model husband who never struck his wife except in self defense! Although made in 1928, the use of television as a technological gag is employed even though it would be 20 years before TV actually became a household item. In "SHE SAID NO!", Ben is a stage hand in a theater who gets into one jam after another. Ben does his famous human dummy mime. Soon Ben becomes a cardboard lover who must escape after a slapstick duel. Some of Ben's finest gags are seen in a retrospect compilation short subject called "HAPPY FACE". Looking back to the arly years are two representative films of Ben's.  A very early Essanay comedy Ben made with Wallace Beery entitled "SWEEDIE LEARNS TO SWIM". Ben plays a life guard who tries to sort out an emergency call when Sweedie the maid floods the house she's working in. Finally, we go back to early cinema history as Ben stars in "MR. FLIP" from 1908 and receives what may be the movies' first pie in the face! Long before Mack Sennett founded Keystone.
B & W silent with music score added........approx 100 minutes.......$14.98 plus shipping and handling
Turpin4b.jpg (19993 bytes)








Billy West was the premiere Chaplin imitator who eventually grew into his own non-Chaplin comedy persona.. Here are EIGHT comedies with both Chaplin and non-Chaplin roles; "BRIGHT AND EARLY", "TOO MUCH DOUGH" ,  "HARD BOILED YEGGS", "HE'S IN AGAIN" , "FIDDLIN' AROUND", "THE  PEST" , "THE VILLAIN" , and "THE STRANGER" .
(A-619-V) B & W silent with music added.....................$16.98 plus shipping and handling





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HAROLD LLOYD'S World of Comedy
Here is a great introductory film to fans of the art of sight-gag comedy and to the career of Harold Lloyd. Personally supervised by Mr. Lloyd himself, this compilation consists of highlights from many of his most memorable films including such favorites as "THE FRESHMAN", "MOVIE STRUCK" , "FEET FIRST", "THE KID BROTHER", "GIRL SHY" and many more.
B & W .....................approximately 100 minutes.................$9.98 + shipping & handling


Harold Lloyd, in these early comedies, is a vital, hyper-active, ambitious and aggressive young man who gets by on his cleverness and dexterity rather than his brawn which his antagonists invariably have. "NUMBER PLEASE" deals with mishaps at an amusement park of the 1920's as well as his problems with the telephone operators. "THE CITY SLICKER" features Harold as an efficiency expert who comes to a small rural town in need of modernizing. He installs all sorts of gadgets such as moving bathtubs and beds. A society "deb" arrives with a trail of suitors and a frumpy mother to upset the workings of the hotel. "HIGH AND DIZZY" has Harold pursuing his fiancée. Only problem is she's sleepwalking, on the outside ledge of a tall hotel! Harold is trying to rescue her on the ledge but he's drunk and having trouble keeping his own balance! This was one of Lloyd's earliest "thrill comedies" he became famous for.
B & W silent with music score added.....approximately 61 minutes..... $9.98 + shipping & handling

One of Harold's western parodies explores the theme of the city tenderfoot going out West and encountering some real tough villains who put brawn over brains. In "AN EASTERN WESTERNER", Harold must fight villains including The Clan before triumphing! Also on this compilation is another theme used by many silent era comedians, the Royal intrigue. In "HIS ROYAL SLYNESS", Harold is the look-alike to a European prince who would rather become an American playboy. They switch parts and Harold winds up turning aside a Revolution that he unwittingly starts! Also on this compilation is a domestic comedy "ASK FATHER".
(A-482) B & W silent w/ music score added...approx 55 minutes total..$9.98 + Shipping & handling

Leading off this third volume is a three-reeler starring Harold called  "AMONG THOSE PRESENT". An earlier Lloyd comedy is next  called "THE NON-STOP KID" . This 30 year retrospective on Lloyd would not be complete without an example of his earliest work. On this volume one of the only known Lonesome Luke comedies known to survive is featured. Lloyd played this grotesque character (of sorts) to satisfy the public demand for Chaplin-type humor. Lloyd would soon elevate his style to the more middle-class everyman character we all came to know so well. "LUKE'S MOVIE MUDDLE" has him working at a local nickelodeon  at a frenzied pace where the usual slapstick results.
(A-483) B & W silent w/music score added...approx 65  minutes total.. $9.98 + Shipping & handling



Harold must "STEP LIVELY"(1919) as he is evicted from his boarding house. Homeless, he is also hungry so he contrives to find a way to steal
a hot sausage from a local street vendor. While hiding the sausage behind his back, a tough, aggressive street dog steals it! Harold gives chase to the
dog but the tough canine turns the tables and chases Harold throughout the neighborhood. Over the fences and into a boarding house, Harold then
foils a robbery before making friends with Bebe and the pooch! Joining Harold in this comedy is Bebe Daniels, Bud Jamison, Snub Pollard and Billy Engle. Then two of his finest and most memorable comedies are featured. "HAUNTED SPOOKS" (1920) has Harold and his new bride inheriting
an old mansion that seems to have ghosts haunting it. It is actually some scheming lawyers (pardon the redundancy) who are attempting to scare
Harold and Mildred from their inheritance. The usual fun sight-gags occur throughout. Along for the fun is Sunshine "Sammy" Morrison who would go
on to become the first member of the classic "Our Gang" comedy series which would last for more than two decades. "NEVER WEAKEN" (1921)
is one of Harold Lloyd's best "thrill comedies". Harold mistakenly thinks his girl is jilting him for someone else so he decides to do himself in. After a variety of inept attempts, a series of coincidences takes him out on a sky-scraper under construction and danger at every step! Now self-preservation takes a hold and Harold must find a safe way back!
(A-484) B & W silent w/ music score added...approx  57  minutes total..$9.98 + shipping & handling


Harold is down on his luck in "FROM HAND TO MOUTH". He meets a little waif girl and they try and get by on their wits to avoid starvation. This desperate situation actually provides for some first rate gags and laughs! In the next film, "GET OUT AND GET UNDER", Harold's jalopy needs fixing and a little kid named Sunshine Sammy Morrison proves to be a nuisance at every turn. Later, a theatrical play turns into an elopement in this comedy. Morrison's natural talent on camera was such that Hal Roach soon cast him in his own series; the legendary Our Gang/Little Rascals comedies began because of Ernie Morrison's abilities. Next we find Harold, Bebe Daniels and Snub Pollard at an amusement park in "WHY PICK ON ME?". Finally a domestic squabble between neighbors turns to friendship when a baby is almost run over in "JUST NEIGHBORS".
(A-485) B & W silent w/ music score added...approx 55 minutes total...$9.98 + shipping and handling

Thrown out of his boarding house for non-payment of 5 weeks back rent (a whole dollar and a half!), Harold must try and out-wit his debt collectors only to be out-witted by a pesky dog in "STEP LIVELY". Next, Harold tries to impress his girl at a local skating rink in "DON'T SHOVE". A race on skates climaxes this early version of roller-derby! Next we see Harold as a novice writer attempting to break into the world of the Broadway musical in "BUMPING INTO BROADWAY" with Bebe Daniels as his girl friend. Finally, a look at Lloyd in one of his earliest juvenile roles in the Mack Sennett comedy "COURTHOUSE CROOKS" with Ford Sterling.
(A-486) B & W silent w/music score added...approx 55 minutes total...$9.98 + shipping & handling


In "GOING, GOING, GONE" Harold and Snub are a couple of con men running a scam on a fake ring. They encounter Bebe Daniels who works as a fake "medium" for Professor Goulash and his mystic Temple. It becomes a contest of who can out-con who. "NEVER TOUCHED ME" involves four suitors of Bebe Daniels. One of them is Harold. This comedy features a rare appearence in "drag" by Harold when he masquerades as a cabaret dancer in order to avoid being shot by a jealous rival. Lloyd seldom did female guise in the Arbuckle-Laurel-Chaplin tradition. "CHOP SUEY & COMPANY" casts Harold as a cop who, after causing a commotion in the park with a stage actress, is transferred to Chinatown with complications ensuing. Lloyd is shanghaied by a ship loaded with females pirates in "CAPTAIN KIDD'S KIDS". In the domestic comedy "I DO" Harold and his wife are baby-sitting the brother-in-law's two mischievous children and the young couple can't keep up with the problems!
(A-487) B & W silent w/ music score added...approx 73 minutes total...$9.98 + shipping & handling

LLOYD & CHASE at Keystone
Both Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chase learned their craft partly at Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios around 1915. This collection shows them at the start of their great careers. Harold plays one of the suitors in "MISS FATTY'S SEASIDE LOVERS". He has a featured role in "COURTHOUSE CROOKS" starring Ford Sterling. Charley Chase with the Keystone Cops in "LOVE, LOOT AND CRASH" with Harold Lloyd in a cameo as a vegetable cart vendor. Charley also stars with Mae Busch in "SETTLED AT THE SEASIDE".
(A-519) B & W silent w/ music added......approximately 1 hour total.....$9.98 + shipping & handling

Harold Lloyd described this first venture into feature-length comedy format as a psychological study of a boy, cowardly both in the physical sense as well as morally only to be transformed by a fable by his grandmother. With a flashback to the Civil War, but set in the rural America of the 1920's, Lloyd's character discovers that he triumphed only because he believed in himself. This psychological approach to comedy was rather experimental for its day and daring on Lloyd's part. There are plenty of gags and laughs to spare in this comedy as Harold overcomes his fear of bullies and becomes the man he always should have been.
(A-518) B & W silent w/music added.........approx 60 minutes total...........$9.98 + shipping & handling

As a young country Doctor, Harold plays Dr. "Jack" Jackson who's method of medicine is more on the humanistic side versus his contemporaries who overload patients with pills and blankets (not to mention exorbitant fees!). When a "poor little rich girl", whose only real ailment is seclusion and darkness fostered by an officious foreign doctor, is treated by Dr. Jack, amazing things happen. Filled with warmth and humor, this film also has some great sight gags in it as well! Harold decides that the girl needs some excitement rather than quiet. He disguises himself as a fiend in a cape with fake teeth and a hat and chases everybody through the house. Much to her surprise, the girl never felt better after all the exercise and excitement!
(A-514) B & W silent w/ music added...approx 60 minutes ...$9.98 + shipping & handling


This is the film Harold Lloyd is best remembered for. The man on the clock! The thrill comedy of the roaring 20's with Harold climbing a sky-scraper. Brilliantly conceived and executed sight-gags from start to finish. After 75 years this film still packs a wallop with audiences large and small. In the 1920's, the "Horatio Alger" theme of a young man raising himself up from his boot-straps was explored by man but none more often or more successfully than by Lloyd. As a lowly store clerk, Harold wants to be a success before he sends for his fiancee. She arrives unexpectedly and Harold must somehow make some money. His stunt is to convince the store boss that a "human fly" on the side of the building would attract a great crowd and get loads of publicity for the store. Harold's room-mate, an acrobat who can climb buildings is supposed to be the climber but an episode with a cop forces Harold to be the "mystery climber". The thrills and laughs keep getting better as Harold climbs higher and higher!
(A-274) B & W silent w/music score added ...approx 75 minutes total...$9.98 + shipping & handling


Another theme Harold Lloyd liked to use from time to time was that of the poor little rich boy who never had to do anything for himself only to be thrust into a situation where he must suddenly rise to the occasion and fend for himself and rely on his wits if not his actual strength .Harold is a wealthy hypochondriac who pops pills like candy and takes his pulse at every opportunity. He sets sail for a "rest cure" vacation to a South American country on the verge of revolution. He is totally oblivious to the problems of the town he is visiting but, with the help of his nurse and a seven-foot giant of a man, they help put back a military take-over of the town. One of Lloyd's richest gag-fests as he, the girl and the giant put down a revolution and Harold discovers that he doesn't need all the pampering he has been getting all his life.
(A-275) B & W silent w/ music score added...approx 60 minutes...$9.98 + shipping & handling


The era of the screw-ball comedy began in the mid-thirties and by this time, Lloyd was only making about one film every two years. This talking era comedy from 1936 casts Harold Lloyd as a milk man who is turned into a prize-fighters by some promoters when he accidentally knocks out the champ and a grudge match is demanded. Loaded with Damon Runyon-type characters and helped by a superior cast of great character actors this comedy fits well into the gendre of screwball comedies of the era. Directed by Leo McCarey who got his start working with Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, this comedy shows how Lloyd adapted his character to the changing times.
(A-435) B & W sound..........approximately 89 minutes.....................$9.98 + shipping & handling


The thirty-year reign of Harold Lloyd as King of the daredevil comedians and master of the sight-gag came to a conclusion with this, his final film. It was a collaboration with Preston Sturgiss who took Lloyd's "Freshman" character from 1923 and up-dated it to what could have happened to him 23 years later in post-WW2 America. Taking his go-getter character of the roaring 20's and exploring him as a middle-aged, disillusioned burned out character who bounces back one more time after losing his job and his girl. An excellent supporting cast includes such veterans as Edgar Kennedy, Margaret Hamilton and Jimmy Conlin.
B & W sound..........approximately 90 minutes...........................$9.98 + shipping & handling

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The most enduring legacy of Mack Sennett was his concept to bring down the dignity of authority with a bunch of bumbling frenetic policemen known as the Keystone Cops. The wild chases by these anonymous comedians are Hollywood legend. Now you can see the legend in action with excerpts from numerous comedies featuring not only the cops but such stars as Ben Turpin, Billy Bevan, Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Hank Mann, Chester Conklin and Fatty Arbuckle. Don't miss out on this break-necked treasure-trove!  
(A-215) B & W........ silent with music score .......approx 1 hour ......$14.98 plus shipping and handling

Film comedy took a major step forwards when Mack Sennett starred and directed Biograph comedies. Under D.W. Griffith, Sennett learned his techniques of story and editing. When he graduated from actor to director, Sennett accelerated the pace of the editing and emphasized farce elements of the story. Six short comedies that Sennett either acted in or directed are presented here. They include
"HAPPY JACK: A HERO", a short farce comedy. "TURNING THE TABLES", a domestic war of the sexes comedy, "A VILLAIN FOILED" with Joseph Greybill, and "THE BARON" with Mabel Normand and Dell Henderson in a comedy Sennett would later expand into a vehicle for Mabel Normand and Charlie Chaplin when he formed Keystone a few years later. Also on this compilation is "THE MANICURE LADY" which Sennett directed and starred in as well as "A DASH THROUGH THE CLOUDS" with Mabel Normand and Fred Mace in an airplane comedy.
(A-320) B & W .........silent w/music added..approximately 1 hour..$9.98 plus shipping and handling


Vintage Keystones that started the legend! The Keystone Cops figure in the fun in "A MUDDY ROMANCE" with Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Mack Swain, and even Sennett himself in a cameo as Echo Lake is drained as the villains attempt to escape leaving them in a huge mudhole! A Nickelodeon Theater is the setting for "A MOVIE STAR" as Mack Swain shows up at a crowded theater to admire himself on the screen and take hammy bows to the star-struck audience. Mable Normand is tied to the rail road tracks and must be rescued by Mack Sennett himself in "BARNEY OLDFIELD'S RACE FOR A LIFE". Louise Fazenda and Fritz Schade star in "A HASH HOUSE FRAUD" from 1915. This is a restaurant comedy with slapstick overtones! Chester "Walrus" Conklin and Mack "Ambrose" Swain star in "LOVE, SPEED AND THRILLS". Mack Swain is back again caught in his own web of lies in "AMBROSE'S FIRST FALSEHOOD". Charley Chase and the Keystone Cops fill out this compilation with a wild chase in "LOVE , LOOT AND CRASH".
(A-321) B & W .....with music added........approximately 100 minutes...$12.98 plus shipping and handling


The versatile Charlie Murray is featured in "THE PLUMBER" in which Charlie is among the most inept leak-stoppers you'll ever see! "HOGAN OUT WEST" features Charlie as a city slicker in the midst of some sharp-shooters out west.  and "HIS SECOND CHILDHOOD" is a a thinly disguised version of Charlie's Aunt with Charlie doing a fine female impersonation. Also Charlie Chaplin appears in "HIS MUSICAL CAREER" with Mack Swain as deliverymen.  William Collier, Sr. and Mae Busch star in "WIFE AND AUTO TROUBLE". The Keystone Cops provide a wild chase finale!  In "THIRST" Ambrose, the ever-resourceful con man, swings into action early in the morning. He finds a new tenant for the landlady and saves his room, drops by the express office to pick up Ethel Teare and a bit of money for an elopement. He then ditches her in heavy traffic and winds up courting a wealthy lady.  But the best is yet to come! A sadder, but wiser Ethel is hired over the phone as a maid. Her employer? Ambrose's new lady friend! This sets the stage for a wild melee with some of the best chase scenes Keystone put on the screen in 1917 and ends  with a typical Keystone choice; marriage or jail! Most men would have taken Ethel for better or worse; Ambrose took the jug. He may have been wiser at that! As a finale, Mack Swain returns in "MADCAP AMBROSE".
(A-322) B & W .............with music added...approx 2 hrs...............$12.98 plus shipping and handling


Fred Mace, Dale Fuller and Hugh Fay star in "BATH TUB PERILS", a hotel comedy with a wild finish featuring the Keystone Fire Brigade as well as those Cops! Next, Mae Busch, Harry McCoy and Dell Henderson star in "THOSE BITTER SWEETS". When Mae and Harry are out for a ride in Harry's Chevy "sportster" (1915 vintage) they encounter a rival for Mae. Charlie Chaplin stars next with his discoverer, Mack Sennett himself in "THE PROPERTY MAN" from 1914. The scene is a vaudeville  theater and much confusion takes place both on stage in front of a rowdy audience as well as back stage where Charlie disrupts the proceedings. "VILLA OF THE MOVIES" from 1917 was supervised by Mack Sennett and directed by Eddie Cline stars Bobby Dunn, Peggy Pearce, Slim Summerville and Glen Cavender in a spoof of the Mexican revolutions that happened regularly.   Charlie Chaplin  co-stars with Mack Swain in "HIS MUSICAL CAREER". Charley Chase and Mae Busch are "SETTLED AT THE SEASIDE" in a Sennett bathing beauty comedy by the beach. Mabel Normand and Ford Sterling star in "MABEL'S DRAMATIC CAREER". One of the earliest Keystones surviving is the ethnic comedy "COHEN SAVES THE FLAG" with Sennett, Mabel Normand and Ford Sterling in a civil War farce using scenes and extras from a con-current Thomas Ince feature which gives this little one-reel comedy some big production values.

(A-323) B & W ........with music added........approx 1 hr 50 minutes..........$12.98 + s & h


Starring in this compilation are Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Mack Swain, Louise Fazenda, Mae Busch and Dell Henderson. "AMBROSE'S LOFTY PERCH" (1915) stars Mack Swain as a King who seeks a Queen to help him rule his kingdom. He selects a beautiful but fickle maiden, played by Louise Fazenda. Robin attempts to separate her from the King and the problems escalate! "MABEL'S MARRIED LIFE' (1914) is one of the many domestic comedies which paired Mabel Normand with Charles Chaplin. In this comedy, a local bully flirts with Charlie's wife. Charlie gets drunk while his wife gets him a boxing dummy to practice with. The drunken Charlie comes home thinking it is the bully and spars with the dummy! "WILFUL AMBROSE"(1915) has him demonstrating his marksmanship to his daughter. He accidentally shoots a beer stein his wife purchased and he must scramble to replace it. In "MABEL LOST AND WON" (1915), Mabel and her boyfriend played by Owen Moore become engaged much to the delight of Mabel's mother.  The flirtatious Dora Rogers manages to get Mabel's fiance alone. Mabel's mother catches them and demands the engagement be broken! But Dora has an unexpected set of visitors to break up this flirtation! "THE BANGVILLE POLICE (1913) features Mabel Normand as a farm girl who overhears  what she thinks is a plot to steal the farm cow. A rustic version of the Keystone Cops is called in to "help" out! "AMBROSE'S FURY" takes place at Venice Beach, Santa Monica where the roller coasters made for lots of thrills and fun. 
(A-324) B & W silent with music added.......approx 70 minutes..............$12.98 plus shipping and handling


Starring in this 2-HOUR compilation are Fatty Arbuckle, Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Mack Swain, Louise Fazenda, Harry McCoy, Mae Busch, Chester Conklin, Edgar Kennedy, and Harry Gribbon. With "AMBROSE'S NASTY TEMPER" ,the locale is a garment factory where Mack is the manager, Dave Morris is foreman and Cecile Arnold is the owner's daughter. The usual rivalries for Cecile provides the mischief. "SOUR GRAPES" is a tale of mistaken identity involving twins. One of the twins is married, the other isn't. You can imagine the fun when the bachelor is seen and the husband is blamed! "WHEN AMBROSE DARED WALRUS" features Chester Conklin running a hotel for indigents. The fire insurance is about to be canceled for non-payment when he notices a fire in the waste basket. Instead of putting out the fire, he rushes off to the insurance company to pay his premium and then collect. When he returns, Mack has saved the guests with the help of the Keystone Fire Brigade but ,in a classic twist, Chester loses the money! "MISS FATTY'S SEASIDE LOVERS" stars Roscoe Arbuckle in drag as a bloated Mary Pickford type with a score of suitors, including young Harold Lloyd in one of his earliest appearances. In "GETTING AQUAINTED", Charlie Chaplin is married to big Phyllis Allen and big Mack Swain is married to little Mabel Normand. All four get caught up in a flirting affair in a park under the suspicious eye of cop Edgar Kennedy. Ford Sterling is the chief of the Keystone Cops in "OUR DAREDEVIL CHIEF" who is more of a bungling clod than a police chief!
(A-325) B & W ......with music added.......approx 2 hours..........................$12.98 plus shipping and handling


Starring in this compilation is the talented and underrated
Syd Chaplin. Charlie's older half-brother shows the Fred Karno-style of pantomime and fits in easily with the Keystone brand of farce comedy. "GUSSLE THE GOLFER" has Syd trying to impress Mack Swain's wife by demonstrating his abilities as a golfer and an acrobat. Naturally, he's thoroughly incompetent at it! Later, in spite of cheating at cards, he loses his money. The Keystone Cops raid the clubhouse and the slapstick is in full swing! "GUSSLE'S DAY OF REST" has Syd and his wife trying to vacation at an ocean resort only to have things go wrong. His wife is knocked down by a model T Ford. Gussle tries to tear it apart then attempts to steal it running the car into a cliff! "GUSSLE TIED TO TROUBLE" has Syd and his wife at an alpine resort preparing to make a mountain climb. Wifey catches Gussle flirting with the bar maid. He needs a mountain to separate himself from trouble! "GUSSLE'S BACKWARD WAY" has him set upon by robbers while riding a mule through a creek bed. He escapes and makes his way to a resort where he's treated like a hero at a party. In "GUSSLE'S WAYWARD PATH", Syd plays the henpecked husband who can't help flirting much to the dismay of his huge wife played by Phyllis Allen. But in a twist, he catches his wife flirting with a stranger and is properly indignant.
(A-326) B & W silent with music score added.................................$12.98 plus shipping and handling

LLOYD & CHASE at Keystone

Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chase learned their craft partly at Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios around 1915. This collection shows them at the start of their great careers. Harold plays one of the suitors in "MISS FATTY'S SEASIDE LOVERS". He has a featured role in "COURTHOUSE CROOKS" starring Ford Sterling. Charley Chase with the Keystone Cops in "LOVE, LOOT AND CRASH" with Harold Lloyd in a cameo as a vegetable cart vendor. Charley also stars with Mae Busch in "SETTLED AT THE SEASIDE".
(A-519) B & W silent w/ music added......approximately 1 hour total.....$12.98 + shipping & handling

The wild roaring 20's were reflected by Mack Sennett in his comedies about daredevils, boot-legging, and even film-making itself! This is an all-star collection of stars and comedies that best profile the golden decade that Sennett was truly the "King of Comedy". Stars include Ben Turpin, Ramon Navarro, Phyllis Haver, Marie Prevost, Charlie Murray, Louise Fazenda, Dot Farley, Andy Clyde, Billy Bevan, Bert Roach, Eddie Gribbon, The Sennett Bathing Beauties, and the Keystone Cops. Titles include "HAPPY TIMES & JOLLY MOMENTS", "WHISPERING WHISKERS", "THE RODEO", "HALF BACK OF NOTRE DAME", "ANY DAY IN HOLLYWOOD" and more.
B & W with music score and effects.....2 hours .......$12.98 plus shipping and handling

Many of Sennett's best remembered comics light up this collection with "LOVE'S INTRIGUE" (a.k.a. "Gymnasium Jim") starring Billy Bevan in a great rube-goldberg style comedy that end in a boxing match with a typical Sennett chase. Gloria Swanson, Wallace Beery and Bobby Vernon star in the classic silent comedy thriller-parody "TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE". Teddy is the Sennett Studio's canine star whose race against time helps save Gloria, who is tied to the railroad tracks by villain Wallace Beery. Billy Bevan and Andy Clyde star in "CIRCUS TODAY" with a cast of characters and animals and loads of sight-gags and chases. Another great fast-action Sennett comedy is "WATER WAGONS" from 1926. Carole Lombard and Daphne Pollard are featured in another college campus comedy, "THE CAMPUS VAMP" with Matty Kemp. This is not to be confused with "Run Girl Run" which has been featured on another volume in this series. Finally, rubbery-faced comedian Eddie Gribbon stars in  "SKYLARKING" where he and his family take an antique auto ride that is transformed into an air vehicle. Of course, Eddie can't escape those ubiquitous Sennett lions!
(A-295) B & W with score and effects...........approximately  2 hours total........$12.98 plus shipping and handling

In this collection, such greats include
Louise Fazenda, Ford Sterling, Harry Langdon, Vernon Dent, Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde, The Keystone Cops, and others are here. "SUPER-HOOPER-DYNE LIZZIES" is both an antique car buff's dream as well as a fun gadget comedy as Billy Bevan tries to run a radio-operated automobile. One of the all-time classic Keystone Cop chases is featured in "WANDERING WILLIES". Harry Langdon stars with his long-time co-hort Vernon Dent in the complete version of "SATURDAY AFTERNOON". It seems poor wife-whipped Harry can't even miss his trolly car to get home on time without a tirade from his wifey. Vernon gets him involved with a couple of picnic "dates" that evolve into a jealous boy-friends battle with Harry and Vernon. In "HEARTS AND FLOWERS" Louise Fazenda is a geeky flower girl smitten with band leader Ford Sterling who at first wants nothing to do with her until he thinks she's an heiress. The worm turns when it is revealed it was a practical joke and Ford must deal with angry family members!
B & W with score added.................approximately 90 minutes total.......$12.98 plus shipping and handling

Baby faced comic Harry Langdon had been kicking around in Vaudeville for years when he was signed by Sennett to appear in a series of comedies in the mid-1920's. At first they didn't know quite what to do with him but writer-director Frank Capra and his associate Harry Edwards created the Stan-Laurelesque baby-faced innocent and it clicked with audiences immediately. While neither Laurel or Langdon copied each other per se, their styles were similar and concurrent. "FEET OF MUD" casts Harry as a street sweeper who becomes involved in a tong war in Chinatown but winds up helping rescue his girl friend who is held captive by Chinese gangsters. Harry then stars in "LUCKY STARS". The domestic life of Harry is put into high gear in "SATURDAY AFTERNOON" when Harry is cohearsed into an afternoon picnic with his work buddy Vernon Dent and two girls who have jealous boys friends! Finally Harry stars in a non-Sennett talkie "KNIGHT DUTY" which takes place in a wax museum where a stolen jewel is the subject of a chase with the villain, the cops and Harry pretending to be wax dummies to avoid capture. Finally, a bonus item featuring Harry in a Panoram Soundie music video called "MABEL, INC."
(A-45) B & W silent and sound ................approximately 95 minutes total...........$9.98 plus shipping and handling


Langdon is featured in the 1924 Sennett comedy "ALL NIGHT LONG", the 1925 Sennett comedy "HIS MARRIAGE WOW" in which Harry is about to get married but some of the in-laws to be are a bit on the eccentric side. Especially the crazy Vernon Dent who takes Harry for one wild ride!  Also featured is the  1926 World War 1 comedy "SOLDIERMAN" as well as one of his early non-Sennett talkies from 1933, "THE STAGE HAND".
(A-46) B & W silent and sound ................approximately  90 minutes ........$9.98 plus shipping and handling


In this third offering, Harry stars in "THE SEA SQUAWK" in which he gets involved with some eccentric happenings. "FIDDLESTICKS" features Harry as a down-and-out bass fiddle player who is so bad the people throw anything they can get their hands on at him! This gives the local junk dealer an idea! Harry winds up successful but not as his music teacher imagined! In "BOOBS IN THE WOODS", Harry takes on the timber industry with amusing results! Harry's first film for Sennett, "PICKING PEACHES" is featured also on this collection. It co-stars Andy Clyde, Mary Akin, Jack Cooper, Alice Day, Marceline Day and the comic who would be associated with Harry for the next two decades, Vernon Dent.
(A-316) B & W silent w/music score..........approx 90 minutes.............$9..98 plus shipping and handling

BILLY BEVAN at SENNETT - Silents Vol.1

Billy Bevan stars in this compilation of Mack Sennett comedies from the 1920's. Titles here include "BUTTERFINGERS" (1925), "PINK PAJAMAS" (1925), "ICE COLD COCOS" (1926), and "CIRCUS TODAY" (1926).
(A-601-V) B & W ......silent with music added.....................................$12.98 plus shipping and handling


Mack Sennett produced this feature as a starring vehicle for his long-time star Mabel Normand. This is a Cinderella-type story of a small town girl who comes to Hollywood and gets into pictures. Of course there are comic twists and complications that make this basic storyline fun to watch. The most memorable scene in this film is where Mabel leads a lion around by a rope through the studio much to the fear of everyone else! A fine behind the scenes look at the Sennett Studios is an added bonus!
(A-225) Color tinted silent w/ music score added....approx 70 minutes..$9.98 plus shipping and handling

The Smith Family Vol. 1
Mack Sennett introduced a series of domestic comedies called The Smith Family starring Raymond McKee, Ruth Hiatt and future "Our Gang" star Mary Ann Jackson. This volume includes
(A-616-V) B
& W silent with music added ..............................................$9.98 plus shipping and handling

The Smith Family Vol. 2
This second volume features Andy Clyde, Mary Ann Jackson, Ruth Hiatt and Raymond McKee in
"THE SMITH'S BABY" (1926), "THE SMITH'S FISHING TRIP" (1927) and "THE RODEO" (1928).
(A-617-V) B & W silent with music added .............................................$9.98 plus shipping and handling

W.C. FIELDS Comedy Festival (four by Sennett)

The great man's short comedies are all here on one blockbuster-sized compilation including "DOWN MEMORY LANE" where he does the checkers skit with Tamany Young. "TALES OF MANHATTEN" with Phil Silvers and Maragaret Dumont, "HIP ACTION" with Bobby Jones, "THE GOLF SPECIALIST", "THE PHARMACIST", "THE DENTIST", "THE FATAL GLASS OF BEER" and "THE BARBER SHOP".
(A-134 ) B & W sound approximately 2 hours total ....................$9.98 plus shipping and handling


When the silent era came to an end around 1929 , Sennett was faced with a world-wide depression and no major stars in his studio. He therefore had to hire some new stars and modernize his comedies to the taste of the audiences of the 1930's. He had some success with such stars as W.C. Fields and Bing Crosby. This compilation profiles several of his best talking comedies.
B & W sound..........................................................$14.98 plus shipping and handling

Movies About Movies Vol. 2

This collection of films is from the silent era. Two are by Sennett, who regularly poked fun at his own business of movie-making. In
"CRAZY TO ACT", Oliver Hardy plays a rich movie producer who finances an old fashioned mellodrama for his girl friend Mildred June. An incompetent film director and crew cause him to lose both the film and the girl. Mack Sennett's back-lot and cyclorama are very much a part of the action and atmsophere of the old silent era studios. In "A GIRL'S FOLLY", starring Robert Warwick, June Elvidge, Doris Kenyon and Johnny Hines we get a look at another silent movie studio with the back-lot, cameras, film editors, projection rooms and the extras in their varied costumes. This film was directed by Maurice Tourner. Back again at the Sennett Studios, we get a classic look at  movie-going at the old time Nickelodeans and celebrity-worship in "A MOVIE STAR". This is a tour-de-forece for veteran comic Mack Swain who plays a bloated cowboy star who shows up at a local theater to admire his own acting and take in all the attention of the ladies.
(A-680) B&W with some color tints.........approximately 80 minutes....$9.98 plus shipping & handling

HYPNOTIZED starring Moran & Mack
 This early 30's talking comedy was directed by pioneering legend Mack Sennett. It is possibly the worst comedy ever made as judged by nearly everyone who has ever seen it! Then or Now! Still, it has a curiosity appeal. The original Charles Mack was gone and a substitute actor plays one short scene at the start then it becomes a George Moran vehicle with able assistance by veteran Sennett comedian Charlie Murray and actor Ernest Torrence. Sennett had a thing about lions chasing comedians and with the bulk of the action taking place aboard an ocean liner, a lion gets loose and the hysteria is on.
B & W sound ...............approximately 70 long minutes..........$9.98 plus toxic waste fees


Three of Bing Crosby's 2-reel musicals for Mack Sennett are featured.
"BLUE OF THE NIGHT" , "BILLBOARD GIRL" , and "DREAM HOUSE".  "I SURRENDER DEAR" , "ONE MORE CHANCE" and "SING BING SING". Complete and restored from 35mm, best quality around.
(A-233) B & W ......................approx 2 hours total......................................$9.98 + shipping and handling


"SMILE WHILE THE RAINDROPS FALL" by Brian Anthony and Andy Edmonds (Scarecrow Press) #58
The story of Charley Chase whose prolific output has made him be taken for granted by all but true comedy enthusiasts who know his greatness. His work with Sennett, Hal Roach and finally Columbia is documented with the most complete filmography ever compiled.

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