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You can call it Cabaret, Music Hall, Circus or even Burlesque, but they all stood for entertainment and variety. In this introductory volume you'll see the great names and the forgotten names! Jugglers, contortionists, eccentric dancers, novelty acts, animal acts. You name it, Vaudeville had it. The legendary Smith and Dale (the original "sunshine boys") perform some of their classic sketches including "Dr. Kronkheit & his only Living Patient". Jack Benny, Weber and Fields, Henny Youngman also appear along with performing seals, dogs, jugglers and other novelites! A rare look at Negro vaudeville is captured in a 1915 silent comedy produced by the Ebony Film Company of Chicago. Actual black actors perform rather than the usual practice of white actors in black-face. The broad knock-about style of comedy was prevalent in this era and Weber and Fields excelled in this area along with the ethnic humor that was also common in this era. Because all were kidded equally, no one group took umbrage at these stereotypes. Much of this type of entertainment has gone by the wayside but in the early part of the 20th Century, vaudeville was King!
(A-451) B & W ..........approximately 60 minutes...........$19.98 plus shipping and handling


One thing about Vaudeville, if you didn't care for an act, don't worry! Something else will be along soon. This next exciting edition of Vaudeville Videos features the usual assortment of jugglers, acrobats, high wire artists and animals. You'll also see such legends of show business as W.C. Fields in a re-creation of one of his vaudeville skits. Sophie Tucker is in fine form as the "last of the red-hot Mamas". Eddie Cantor sings and tells jokes in an early clip from his peak vaudeville days. Also on the bill are Eubie Blake and Nobel Sissel performing a ragtime number
(A-452) B & W ..........approximately 60 minutes............$19.98 plus shipping and handling



The legendary teams of Vaudeville highlight this third edition. From obscure musical & comedy teams like Ben Bard and Jack Pearl  to the legends like Burns and Allen, The Four Marx Brothers, and Abbott and Costello who started out in Vaudeville and its companion Burlesque. Bud and Lou perform their classic "Who's on First?" routine. Gallagher and Shean perform their trademark comic songs "Mr. Gallagher? Mr. Shean!" Van and Schenk entertain  along with such other teams as Buck and Bubbles, Mantan Moreland and Nipsey Russell. Willie Bryant and Leonard Reed do a telephone comedy act. Ted Healy and his Stooges (Larry, Moe and Curly) are on hand also. Shemp Howard and Billy Gilbert do a tribute to Weber and Fields.
(A-453) B & W ...............approximately 60 minutes........$19.98 shipping and handling



Another collection of artists, some of them big names but many of whom you never would have seen much less heard of except in newspaper clippings! Jugglers, tap-dancers, comics and performing animals are a constant staple of tricks, gimmicks, and twists! Ray Huling and his performing seal are followed by Harry Burns and Co. with his comedy routine with breaking baloons. The Honey Boys are a singing group in sailor suits. Comic Harry Rose is along with The Three Queens, Carroll and Howe and the Rubyatte Troupe of acrobats. The Cotton Club "Tramp" Band performs some amusing musical and comic dancing in addition to Clyde Hager and the Three Delovlies. Some cowboys and cowgirls do some fascinating juggling. Now for the heavy-weights! The legendary Ed Wynn makes an appearance as does Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy. A young Bob Hope does a marriage license skit four years before his first feature film! Red Skelton introduces the eccentric quick change artist A. Robins, the Banana Man. The legendary Nicholas Brothers finish the show. Who could follow them?
(A-454) B & W .........approximately 60 minutes .........$19.98 shipping and handling


More singing, dancing and clowning in the great tradition of variety. Headlining this collection is the most unusual and unforgettable vaudeville act captured on film. The incredible HADJI ALI. His regurgitation act is a sight to be seen! He literally swallows gobs of water followed by Kerosene then more water. He sets a small model building on fire then escalates the fire by regurgitating kerosene on it then puts the fire out by shooting the water he swallowed on it! This was not faked by camera trickery. He actually toured the world with this act.
Comedy legends who began in Vaudeville are shown in the person of BOB HOPE, EDDIE CANTOR, GROUCHO MARX, WILLIE HOWARD, HARRY LANGDON
and MILTON BERLE. Since no filmed record exists of their early vaudeville routines we have selections from live radio and early talking picture shorts they appeared in prior to their success in feature-length pictures and television.
Also on this bill is a dog act,
Carl Emmy and his Mad Wags, Herb Williams and his collapsing piano, The Honey Family doing acrobatics, Noll and Nolan do a high-stepping dance routine first to a waltz time accompaniment then the Darkstown Strutters Ball in all the high kicking, cake-walking style, Jack Lane and his trained birds do tricks and stunts

(A-455) B & W ..........approximately 90 minutes........$19.98 shipping and handling

Yet another collection of variety including eccentric dancers, acrobats, singing and dancing novelties. Jack and Loretta Clemens sing and play guitar and piano. Zeb Carver and his Cousins are a hillbilly novelty jug band. The L.I.M.E. Trio perform "The Golliwog" in which one of the trio is flopped like a stuffed golliwog doll. You'll swear it's a dummy but it's a real acrobat-dancer! An oriental acrobat troupe called The On Wah Troupe do their stuff. Blossom Seely and Benny Fields sing "Why Don't You Practice What You Preach?". Pat Rooney and Pat Rooney, Jr. do a syncopated song and dance act. A frenzied, comic acrobat troupe named "The Runaway Four" are next! The Jolly Bakers mold clay into funny faces. Wandering Minstrels Les Reis and Artie Dunn sing a song. A musical dance fantasy by the Stepping Stars has them tap-dancing a melody on stairs rigged with chimes to play a tune. An eccentric comedy band, Jack Pepper and his Society Kids are next. Buster Shaver with Olive and George features singing and dancing midgets. The great Bill "Bojangles" Robinson does a singing and dancing tap number called "Let's Scuffle". Another acrobatic dance team, The 3 Whippets do some snappy acrobatic dance steps. Singing divas Adeline Hall and Eunice Wilson  are also featured along with the legendary Nicholas Brothers in yet another great dance routine (not the same one as on Vol. 4). The silent spot here features a 1920 vaudeville comedy excerpt called "The Show" with Larry Semon and Oliver Hardy who must cope with a vaudeville house full of rowdy customers and tempermental performers.
(A-456) B & W ..........approximately 60 minutes..........$19.98 shipping and handling




World War 2 brought out the best in the Vaudeville and Hollywood entertainment community who donated their talents to these shows for the soldiers. Such programs as "Command Performance", "Hollywood Canteen" "Jubilee" "Mail Call" and "Sing with the Stars" were regularly sent out on film to the troops all over the world. Included here are Bob Hope, Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Abbott & Costello, Lena Horne, and many more. The sultry Lena Horne sings "The Man I Love", swing queen Betty Hutton sings a jive tune called "He Says Murder", Judy Garland performs her signature tune "Over the Rainbow", Abbott & Costello deliver "Who's On First?" with the uncensored punch-line, song and dance team Wallace & Rogers do a war-time song called "Melody in 1-A" while Danny Kaye like-wise sings "Melody in F-4". Other war-time bits include Lana Turner cooking a rationed steak, excerpts from the Hollywood Canteen with Red Skelton's guzzlers Gin bit, Eddie Cantor singing and Jimmy Durante clowning at the piano. Dinah Shore sings "Night and Day". The big bands were there from Spike Jones' "Cocktails For Two" to Cootie Williams and his hot trumpet Orchestra. Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson sings "Things Ain't What They Used To Be". The Douglas Brothers perform an acrobatic dance routine that rivals the Nicholas Brothers. Laurel Watson continues in the war-themed patriotic singing of "Hard to the Left" as the Lindy Hoppers dance and swing away. Dorothy Lamour sings "Secretary to the Sultan" and "I'm in the Mood For Love". The great Dooley Wilson sings the war-time song of freedom "The Eagle and Me" and his all-time classic song from "Casablanca" the unforgettable "As Time Goes By".  Also along for this collecton are such stars as Eddie "Rochester Anderson", Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman, Marlena Dietrich, Deanna Durbin, Xavier Cugat, Lewis Stone and Fay Holden, Hedy (he can sue her!) Lamar.
(A-654 ) B & W ...................approximately 1 hour............$19.98 plus shipping and handling

This historical collection of rare newsreel footage captures the sights, styles, technology and the people who made an impact on the 20th Century. Highlights include New York steam elevated trains, Easter Parade on New York's 5th Avenue. A short promotional film of the Spanish-American War Bond drive and an early whiskey advertisement film. You'll see the Black Diamond Express passenger train, Tammany Halls Richard Croker, the party boss. Rector's Restaurant with a gag chase through Central Park. The follies, foibles and fashions of early America features nickelodeon film s of short duration that reflect the technology and the styles of the late 1890's and early 1900's. Films include; "THE CORSET MODEL" (1903), "A NIGHT AT THE HAYMARKET THEATER" featuring dancing and fights (1903), "FIRE IN A BURLESQUE THEATER" (1904), a comic bit titled "AIRY FAIRY LILLIAN TRIES ON HER NEW CORSETS" (1905), "FROM SHOW GIRL TO BURLESQUE QUEEN" (1903), "A BUSY DAY FOR CORSET MODELS" (1903) and "TROUBLES OF A MANAGER OF A BURLESQUE SHOW" (1904). We then move on to a look at transportation as we see horse drawn trolly cars and steam powered cable cars which evolved into the electric powered New York Subway. Scenes include Cortland & Fulton Street Ferries, Lower Broadway cable cars, Union Square old Metropole Street railway, Madison Square, a sweep car for winter clearing, the Brooklyn Bridge Railroad at Sands Street Station, the 9th Avenue Elevated, suicide curve, scenes of construction of the first subway and footage of opening day with Mayor George B. McClellan and other dignitaries. Scenes of rides through the lighted tunnels conclude this look at America at the turn of the century.
(A-424) Tinted silent with music score added....approximately 1 hour ...$14.98 plus shipping and handling


As the country became more industrialized and technology advanced people were able to gain new experiences and had more leisure time. Automobiles began to replace the horse and buggy era. With that, such things as races and traveling became more commonplace. First, we look at early horseless carriages, so light-weight looking they appear to be without engines. Then scenes of the 1904 Vanderbilt Cup race. George Heath wins the race in a 90-horse-powered Panhard. The Glidden tours began with scenes of cars climbing Mount Washington. Speed soon became king with cars designed to race car-style dynamics. The 1918 Maxwell is featured in a promotional film showing it covering rough terrain. The 4-cylinder model is used in this film. We move to entertainment with the advent of the great amusement parks. Coney Island, Steeplechase Park with its mechanical horse race rides, Luna Park with more than a million electric lights and Dreamland were constructed. See the trapeze artists, the shoot-the-shoots, Beacon Tower at night and, for fire-fighting fans, the staged fire and rescues of "Fighting the Flames" for thrills. In addition to this, sights and personalities of the era. Horse-drawn trollies, factories, 5th Avenue at Easter time, the first subway rush, a tennis match, a millinary parade, high wire daredevils, hair style changes from long to the boyish "bob", fast energetic dancing styles, and celebrities of the day are shown. Seen are Sarah Bernhardt, John Bunny, Alexander Graham Bell, Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough riders, Governor-elect Woodrow Wilson, Mme. Marie Curie and Thomas Edison. This was America at the turn of the 20th Century as captured by early movie photographers.
(A-425) Tinted silent with music score added...approximately 1 hr......$14.98 plus shipping and handling

As a companion piece to MOTORING & AMUSEMENTS tape is this collection of films on Coney Island. It was the greatest resort for a single days pleasure in the world for more than a half century. It's attractions were a hurly-burly of rides, freaks, elephants, food, fun and sand. Until 1920, transportation was difficult and expensive which made a day at Coney Island a special occasion and one that was long remembered. This tape presents many of the varied and delightful faces of the world's greatest amusement park of its time. "CONEY ISLAND" (1917) is a classic comedy starring Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and Buster Keaton. The entire comedy takes place in and around Coney with its rides and attractions. The shoot-the-shoots provides some great sight gags! "CANNED THRILLS" (1927) is a short subject in which Grantland Rice provides a novel presentation of the thrills to be had at Coney. "MEET ME AT CONEY ISLAND" (1930) is an early sound film from the newsreels. "A DAY'S OUTING" (1930) with Lew White at the organ we present a sing-a-long, once very popular with theater audiences, about going to Coney. "SHORTY AT CONEY ISLAND" (1936) is a novelty short about a chimp and his young master having a swinging time at Luna Park.
(A-396-E) B & W sound and silent with music...approx 60 minutes..$20.00 plus shipping and handling

Atomic Memories
This collection of short films is from the 1950's when the cold war was at it's height. Government informational films and public service announcements were on survival in the atomic age. See "Duck and Cover" as shown to school children. Also "Effects of Atomic Bomb Explosions", "Survival Under Atomic Attack", "Atomic Dilemma" and "Atomic Bomb Tests".
(A-434) B & W ..........approximately 1 hour total...........$14.98 plus shipping and handling

This second volume of Coney Island from 1936 to 1954 as seen by film-makers from a variety of viewpoints. First is a segment from a newsreel with comic narrator Lew Lehr for the opening of the 1939 season. Then, due to requests, "CHIMP'S JAMBOREE". This is a 1945 re-cutting of "Shorty at Coney Island" which is seen on volume one. While the story is basically the same, some alternate takes and different cut-aways were used. "NICKEL HEAVEN" (1939) is perhaps the most interesting film for Coney buffs, as it takes a look at the decay setting in on the amusement park and ponders the future. Next attraction is "CONEY ISLAND" produced by Eugene Castle for the home movie market. It was released in the late 1930's. "CARNIVAL" (circa 1941) is a curiously named short made for schools. At no time do they identify the scenes as Coney Island. "CONEY ISLAND, U.S.A." (1954) is an international prize winner; Venice Film Festival. Regretfully, time has taken its toll on the color of this film, but the gaudy razzle-dazzle of the World's Greatest Amusement Park entering her final glory days still has the power to captivate the viewer even if the sky isn't as blue as when the film was printed a half-century ago.
(A-397-E) B & W and Color...........approximately 60 minutes.......$20.00 plus shipping and handling

In the movies early days, independent producers would keep within their budget by using surrounding Los Angeles area backrounds for their pictures. The first two shorts presented here were photographed at Venice, California; the playground of Los Angeles. "BEAUTY AND THE BUMP" (1927) was produced by Bray Studios as a Skylark Comedy and features Nita Cavalier, Perry Murdock and Robert Page. A young couple on a Circle Swing is harassed by a bully. To make matters worse, the young man has to go to the fortune teller and have the bumps on his head read to make the girl happy! His lack of bumps adds to the comedy confusion. "TIRE TROUBLE" (1923) was produced by Hal Roach as a part of his popular Our Gang series. The rascals venture their way to an amusement park with lots of great scenes of coasters, etc. "THE SHIEK OF HOLLYWOOD" (1923) was produced and starred Fred Caldwell and Gale Henry. The story concerns the owner of a shooting gallery. The major action takes place on "The Race Through the Clouds" coaster. First built in 1911 , it was the first racing coaster built on the West Coast. Designed by John Miller, it was rebuilt in 1921 after a fire in the fall of 1920 which leveled the park. "BOYS WILL BE JOYS" (1925) is another Hal Roach-produced Our Gang comedy. This time the gang builds their own back lot amusement park complete with a Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, shoot-the-shoots and other attractions.
(A-426-E) B & W silent w/ music score added..approx. 60 minutes... $20.00 plus shipping and handling

Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney host a variety show with a circus flavor that has the added benefit of some name acts like The Diamonds singing and Janek & Arno serpent dance. But the big treat is BUSTER KEATON and his wife Eleanor in one of his famous vaudeville skits performed before a live audience.
(A-356) B & W ......... 1 hour........................................................$14.98 plus shipping and handling

SUPER CIRCUS Vol. 1  Claude Kirchiner & Mary Hartline
It's a children's trip to the early days of television from the early 50's with all the original cast members! Claude Kirchiner, Mary Hartline, and clowns Cliffy, Skampy and Nicky. A host of Vaudeville and circus performers including animals, acrobats, jugglers and clowns. Original commercials done live by the cast members as well!
B & W ..approximately 90 minutes .........DVD or VHS...........$19.98 plus shipping and handling

SUPER CIRCUS Vol. 2  Claude Kirchiner & Mary Hartline
It's a children's trip to the early days of television from the early 50's with all the original cast members! Claude Kirchiner, Mary Hartline, and clowns Cliffy, Skampy and Nicky. A host of Vaudeville and circus performers including animals, acrobats, jugglers and clowns. Original Kellogs breakfast cereal commercials done live by the cast members as well! Plus a bonus commercial by George "Superman" Reeves for Kellogs as he starts his day at  home with his favorite Kellogs cereal then demonstrates his judo exercises to keep him in condition.
B & W ..approximately 90 minutes .........DVD or VHS...........$19.98 plus shipping and handling


Two sit-coms from the golden age of television are featured here with a Circus flavor to it. The "ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET" from 1960 on ABC has the Nelsons in a circus story. Also featured is "THE TROUBLE WITH FATHER" from 1953 titled "The Day the Circus Came to Town" starring Stuart Erwin.
(A-253-E) B & W ....................approximately 55 minutes.....................$19.98 plus ship

Arthur Godfrey astride his trick horse Goldie introduce highlights of the Ringling Brothers three ring circus. Included are Bengal tigers, acrobats, the high wire, dog acts, trampoline, clowns, 16 elephants, bears riding motorcycles, a man & woman shot from a cannon, and more.  Arthur Godfrey demonstrates the talents of his wonder horse, Goldie.  All commercials intact, a rare “live” performance.
(A-00-MC205) .........60 minutes...........  $19.95 plus shipping & Handling


Don Ameche hosts this one hour spectacular of circus acts from around the world.  The Traveling Tent Circus from Sweden, an actual traveling circus that has visited 27 different countries. A wondrous selection of circus acts, including Elena’s doves, aerial acts, acrobats, jugglers, elephants, dogs, an unusual bicycle act, and horses. Beautiful women,  talented men in a breathtaking circus presentation!  All commercials intact.
(A-369) B & W ....approx 1 hr. total ......$14.98 plus shipping and handling
The "King of the Cowboys" and Dale host this "live"wholesome hour of music and variety.  Regulars and guests include Cliff Arquette (as Charley Weaver), singer Kathy Taylor, Pat Brady, the Sons of the Pioneers, magician Mark Wilson (from the Magic Land of Allakazam), and Martha Raye.  Martha Raye is hilarious and the bloopers abound with Dale Evans in the "Lion Tamer" skit.  Roy shows his sharp shooting skills with rifle, sling shot, Zulu blow gun, and bow and arrow.  On "live" TV, even an expert...can miss once in a while!  Mark Wilson's magic has Dale Evans floating in mid air!  Cliff Arquette plays Mama Weaver, and Pat Brady sings with the Sons of the Pioneers.  Much, much more fun.  All commercials intact as aired.
(A-MC-127) B & W .........approximately 1 hour ...................$19.98 plus shipping and handling



From the TITANIC disaster to the great Depression is the subject of this first volume. While there were no official news reel companies at the time of the Titanic disaster some enterprising producers took what little footage existed on the White Star liners and Captain Smith and added it to the films of the rescue ship and quickly capitalized on the public's attention to the tragedy. Political figures from the 20's as well as unusual happenings highlight this edition. Boston; frigid gales force fishermen home as an ice-coated ship pulls into harbor! Bermuda- Suckers catch sharks without hook in this novel news clip! A man wrestles a shark in water! Captured on film are such well known politicians as Herbert Hoover shown at the Kansas City Convention that nominated him. The farm relief Army marches in! Hoover and Dawes meet in Chicago along with the wives. Senator Charles Curtis is profiled. Indian tribesman in Caw City, Oklahoma dance in tribute to Senator Curtis. Dr. Hubert Work, Republican chairman is in charge of the Hoover -Curtis campaign. Scenes of other Presidents include Teddy Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge. Firemen on first flight across Atlantic; Dublin to Greenely Island. New York pay tribute to Major Fitzmaurice and flyers with ticker-tape parade! The Chicago Exposition is seen including the Streets of Paris exhibit with Sally Rand doing her famous nude dance! Crowds visit the many expositions. Federal agents attack bootleggers even in the final days of Prohibition. Congresswoman Norton of New Jersey adopts amendment to give people the right to repeal the 18th amendment. Agents smash bottles! Chairman Wickersham reports on commission's opposition to repeal 18th amendment. Al Capone's Beer plant is destroyed by Feds! Gene Tunney joins the fight against the repeal! Digest poll shows 3 to 1 in favor of repeal. Al Capone arrives in Atlanta to serve his sentence in prison. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. joins in on repeal side. Uncle Sam Boots Dry Cause. Prohibition agents destroy huge supply of boot-legged booze in New Jersey. Franklin D. Roosevelt has "a word about beer!" Hopeful breweries get ready in New York for the day when beer is legal. Foes of repeal rally in the Capital headed by Dr. F. Scott McBride and his anti-saloon league. Congress passes bill legalizing real beer. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia of New York and Mrs. Kahn among others rejoice at the return of 3.2 beer. Prohibition agents still enforce law by destroying boot-legged liquor. Beer bill signed by President Roosevelt. Bars open and "it won't be long now!" Brewer's big horse-drawn carts deliver beer much to the joy of Gov. Al Smith who favored the repeal. Californian Grape growers busy as customs official seize illegal bottles. Temperance leagues still fight the losing fight! Nation rejoices as prohibition passes out. Los Angeles celebrates! New York gets it's delivery! New Orleans celebrates old traditions! Great White Way in New York gets "lit up" as corks pop and balloons fly!
(A-461) B & W silent and sound....approximately 1 hour...$14.98 plus shipping and handling


This second volume bypasses the World War 2 newsreels which are covered elsewhere and picks up after the War through to the mid-fifties. "War's aftermath! MacArthur returns to Phillippines and a new President is installed. Jewish refugees look for a new home! Nuremberg trials! Goering cheats gallows as others are sentenced! Belgian plane disaster-survivors found! Canada's new Governor General. 32 new Cardinals designated. Paris peace conference. Automobile Golden Jubilee in Detroit. Kentucky Derby. The "Flying Wing" is tested by Northup. Other secret weapons initiated! A-Bomb tested at Bikini! Pacific North-West devastated by floods, winds! Holland's new Queen, Juliana! Berlin crisis-Russian blockades forcing air-born drop of needed supplies. Coal strike cripples France. Palestine conflict over new Zion State with violence resulting! Revolt in Bogota-angry mobs riot & burn! U.S. Air growth 92-ton Lockheed " Constitution"is tested. Harry Truman wins election as President. Coronation of Queen Elizabeth with all the ceremonies! Paratroopers trap Chinese Reds then drop supplies in Korea! War by sea and air-Battleship Missouri runs into heavy seas as cameramen capture it on film. Action scenes of air force in Korea attacking Reds! Marine vets return from Korea! Kefauver hearings! Greasy Thumb Guzik hauled before Senate! James J. Carrol testifies in hearing investigating organized crime. Final witnesses testify in Kefauver hearings. Shah of Iran initiates a reform movement; breaks up land holdings and distributes to people to ease social tensions. Czeck Dr. seeks political asylum. Montelegro explodes-people killed! Easter Parade hat styles lighten the news events. New trends revealed in Balmain fashion show. Ship tragedy as "Carl Bradley" freighter sinks in storm as 33 lives are lost. Rescue attempts prove fruitless as families wait ashore for news of survivors. Cumberland floods hit four states! Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia are hit as residents are evacuated. Floods and flood control as Army Core of Engineers lay a "mattress" for the Mississippi River! Floods hit 3 states in far West as Northern California, Oregon, and Western Nevada! Flood fighters attempt to keep escape routes open! Fire sweeps a vast pine Forrest in Sydney Australia! Italian firemen stage an exhibition of leaps for life and other rescue operations. New Jersey commuter train crashes off side of bridge! 40 killed! Two giant airplane crash at Idlewilde Airport as firemen attempt to keep flames under control! Coast Guard to the rescue off Cape Cod, as a 4 million dollar dredger flounders in a storm! Men fight their way to safety. Dr. Hastings Banda strives for freedom of South Africa. Formosa under attack from Red Chinese!
(A-462) B & W sound ...approximately 1 hour..................$14.98 plus shipping and handling

This collection spans the entry of America into World War 2 through the early 60's. Pearl Harbor invaded, mass destruction and loss of life! Assorted World War 2 news stories. The Atomic Age begins. Truman wins election as President of the United States in a close race with Governor Thomas E. Dewey. Korea becomes the problem of the Truman administration. Eisenhower defeats Stevenson to become President. Space triumphs and the first satellite! Kennedy "defeats" Nixon in a close election. March on Washington, D.C. for civil rights.
(A-421) B & W .........approximately 60 minutes..............$14.98 plus shipping and handling

This collection of news reels concentrates primarily on Hollywood movie stars, premieres and radio and TV celebrities. Starting in 1942 with The Hollywood Victory Caravan with many stars selling war bonds. James Stewert enlists as does Joe Louis, Tyrone Power, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and Clark Gable. Hollywood stars win awards including Gary Cooper, James Cagney, Joan Fontane and Greer Garson. Don Wilson hosts Mail Call as stars entertain soldiers. Dorothy Lamour sings "I'm in the Mood For Love" and Abbott & Costello do "Who's On First?". Spike Jones performs "Cocktails For Two". Other stars include Dick Powell, Dale Evans, Yvonne DeCarlo and Danny Kaye who does his "Melody in 4-F". More awards as Margaret O'Brien, Myrna Loy, Ann Blythe, Ray Milland and Ingrid Bergman are on hand for ceremonies. A news story on circus knife throwing act follows. More award ceremonies with such stars as Loretta Young, Ronald Coleman and Olivia DeHavilland. Rita Hayworth marries Aly Khan in 1949. The 1950's bring about the Atomic age with cold war topics and cold war atom-age monsters! Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner appear at a premiere of "Meet Danny Wilson". Also on hand are Milton Berle, Robert Preston and Dagmar. The National Conference of Christians and Jews meet with entertainment people helping out. Oscars are back again with Shelly Winters, Donald O' Conner , Charles Couburn, Greer Garson and Humphrey Bogart. Marylin Monroe and Joe DiMaggio make headlines! Elvis in the Army! Jack Benny, The Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges appear in commercials and promos. The quiz show scandal breaks! Elvis is mustered out of the service. Alfred Hitchcock creates a sensation with "Psycho"! Louis Armstrong swings in the Congo! The advent of Tel-star is marked by J.F.K. Marilyn Monroe dead! Grace Kelly marries Royalty. The Beatles and Twiggy hit the scene! Bob Hope entertains the soldiers in Viet Nam and Ronald Reagan is elected Governor of California.
B & W ..........approximately 60 minutes.........$14.98 plus shipping and handling

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FAMOUS and not-so FAMOUS QUOTES FROM noted Americans and a few of our foreign friends from the past

1. In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.
-- John Adams

2. If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.
Mark Twain


3. Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But then I repeat myself.
-- Mark Twain


4. I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle ...
Winston Churchill


5. A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
---- George Bernard Shaw


6. A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.
---- G. Gordon Liddy


7. Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.--
-- James Bovard, Civil Libertarian (1994)


8. Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people  in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.
-- Douglas Casey, Classmate of Bill Clinton at Georgetown University


9. Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.
--- P.J. O'Rourke, Civil Libertarian


10. Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.
---- Frederic Bastiat, French Economist (1801-1850)


11. Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
---- Ronald Reagan (1986)


12. I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.
---- Will Rogers


13. If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free!
---- P. J. O'Rourke


14. In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other.
---- Voltaire (1764)


15. Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you!
---- Pericles (430 B.C.)


16. No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.
---- Mark Twain (1866)


17. Talk is cheap...except when Congress does it.
---- Anonymous


18. The government is like a baby's alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other.
-- Ronald Reagan


19. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.
-- Winston Churchill


20. The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin.
-- Mark Twain


21. The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.
---- Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher (1820-1903)


 22. There is no distinctly native American criminal class...save Congress.
---- Mark Twain


23. What this country needs are more unemployed politicians.
---- Edward Langley, Artist (1928-1995)


24.. A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
----- Thomas Jefferson

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