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BUSTER KEATON Talkies Vol. 1
"ONE RUN ELMER" has Buster in a baseball comedy with the real Jim Thorpe in a cameo appearance. "GRAND SLAM OPERA" features Buster as a contestant in a radio amateur hour show hoping to win first prize. "THE CHEMIST" casts Buster as the world's oldest college students invents powders such as a love potion and silent explosives! "JAIL BAIT" is a crime comedy where Buster attempts to smoke out an escaped murderer only to wind up in hot water with both the gang of crooks and the police.
(A-341-V) B & W sound........running time 80 minutes total ......$16.98 + shipping and handling


BUSTER KEATON Talkies Vol. 2
"ALLEZ OOP" is a circus comedy with Buster attempting to become an aerial trapeze artist. His acrobatic skills save the day when a fire breaks out and he must rescue his girl friend. "E-FLAT MAN" has Buster eloping with his girl only to become mixed up with crooks when he takes their get-away-car by mistake. Now he has both the crooks and the cops after him (again!). "BLUE BLAZES" will appeal to old fire engine buffs when Buster plays a hapless fireman who can't keep from falling off the speeding fire engines and is transferred to a rural community. "LOVE NEST ON WHEELS" is bonanza of a comedy with great Rube-Goldberg-type gags Buster's mother, sister and brother join him in this comedy about a run-down hotel that employs such innovations as using a mule to run the hotel elevator! Great fun!
(A-342-V) B & W Sound............approx 80 min. total...........$16.98 + shipping and handling

BUSTER KEATON Talkies Vol. 3
"MIXED MAGIC" Buster Keaton got his nick-name "Buster" from Harry Houdini who had worked with Buster's family in Vaudeville. In this comedy, Buster is a magicians' assistant who manages to ruin every trick in the act while the audience is in hysterics. "HAYSEED ROMANCE" is about a young man who answers an advertisement by a fat lady farmer who needs a man on the farm. She also wants him to be a suitable husband for her young daughter. Only Buster thinks the old lady wants to marry him. Some great sight gags in this comedy! In "TARS AND STRIPES", Buster is a sailor who runs afoul of his superior officer when the girlfriend takes a liking to Buster. Due to his many mis-haps, the brig has a revolving door policy! Vernon Dent co-stars. "PALOOKA FROM PADUCHA" casts Keaton's entire family in this one. His father, mother, brother and sister join him in this acrobatic comedy about a mountain hillbilly family in a wrestling match with a rival
(A-343-V) B & W sound......... approx 80 minutes total.........$16.98 + shipping and handling

BUSTER KEATON Talkies Vol. 4
"DITTO" casts Buster as an ice delivery man who falls in love with a girl who's twin lives next door. Naturally he gets mixed up with the wrong one until he finally decides to run off and become a hermit ! "TIMID YOUNG MAN" is a traveler on the road comedy with camping dilemmas and bullies for Buster to contend with. "THE GOLD GHOST" is one of Buster's most amusing and off-beat comedies from this period. It is also most like his silent era comedies as well. "THREE ON A LIMB" has Buster breaking up a romantic triangle in one of the most frenzied marriage ceremonies ever filmed!
(A-344-V) B & W sound................... time 80 minutes total.....$16.98 + shipping and handling


In the early 1950's television beaconed to Buster Keaton and he responded with up-dated versions of his classic silent era pantomimes. In an age when talk dominated comedy shows, Buster's silent skits proved to be a breath of fresh air. Culled from a variety of sources are some of his best skits including "Lester Snapwell" (in color),"The Can of Molasses" with Eddie Gribbon, "The Soaked Sandwich", "A Day in the Park" with his old M. G. M. friend Lucille Ball (in color), "The Silent Partner" with Joe E. Brown, Bob Hope, Zazu Pitts, Jack Elam as well as a number of commercial films Buster made in his own unique style selling gasoline, beer, and cameras.
(A-350) B & W sound ..... approx 85 minutes total ....$16.98 + shipping and handling


Buster Keaton and an all-star cast of old-time comedians star in this adaptation of "The Drunkard" which was popularized by W.C. Fields in his classic comedy "The Old Fashioned Way". This version from 1946 includes along with Buster, Billy Gilbert, Hugh Herbert, Anita Louise, Alan Mowbray, Margaret Hamilton, Joyce Compton, and Richard Cromwell. The evils of alcohol have never been so absurdly trashed as in this corny classic!
(A-351) B & W ...sound......... approx 70 minutes .......$16.98 + shipping and handling


One of Buster's "cardboard lover" farce comedies of the early 30's is featured here. Keaton's acrobatic skills and visual humor raise this standard plot line comedy to something uniquely Keatonesque. Also in the cast are Charlotte Greenwood, Reginald Denny, Dorothy Christie, and Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards.
(A-352) B & W sound.......Running time 75 minutes .....$16.98 + shipping and handling

This is by far the most bizarre comedy Buster Keaton ever made. As a traveler in a rocket ship he lands on what he thinks is a barren desert-like planet but is actually on a desert in Mexico where he resembles a wife-killing murderer that the local authorities are after. Keaton reaches back to his silent movie days for some bits and gags to pull this film off for some laughs.

(A-353) B & W sound..running time approx 70 minutes...$16.98 + shipping and handling


BUSTER KEATON Silent Shorts Vol. 1
"COPS" is the classic Buster is best remembered for. A moving man is mistaken for an anarchist when a bomb explodes during a policeman's parade. Buster is blamed and thousands of police chase him throughout the city in a wild series of gags and fun. This restored version has the original titles and the often-missing goat-gland gag in it. "THE BLACKSMITH" is an engaging pantomime of Buster as an inept assistant who causes havoc to man, car, and beast alike before the wild finish. "THE BUTCHER BOY" is Keaton's first film appearance and he quickly gets you laughing at his antics with Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. One of Buster's most amazing comedies is "ONE WEEK" as he tries to build a honeymoon  house in a do-it-yourself by number set! What he winds up with is not to be believed! Buster does a parody of credit-grabbing showmen by playing every part in a dream sequence in the vaudeville theater comedy "THE PLAYHOUSE".
(A-561) B & W silent wit music...approximately 2 hours total.....$12.98 + shipping and handling


BUSTER KEATON Silent Shorts Vol. 2
Buster builds a boat in his garage only to have troubles getting it out and into the water. Taking his family on a cruise, he winds up with several adventures along the way in "THE BOAT". Fatty Arbuckle co-stars with Buster in the 1917 comedy "CONEY ISLAND". The third film in this festival is "THE ELECTRIC HOUSE" which has some great Rube-Goldberg-type gadgets that Buster contrives to make life a little easier. Naturally some of them go hay-wire!Buster does a send-up of William S. Hart westerns in "THE FROZEN NORTH" with bizarre results!

(A-562) B & W silent with music..........approximately 80 min. total............$12.98 + shipping and handling


BUSTER KEATON Silent Shorts Vol. 3
Western parodies always bring a laugh or two and here, Buster stars in "THE PALEFACE" (not to be confused with the 1948 Bob Hope feature of the same name).  In "THE GARAGE", Buster and Fatty Arbuckle provide all sorts of community services including volunteer fire fighting. In "MY WIFE'S RELATIONS" Buster takes a swipe at every bullying bunch on in-laws who treat the new groom as if he were the worst addition to a family they ever saw. In "THE BALLOONATIC" Buster is a camper who travels through the wilderness in a hot air balloon and lands to hunt, cook and fish. He encounters a wild bear and a city girl who is about as out of place in the great out-doors as is Buster.
(A-563) B & W silent with music added....approx 1 hr. 25 min ..$12.98 + shipping and handling


BUSTER KEATON Silent Shorts Vol. 4

Buster Keaton stars along with Fatty Arbuckle in two memorable comedies. "GOOD NIGHT NURSE" and "OUT WEST" are vintage slapstick comedies that offer a splendid blend of farce, pantomime and chase. Also on this festival is "THE LOVE NEST" featuring Buster in one of his prime 20's comedies. Finally, Buster is chased by ghosts (or are they?) in "THE HAUNTED HOUSE".
(A-564) B & W silent with music added...approx  80 min total.. ..$12.98 + shipping and handling


Buster Keaton's first full-length silent feature is a parody of D.W. Griffith's spectacle "INTOLERANCE" with Buster playing three stories with three plots in alternating sequences. The stone age, the Roman era, and the roaring '20's are the three time frames that these stories take place in.
(A-370) B & W silent with music added....approx 1 hr ...$14.98 + shipping and handling


The old family feuds of the Hatfield-McCoy tradition forms the basis of this nostalgic frontier-era comedy as Buster must evade the wrath of his girl-friend's family who have been feuding with his family for many years. The old-fashioned railroad and a thrilling waterfall rescue are among the highlights of this feature.
(A-371) B & W silent with music added....approx 1 hr ...$14.98 + shiupping and handling


Filled with tremendous sight-gags and special effects that were done more than 75 years ago, this classic is among his top works from any period. One of the wildest chases ever made climaxes this comedy.
(A-372) B & W silent with music added.....approx 50 minutes...$14.98 + shipping and handling

Buster Keaton is Johnny Gray, a railroad engineer who must capture his stolen locomotive train during the Civil War. Based on a true incident in history this comedy adventure has all the authenticity of newsreel had they existed back then. The thrills and laughs are plenty in what has been voted by historians as one of the cinema's top ten films of all time in many polls over the years.
(A-373) B & W silent with music added.....approx 70 minutes..$14.98 + shipping and handling


During the roaring '20's many comics made college comedies. Along with Harold Lloyd's "THE FRESHMAN", Buster Keaton's "COLLEGE" ranks as one of the best of this type with many funny situations and gags. College sports will never be the same after Buster tries out for nearly every event from baseball to boat racing!
(A-374) B & W silent with music added..approx 65 minutes...$14.98 + shipping and handling


One Keaton's best audience pleasers is this 1928 comedy. A river boat rivalry turns to a quest for survival when the town is hit with a hurricane and flood! Doesn't sound funny? Buster saves the day and how he does it is one of the wildest comic situations ever filmed!
B & W silent with music added...approx 70 minutes..$14.98 + shipping and handling

Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney host a variety show with a circus flavor that has the added benefit of some name acts like The Diamonds singing and Janek & Arnut serpent dance. But the big treat is BUSTER KEATON and his wife Eleanor in one of his famous vaudeville skits performed before a live audience.
(A-356) B & W ......... 1 hour........................................................$14.98 plus shipping and handling

The silent comedy era genius was a television staple in the early years of the medium. His program lasted two seasons before he stepped down to appear only in occasional specials and movies. As "SAM KEATON, PRIVATE EYE", Buster does a parody of the old Dashiell Hammett detective stories. Also on this tape is "THE FISHING STORY" and "THE WRESTLING MATCH".
(A-441) B & W .................approximately 85 minutes total....$20.00 plus shipping and handling

This second volume comprises two shows from Keaton's early television series in 1951. The first episode is a remake of one of his silent comedies, "THE HAUNTED HOUSE". The other show is a hilarious spoof, "THE WILD WEST", with Buster facing off against the James Brothers.
features Buster in a mad scientist's laboratory, strapped in a time machine that sends him into various eras of the past. Buster appears as a caveman and as Napoleon. The film ends with Buster walking through the clouds trying to find his way back to the present! More bonus material- in the 1950's Buster did some commercials for Jeep called "LESSONS IN LIVING". Luckily when the negative were being scrapped, someone saved Buster's footage. Bonus # 2- a segment from the Rosemary Clooney Show with Buster doing an old time movie tribute!
(A-442-E) B & W ...................approximately 90 minutes...........$20.00 plus shipping and handling

Buster Keaton Rarities
Buster guests stars in a TV show titled "Think Mink" with star Fess Parker as Jefferson Smith, a U.S. Senator faced with a problem when Buster causes the value of mink coats to plummet! Red Foley co-stars.
Next, Buster guest stars in "Journey To Nineveh" with Edgar Buchanan, Joe E. Brown and John Astin along with series stars George Maharis and Martin Milner. Buster plays a fellow named Jonah who can't shake being jinxed until he finds a four leaf clover. Then things begin to take a turn for the better but not without some hilarious fishing slapstick gags!  
Buster appeared in various newsreels and shorts which include "Screen Snapshots" with Buster touring various Hollywood recreational parks including baseball, tennis, swimming, monkey island and more with loads of celebrities including wonderful off-screen candids of such stars as Harold Lloyd, Andy Clyde, "Curly" Howard and Larry Fine of The Three Stooges, Carol Landis, Bob Hope, The Ritz Brothers, Ruby Keeler, Jane Withers, Groucho Marx, William Frawley, Rita Hayworth and many others. Also,  "Hollywood on Parade", "The Voice of Hollywood". Some rare, if brief, home movies of Buster on the set directing "The General" give us a brief glimpse of his behind the scenes command. Also a short silent clip of Buster doing an interview for a TV station. Originally an "A-B roll" news story, only the video has survived.

(A-885) B & W ..................approximately 95minutes total.......$20.00 plus shipping and handling


King of the Champs-Elysees
In 1934, Buster Keaton received an offer to make a feature length comedy in Paris France. This charming comedy of errors cast Buster in a duel role as a bumbling actor in a theatrical production and as a ruthless gangster who happens to look like Buster. This familiar plot device is handled extremely well and allows Keaton an opportunity to play a straight, heavy part in addition to his familiar bumbler. Never released in the once United States, it has been recently translated with English sub-titles to follow the plot line though it is so well done that for many years it has stood on it's own without the sub-titles and played well. Both versions are available here for your choosing.
(A-716-E) B & W English sub-titled version.......approx 70 minutes...................$9.98 plus shipping and handling
(A-716-X) B & W Non-sub-titled version ..........approx 70 minutes...................$9.98 plus shipping and handling



This all-star charity revue stars Buster Keaton, Ed Wynn and Jimmy Durante with a host of celebrities. Buster and Ed crash a television studio and are chased by security police throughout the back lot where they spoil the filming of various TV shows in progress of stars like James Garner, Ralph Edwards, Jack Lemmon, Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, Jackie Cooper, Eartha Kitt, Nanette Fabray , Fabian, Roger Williams, David Janssen, Bert Convy, Fritz Feld, Rosemary Clooney, Abby Dalton, The Limelighters, Dorothy Provine, and others. Great fun as these two comics run rings around the studio cops!
(A-355) B & W .........1 hour ........................................................$14.98 plus shipping and handling

ROSEMARY CLOONEY with Buster Keaton & Judy Canova
Two programs are represented here as Buster Keaton does a delightful skit in the tradition of his silent days.This is his "soggy sandwich" skit which is done "in one" by Buster who's timing in each successive disaster is amazing. In a second skit he plays a Keystone-style Cop who stumbles his way into a safe cracking by Jimmy Valentine only to end up hand-cuffed to the safe!. Judy Canova guests on the second show and performs hillbilly-style and straight. Songs include "Mean To Me", "Swinging On A Star", and "It's A Lovely Day". Also featured are Nelson Riddle and The Hi Lo's.
(A-388-E) B & W ..................approximately 55 minutes total.......$20.00 plus shipping and handling

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"The Complete Films of Buster Keaton" by Jim Kline  (Citadel Press)
This is the best researched book which concentrates on Buster's film career with some biographical information when it is pertinent to discussion of the films. Mr. Kline is a true professional in his research and a true admirer of Keaton as well.
Available in your local book sellers usually in the TV-Movies sections. ISBN number is 0-8065-1303-9.

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