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350-400 feet in 8mm or 17-20 minutes)  3-r; three reels (approximately 900-1,000 feet in 16mm or 600 feet in 8mm or 25-30 minutes)  
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ACE OF ACES; The Eddie Rickenbacker Story -
Here is a fine Fox Movietone biography of the unbelievable life and career of Congressional Medal of Honor-winning W.W. 1 airplane fighter ace Eddie Rickenbacker who survived death many times and became an inspiration to many generations.
Rickenbacker flew with the famed 94th. "HAT IN THE RING SQUADRON" during WW1.  For his skill and daring he received the Congressional Medal of Honor. He also had 9 Distinguished Service Crosses on his chest for shooting down a total of 22 German planes and four balloons. His C.M.H was earned when, in a dogfight with five German fighters, he shot down two of them. The other "Hun" pilots had the good sense to turn away and fly back to the "Fatherland". A great teaching instrument for children!
Super 8mm Sound / b & w / approx 300' release from Blackhawk Films/ Ex shape, few minor sound level variations early, otherwise Ex................$15


Rarely seen, seldom photographed, these astonishing little people of darkest Africa will amaze you. They swing a man high across a crocodile infested river on the end of a giant grapevine. He seizes a tree top on the far side, pulls other vines across and a bridge is built.
An incredible engineering feat in a novel and exiting film.

16mm / b & w  /silent / 400-foot reel version from Castle Films / Ex-LN shape.........$10.

  Here is a wonderful, 11 minute, black and white  newsreel about the American Legion parade in New York City and the events surrounding the 29th annual convention, including Dwight D. Eisenhower's speech to the legionnaires. You will see outrageous and wonderful floats including one that looks like the USS Illinois (!) battleship, and a lot of steam engines or trains, plus clowns, etc.
The American Legion is an organization of veterans of the United States armed forces who served in wartime. The Organization was founded in 1919 by veterans returning from Europe after World War I and is headquartered in  Indianapolis, Indiana. The group has millions of members..
  In addition to organizing commemorative events and volunteer activities, the American Legion is active in U.S. politics. While its primary political activity is lobbying for the interests of veterans, including support for veterans benefits such as pensions and the Veterans Affairs hospital system, it has also been involved in more general political issues, generally taking a conservative pro-America position.
16mm / b & w /silent edition with captions/  approx. 400' ...Vg-shape.....$10.




BRADBURY ; PORTRAIT OF A WRITER  Here is a nice half-hour documentary on the great Science Fiction writer Ray Bradbury that was filmed in the mid-60's. He is seen at home with his family, at work, lecturing and in
discussion groups with fellow writers. Also incorporated into this documentary is a Twilight Zone-type playlet based on a Bradbury short story that he was working on at the time. An actor plays a man who starts receiving phone calls from the telephone lines
which have apparently come to a life of their own. A nice, rounded biography of Ray Bradbury.
16mm Sound / b & w / approximately 25 minutes / Vg shape, a few minor splices at start. No V.S................................$50.


This documentary-style promotional film has the look of an "Industry on Parade" type short subject only this is in gorgeous Ansco Color. The tour of the ice cream factory takes place in the 1950's with the mechanical machinery making everything from the ice cream itself to
the various fruits being processed as well as the various products.
16mm Sound
 / Color
  /Beautiful Ansco film stock looks like Tech / 400 feet / Ex shape...............$20.

William F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill")....Indian fighter, soldier, Pony Express rider, Army scout and hunter, was the principal character in scores of books and dime novels carrying not only his by-line but those of such prolific writers as Ned Buntline and Col. Prentiss Ingraham. In 1873, at the urging of Buntline, Cody finally consented to appear on the stage in "The Scouts of the Plains" which was a short playlet that Buntline planned to write. The theater appealed to Cody, and during the next eight years he toured in such offerings as The Red Right Hand, or
Buffalo Bill's First Scalp for Custer; The Knight of the Plains, or Buffalo Bill's Last Trail, and Twenty Days, or Buffalo Bill's Last Stand. They apparently had trouble deciding on titles back then! During this period, Cody had the idea of forming a Wild West show that would play major cities at spots like Madison Square Garden in New York and would show the life of the Indians, the scouts and the trappers and tell the story of the Pony Express. In May, 1883, Cody opened his first Wild West show in Omaha. Annie Oakley and her husband Frank Butler
joined the show and success grew throughout the years.
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / approximately 300' / L.N. shape..................................................$20.



CELEBRITIES OF THE ROARING 20's: Vaudeville, Movies and politics
This one reel extract from a documentary on the roaring 20's features newsreel clips of famous people of that era including Gallagher and Shean, Al Jolson, Will Rogers, John Gilbert, Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Charlie Chaplin, Presidents Harding, Cooldage, and Wilson.
Narrated in part by Joseph Cotton, no title, end title added. Probably an old Wonderland or Thunderbird print.
16mm /Sound / b & w / approx 400-feet / sharp dupe / Ex shape.......................$20.

Chicago's "Century of Progress Exposition" of 1933 and 1934 actually got under way on January 5, 1928, when a non-profit corporation was organized. Between that date and the opening of the Fair in 1933 came the stock market crash of 1929 and the depression in 1932. Yet, for all of the financial difficulties of the time and the high level of unemployment, the 1933 period of the Fair was so obviously a success that, well before the season was over, it was decided to continue and expand the Exposition for the 1934 season. Scenes include a panoramic view of the fair sweeping in from Lake Michigan, with the Michigan Avenue skyline, the Avenue of Flags, the Sky-Ride which offered a thrilling 200-feet above the lagoon, an authentic replica of Old Fort Dearborn of 1803, the house of tomorrow. It had a circular glass house and predictions about construction, some of which would come true. The Golden Temple of Jehol transported Fair visitors to eighteenth century China. The Italian Pavilion, the Belgian Village with folk dance demonstrations, the Maya Temple, the American Indian village, the Ukranian Village, the streets of Paris, the Hall of Sciences, the Travel and Transportation building, the General Motors Exhibition and much more. The exhibit even offered an automobile assembly line - primitive by today's standards -- where visitors saw the engine placed in the chassis, the body mounted, gasoline put in the tank and the finished car driven off the line. Five acres of land known as the "Enchanted Island", were set aside especially for the children with roller coasters, Ferris wheels, train rides, etc.
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / approx 300-feet / released by Blackhawk Films / L.N. shape..........................$15.

Written and produced by Wango Weng, the title tells it all. Nice photographed close-ups with informative narration. Color is vibrantly preserved by Kodachrome
16mm / Sound / Color (Kodachrome) / approx 600-feet /  used but Excellent shape..............$35.


Warner Bros.-Pathe Newsreel story from the 1950's features a marvelously well-photographed tour of Colonial Williamsburg with people dressed in period costumes recreating the way of life back then such as candle making, silversmiths, baking, and many other activities.
16mm / Sound  / b&w/  "Warner-Pathe' version /  1-reel approx (300')
approx 8 mi..............-Ex shape...................$25.
16mm / Sound  / b&w/ "Milestones of the Century" version / 100'...........-Ex shape...................$10.

Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952. Overview of
the novelist's life on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.
16mm Sound  / b & w  / approximately 100' / Ex-LN shape.........$10.

Coney Island was a magic world of razzle-dazzle excitement extending along a five mile stretch of ocean front in Brooklyn, New York. Ever since Charles Feltman introduced the first hot dog at his Ocean Pavilion in 1974, Coney Island has fascinated millions. By the turn of the century,
Coney had "arrived", but the movie industry was still in its infancy. Cameramen for the Edison and Biograph studios cranked out short reels to entice viewers in the "coin in the slot" peep shows. By steamer, by carriage, by five-cent trolly, people streamed to Coney Island. The beach
was the big attraction. Doing the cakewalk and mugging for cameras. In 1897 George Tilyou opened Steeplechase Park. Many great scenes of Coney from over 100 years ago in this documentary,
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / approximately 350-feet release by Blackhawk Films / L.N. shape.....................$20.

CORONATION DAYS 1902 and 1911 and other pictures

Produced by Dorothy T. Stone
This early Blackhawk retrospect opens with August of 1902 when the Victorian Era came to an end and Edward VII was crowned King. Shown is the golden coach as it carried Edward to Westminster Abbey for the Coronation ceremonies. Later that year, Kaiser Willhelm came to London to pay tribute to the King and show his affection for his Royal cousin. The world was at peace. In 1904, George V, then Prince of Wales, welcomed to England the President of France. England was building alliances.In the peaceful years between 1902 and 1911, the bridal paths of Hyde Park often saw George and other members of the Royal family out for an early morning canter. And in the United Sates in 1911, William Howard Taft was in the White House. Suffragettes were out en masse. The Governor of New Jersey was Woodrow Wilson, former president of Princeton University. And back in England in 1911,the golden coach rolled again through the heart of London at George V was crowned King of England. The royal coach was followed by the carriages carrying members of the Royal Family. England has always loved pagentry. George and May, his Queen, moved with dignity and devotion through the ceremonies that marked the years.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot reel / Blackhawk Films release / original box.............$10.



DARTS IN THE DARK: an introduction to W.O. Mitchell
Known for his witty radio and TV appearances, he shows a more serious side as he reveals his
personal views on writing. Passages from his stories reflect the many facets of this self-proclaimed "folksy foothills philosopher"
16mm /Sound /Color / Eastman stock 2-r approx 16 min G-Ex shape...................$10.

Produced by Dorothy T. Stone
This early Blackhawk retrospect opens with The Bowery, New York in the 1890's. Next, the World's Columbian Exposition; the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 with it's contrasts: Little Egypt" and replicas of the fountains of Versailles. Thomas Edison, whose invention of the incandescent light, the phonograph and the movie "kinetoscope" was the marvel of the age! Next, a bicycle race at Columbus Circle in New York. Old trains provided commuting. A Tammany outing at the turn of the century. On a Sunday afternoon, the ladies showed off their bonnets in the park. Next we see the populist politician William Jennings Bryan. President McKinley's Inaugural Parade and the famous Black Horse Cavalry are shown. Admiral Dewey's Flagship is home for repairs after the victorious Battle of Manila Bay. Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders return from Cuba and their famous charge up San Juan Hill. Next, President McKinley is mourned after his assassination at the Buffalo Exposition. Teddy Roosevelt becomes the next President.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot reel / Blackhawk Films release / original box.............$10.


Vintage newsreel footage from Blackhawk Films
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot reel edition from Blackhawk Films / orig box .....L.N. shape........$10.


Vintage newsreel footage from Blackhawk Films
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot reel edition from Blackhawk Films / orig box .....L.N. shape........$10.
Regular 8mm
/ b & w / silent / 400-foot reel edition from Blackhawk Films / orig box .....L.N. shape........$10.


The "TAHITI" and the "MORRO CASTLE" tragedies are captured by Fox Movietone News. The "Tahiti" of the Union Lines, one of the largest ships plying the
Pacific, left Wellington, New Zealand, August 12, 1930, with 175 passengers and a crew of 142. The vessel got into trouble on August 16. 460-miles south of
Rarotonga, Cook Islands. It lost it's starboard propeller and tail shaft and began to leak. More than 300 passengers were rescued. Scenes of the rescue and the ship sinking highlight the first half of this newsreel. The next segment features "The Morro Castle" disaster. At 11,250 tons, it was a new ship of the Ward Lane in "terry" service between New York and Havava. She was driven by turbo-electric power which was briefly popular at the time. On the night of September 8, 1934,  two days out
of  Havana, her captain collapsed and died. The same night, off the New Jersey coast, fire broke out in the library. Rushing to the scene were Coast Guard cutters and
the British liner "Monarch of Bermuda". Towlines were secured to the cutter "Tampa". Then a north-easterly wind arose plowing the Morro Castle ashore at Asbury Park, N.J. It took eight days to fully extinguish the fire. There were 133 deaths! Fox Movietone cameras capture the drama from both the sea and aerial cameras.
Super 8mm Sound / b & w / approx 275-feet / Blackhawk Films release / Ex shape.....................$15
Super 8mm  / b & w / silent / approx 250'-feet / Blackhawk Films release / Ex shape...................$8.


Often referred to as "the Jazz Age", the twenties saw many changes in the world of entertainment. Many great stars from the stage and movies are seen in newsreel clips and screen excerpts. Included are Harry Houdini, Gallagher and Shean, Rachmaninoff, Paderewski, Enrico Caruso, Lawrence Tibbet, Rosa Ponselle, Madame Schumann-Heink. Movie greats Gloria Swanson, John Barrymore, Dolores Costello, Rudolph Valentino, Rod LaRoque, Vilma Banky, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Will Rogers, Al Jolson, Marion Talley, Grace Moore, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Harry Lauder, Paul Whiteman and Rudy Vallee.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / approx 400-feet release from Blackhawk Films.....................................................$10.


Vesuvius explodes and bursts into its most devastating eruption in 70 years! Vesuvius first erupted in 79 A. D. Pompeii was crushed
and burned and thousands perished. Remains of old Pompeii are still there as shown in this film. Flame, fire and molten rock pour out f the roaring center!  Italian people are stunned as the 50 foot wall of fiery ash moves relentlessly on, chasing the fleeing people! Salerno, 17 miles away, is covered with lava dust three feet deep! The people of San Sabastiano rush to safety! Buildings are crushed like matchboxes!
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape ...........$10.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / approx 200-feet release from Excel Films / orig box........$8.



This is part of Fox Movietone's "Adventures of the Newsreel Cameraman" series. When nature went on a rampage, the cameraman went right along to film thrill and catastrophe for the newsreel. He shot the great floods of 937 when the deluge engulfed cities and towns along the Mississippi. The Florida hurricane of 1926. Tropical tempest from the Caribbean blowing a hundred miles an hour!  The power of ice against the Honeymoon Bridge at Niagara Falls on Jan. 27, 1938 causes steel and concrete to collapse under the pressure. Paris disorders between rioters and police! Also  riots in the auto strike in Flint Michigan and textile strikes at Slatersville, Rhode Island. Next a lettuce strike at Salinas, CA. King Alexander of Yugoslavia is assassinated, War in Ethiopia, Spain, China-Japan. The sinking of the Panay. Finally, the most famous disaster newsreel clip; the explosion of the Hindenburg.
Regular 8mm / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / orig. box ...............................................$8.

This is part of Fox Movietone's "Adventures of the Newsreel Cameraman" series. In his daily line of duty, the newsreel cameraman finds and films many bizarre and curious things, proving that the world doesn't know how the other half lives. Men buried alive in a casket with a window! A man walks to work on bicycle stilts! A man wears a hat made of live bees. A boy giant! Miniature toy furniture so detailed it could fool the camera! A man rides on his own model railroad! An auto race on top of a sky-scraper! A land roving sea cruiser! and much more.
Regular 8mm / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / orig. box ...............................................$8.

FLYING AROUND THE BIG GAME - An airplane animal adventure documentary
Marvelous aerial photography  in an airplane that travels to film various wild animals including wildebeests, impala, zebra and all the many varieties of plains game.
They fly low over a herd of eland and find they were only momentarily frightened after the airplane had passed them. They pass through the best giraffe country in Africa. Great on the ground photography as well. Next to lion country. The lions accepted the huge plane and their peculiar markings of giraffe spots and zebra stripes
as merely a part of the scenery. The photographers next find themselves in a district thick with rhino. One rhino charges the airplane but then decides the plane is bigger. Finding the decorated plane too much of a puzzle, the rhino moves along. Also in rhino country are the people if the Masai tribe in the midst of a strange ceremony. Rhinoceros had been killing their cattle, and lately two old women of the tribe had been gored to death, so these warriors decided to chase the rhinos from their territory. The natives have an intense hatred for the rhino, who disregard their property and viciously kill their families. It was a grim fight. Hour after hour, charge after counter-charge, the rhins are gradually pushed on and away from the Masai villages. Moving on, the photographers found beautiful rivers, great cataracts and waterfalls. An entire family of elephants head for the forest and the dense jungle. A tropical storm threatens the safety of the flight crew and the plane lands in Pygmy country They are greeted and the tribe puts on their finest dance to celebrate the great mechanical bird
Regular 8mm / B & W /silent  release from Blackhawk Films / approx 400-feet- Ex shape with only minor wear, few splices......................$10.


FOX MOVIETONE TRAVELOG - City of the Golden Gate
When, in 1906, the world's worst fire raised San Francisco, it did not destroy the spirit of this romantic Pacific seaport. Though now a modern and beautiful metropolis,
it remains the "Bagdad of the West".
Super 8mm Sound / b & w / approximately 200-feet / L.N. shape.................$20.

Super 8mm Sound / b & w / approximately 225-feet / 1-reeler........................$20.

FOX MOVIETONE "FILMING THE GREAT" (1934)Excellent sharp Blackhawk Films release of a retrospective by Fox Movietone on famous figures through the years that were covered by newsreel cameras (nice shots off the Fox-Movietone trucks!). From the Kaiser to Gahndi, to Roosevelt to Hitler, etc.
Super 8mm Sound / b & w / approximately 225-feet / 1-reeler........................$20.

President Coolidge opens Civil War Park. Mr. Coolidge speaks where 100,00 men fell on old battlefields in Virginia. Harmony before the Hominy; Dusky corn-huskers find melody an aid to their labors, south of the Mason and Dixon line. Governor Smith urges everyone to vote. Democratic nominee for President makes final statement to the people. France clears battlefields. Workmen flirt with death digging up thousands of unexploded projectiles which fell at Verdun. Shells of all sizes are salvaged and stacked for reclamation. Scenes of men placing live shells in the ground, attaching and lighting fuses to explode them. Cheering fans pack Franklin Field. A record football crowd of 65,000 turn out for the Penn vs. Penn State game in Philadelphia.
Super 8mm Sound / b & w / approximately 200-feet / L.N. shape.................$20.

Braving death from bullets whizzing all around them, one of which punctured a tire on their auto-truck, Charles Lehmann and Warren McGrath made pictures of the battle between Mexican Federal troops and the rebels across the boarder from Naco, Arizona. (Today it's our troops fighting the invaders!). Scenes filmed within 50 feet of a trench from which the Federales are firing at the attacking rebels. Next story, "Holland Footgear While You Wait". Primitive but effective tools quickly fashion sabots from wood blocks. Next, a mother's beauty contest is held. Mrs. Richard J. O'Connor of Dover, New Jersey captures the title at Lake Mowhawk.  Cowes Regatta; aboard "Westward" as she finishes 3rd in the big English race off the Isle of Wright. Bootleggers captured! U.S. government stems the tide of illegal liquor as boarder patrols capture bootleggers from Canada. Bottles are smashed against the wall on the spot by the "untouchables".
Super 8mm  / b & w / silent /  approximately 200-feet / L.N. shape.................$10.


Actor John Barrymore talks to the newsreel cameras along with his wife, actress Dolores Costello, on the occasion of the launching of Barrymore's new yacht. He speaks of travel plans on his new yacht. King George speaks over the radio on affairs of state. The dirigible "Los Angeles" arrives over New York City with scenic shots both day and night. 92-year-old John D. Rockefeller takes a ride in an airplane and speaks to the newsreel cameras afterwards.
Super 8mm Sound / b & w / approximately 200-feet / L.N. shape...............$20


Windmill planes visit New York- Pitcairn "autogyros", newest development in aviation, fly for the first time over that famous skyline. Pioneer feminazi Carrie Chapman receives $5,000 shakedown money from rich liberal publisher. Uncle Sam tests new loudspeakers (no relation to previous story), Army ordnance reveals latest developments in land and air defense at Aberdeen, Maryland. Repelling a night attack by "enemy" air raiders- note the tracer bullets. Hindenburg rouses German patriotism. Aged President visits Trier on tour of Rhineland and speaks to huge crowd standing in rain. George Bernard Shaw makes another amusing movietone talk. Famed English philosopher and playwright welcomes you to Malvern festival.
Super 8mm Sound / b & w / approximately 200-feet / L.N. shape...............$20.


Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952. Overview of the great founding father' life and accomplishments.

16mm Sound  / b & w  / approximately 100' / Ex-LN shape.........$10.


Narrated by Marlo Thomas. Femninist propaganda film from the 70's.
The film is a  series of  short segments with live action, musical performances, puppets, and animation on various themes. The shorts feature an all-star cast including: MEL BROOKS, MARLO THOMAS, HARRY "Uncle Tom" BELAFONTE, ALAN ALDA, MICHAEL JACKSON, ROSIE GRIER, KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, ROBERTA FLACK, CICELY TYSON, RITA COOLIDGE, DIONNE WARWICK. Marlo Thomas created the series to teach children about freedom of the spirit saying make your life choices based on what you want.
16mm Sound  / Color  / approximately 1,000' / Ex  shape.........$20.


GAUMONT GRAPHIC (1918-1919) Clips from early newsreels
The first regular newsreels were issued in 1912. By 1919, there were a number in distribution in the U.S. But other than for the names "Pathe" and "Universal", none carried through to the fading days of the newsreel which followed the advent of television in the late 1940's and early 1950's. Gaumont, a British company, was one of
the popular sources for  dramatic and factual films for the nickelodeans in the years before W.W. 1. With the coming of the War, production in England virtually ceased, and American activity was limited to little more than the newsreels bearing the company name. Released on a State's rights basis, most of these shown are from either late 1918 or 1919.San Diego, CA - visitor's day on warships; U.S.S. "Minneapolis" returns from the war zone and is open for public visitation. New York City- facing the problem of getting 2,000,000 men home in the shortest  possible time, Uncle Sam is converting all available vessels into transports. Formerly the "Minnesota" and now named the "U.S.S. Troy" this ship will carry 8,000 men per trip. Ponta Delgada, Azores- after 2 years' war service in the foriegn waters the S S "Dixie" with her 400-foot "homeward bound" pennant fluttering in the breeze sails for the good old U.S.A. Paris, France- President Wilson's daughter arrives to take up Y.M.C.A. work. Fort Totten, N.Y.- Capt. Herbert Hall receives distinguished service cross for heroes work while near Metz. "For exceptional bravery and absolute disregard for personal safety in rebuilding a broken railway line under heavy shell fire". Ghent, Belgium- where once stood the finest railway station in Europe,  is a mass of tangled iron and steel and gaping caverns from German mines which blew it up! Scenes of rebuilding are shown. London, England - Princess Patricia, Colonel-in-Chief of Canada's Light Infantry, reviews her regiment before their return home for demobilization. Camp Dix, N.J. - auction of army animal surplus; one hundred thousand head of surplus mules sell for an average of $160. each. Ypre, Belgium - devastated city is presented with Croix de Guerre.  Poincare accompanied by King Albert and Marshal Foch. They receive a hearty welcome on their tour through Belgium.
Regular 8mm / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / ...............................................$15.


Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952,  gives us an overview of the American patriot with the aid of early prints and scenics.
16mm Sound/ b & w /approximately 100-feet / Ex-LN shape.........................................$10.


A documentary-promotional film for tourism as the film opens with people in London leaving their work for the day and going by way of trains, busses and cars to week-end holiday retreats with this film focusing in on the historical heritage of Hampton Court. Nice scenes of both the outside gardens as well as the historical interiors and artifacts. Handle's "Water Music" in a concert sequence provides musical ambience.

16mm/sound / b & w / approx. 400' ...Vg-shape...$25.

Documentary with Hebrew titles and narration.
16mm Sound / b & w / approximately 1,200 (25 minutes)........Vg-Ex shape...............$25.

I - J - K

INDUSTRY ON PARADE-Grandma Brown's Baked Beans
In Mexico, New York a grandmother's recepie for beans becomes a big industrial business.
16mm Sound / b & w  / approx 150' / Ex shape/.........$5.

INDUSTRY ON PARADE-Artistry in Glass
Cartooning is used in leaded glass window art by Jacoby.
16mm Sound / b & w / approx 150' / Ex  shape /.........$5.

Factory in Rensalier, Indiana makes miniature trains for amusement parks
16mm Sound / b & w / approx 150' / Ex  shape /.........$5.

THE INNOCENT YEARS Chapter 4"The Nation Matures"
This episode begins with the worst earthquake ever recorded hitting San Francisco, followed by fire that made a double catastrophe. Later in Ohio and Indiana, some of the worst floods in American history follow in the wake of storm and tornado. Political upheavals visit the American scene with Theodore Roosevelt's return in June, 1910. Later, Wilson is elected president after a three-way battle with Taft and Roosevelt. Wilson orders American troops to the Mexican boarder. Don't you wish they were still there today? National guardsmen and regular Army troops head for the Rio Grande. Their mission is to pursue and capture the Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa who has been raiding across the boarder, killing American soldiers and civilians, destroying American property. Brigadier General John J. Pershing leads the attack. For the first time, the airplane is put into action by the Army. The Air Force had not yet been created. The Great War in Europe overtakes the importance of Villa and the Army is reassigned. Wilson & Roosevelt speak of the upcoming war as the innocent years close.
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot reel edition from Columbia Pictures.................................$10.


Short documentary on the art of pantomime.
16mm Sound / Color / appears to be Kodachrome stock, color not faded / used shape /.........$20.

One of the greatest disasters of the twentieth century was the Japanese earthquake of September 1, 1923, which destroyed most of the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama and left 99,331 dead, 103,733 injured and 43,476 missing. As in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, most of the loss of life and property resulted not directly from the earthquake, but from the great fires that followed. Wooden houses withstood the shock fairly well, but were extremely vulnerable to the flames. This is a newsreel of the aftermath. American and British refugees fled hotels to seek safety in ships leaving for their homelands. Trains loaded with refugees left the stricken capital. With the help of America and other nations, Japan was to be reborn. They had a funny way of thanking us two decades later!
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot reel edition from Blackhawk Films..............................$10.


Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952,  gives us an overview of Jefferson's life, deeds, a tour of his home in Monticello, and a brief look at the University of Virginia.

16mm Sound  / b & w  / approsimately 100' / Ex-LN shape.........$10.

1977, A WRC-TV Community Affairs Presentation, 24m., 30s., color. Produced and written by Bill Leonard; directed by George Light;
Thomas Jefferson portrayed in narratives from his diary by Peter Lambard; narrated by Phil Gaines.
Featuring extensive footage shot at the house, gardens, and plantation of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's mountaintop home, this superb short subject examines his career in civil service in the context of the design and construction of the magnificent Monticello, started in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1768. Many excellent detailed shots of the architecture as well as many of the furnishings that were
special. A good used original print on Kodak stock from 1979 with a sharp image, good contrast, a fine soundtrack, and  decent SP (low fade) color.

The following are some quotes from Jefferson not included in the documentary;

"The strongest reason for the people to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against the tyranny of government."
Thomas Jefferson

That is why our masters in Washington are so anxious to disarm us. They are not afraid of criminals. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants.
John Kennedy once said to an assembled group of scholars in the White House " I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House - with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone."

The quotes below could prove his point.
When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall
become as corrupt as Europe. - Thomas Jefferson

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing
to work and give to those who would not. - Thomas Jefferson

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle
which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world. - Thomas Jefferson

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. -
Thomas Jefferson

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too
much government. - Thomas Jefferson

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. - Thomas Jefferson

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of
patriots and tyrants. - Thomas Jefferson

"Were it left to me whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I would not hesitate for a moment to prefer
the latter."
Thomas Jefferson

As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now let us show them we can fight like men also.
Thomas Jefferson

Let us Pray that there never is a real Second American Revolution. If that day ever does come, Well then lock and load my fellow Americans. Never give up the right to bear arms. The 2nd Amendment is the enforcement clause of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. We are Americans and we shall not go quietly into the night.
Thomas Jefferson

Very Interesting Quote: In light of the present financial crisis, it's
interesting to read what Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:
"Banking institutions
are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people
ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by
inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up
around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children
wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Doesn't this sound eerily familiar to what is happening in America today?

16mm / Sound / Color / approximately 900-feet / Ex-LN shape......................................................$25.

A "News of the Day" theatrical release that starts with the live broadcast of Lee Harvey Oswald's assassination by Jack Ruby as the horrified announcer repeats "He's been shot! He's been shot!" Then scenes of the ambulance taking Oswald to the hospital. The remaining longer portion of the newsreel is of the Kennedy funeral and
the heads of state that attended.
Regular 8mm / Sound / b & w / approximately 200-feet .........Ex-L.N. shape...................$25.

ROBERT F. KENNEDY 1925 - 1968
Columbia Pictures memorial home movie of the life and political career of Robert F. Kennedy.
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / ......................6.

ROBERT F. KENNEDY 1925 - 1968

Columbia Pictures memorial home movie of the life and political career of Robert F. Kennedy.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / A.M. # 1591......................$6.

This Time-Life presentation features talking heads on the life of activist Martin Luther King.

16mm Sound / b & w / approximately 1,200-feet / Ex-LN shape..............................(W. S.).....................$15.

A collector's edition edited from items in several issues of Kinograms from the early 1920's.

Kinograms appeared on the scene about the same time as W.W.1 first being released through the exchanges of World Film Corporation. Then, in late 1919, distribution was shifted to Selznick Corporation's Republic exchanges. By 1927, most important studios such as Paramount and M.G.M. introduced their own newsreels. The impact on Kinograms was fatal and by the dawn of sound they were gone from the screen. Highlights of this reel include; Sir Thomas Lipton and his fast Yachts, Army Airplane smashed to bits; with motors running at full speed, they dash down incline and crash into wall; Army conducts these tests at Wilbur Wright Field to try and find way to prevent fires and explosions that follow plane crashes. Whole fleet of tugs dock holiday liners; New York Harbor -fighting winds and tide sturdy crafts bring ocean trip to safe end. Greek orphans return home from Turkey after years in exile. King and Queen open Parliament in state; the procession of ancient tradition. At Belmont Park, New York, the Prince of Wales sees "Epinard" lose first American race.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / ......................$15.


.L'CHAIM - TO LIFE  Produced & Directed by Harold Mayer)
This early 1970's documentary is a multi-Award-winning film documentary. Here a just a few critical raves;
"An imaginative and moving film...Mayer and his researchers unearthed some extraordinary newsreel footage of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, the Treblinka concentration camp, of Jewish children aught smuggling food, of horrors that are beyond the realm of words."-J. Oster
"well edited, with lots of rare film footage and still pictures. Non-Jews should find it interesting for it's insights into history"-John Crittenden
"Stunned, shocked, dismayed, electrified, exalted will be the viewer who sits through the 90 minutes of "L'Chaim-to Life!"...See it and be moved. Deeply" - Jerry Oster
16mm Sound  /  feature length / approx 90 minutes.......................................$125

"The Coming of the New Deal"
The coming of the new deal covers the 1930's from the beginning of the depression until the re-election of F.D.R. in 1936. There are bread lines, the new poor, farm
prices are down and farmers are discontent. Banks failed and 15,000 unemployed war veterans march on Washington D.C. Roosevelt is elected and manipulates the country with his fireside chats. There was the Agricultural adjustment act, the Public Works Administration, an avalanche of new offices and agencies as the
Democrats ballooned the expansion of government into private lives everywhere with work programs like the NRA, the Blue Eagle, the C.C.C. and more socialism.
There was the "dust bowl", the "Oakies" and "demigogs" like Huey Long.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel edition / approximately 25 minutes......................$15.

LIFE IN THE THIRTIES Vol. 2 "A Rendezvous with Destiny"
The second and final volume of "Life in the 30's", this film covers many of the highlights including Lindburg's kidnapping ordeal and the trial and conviction of
kidnapper Bruno Hauptman, the Hindenburg disaster at Lakehurst New Jersey, the abdication of pro-Nazi Edward VIII and his marriage to W.W. Simpson, the new
King of England, George VI, Hitler's defiance of the treaty of Versailles, Mussolini's conquest of Ethiopia, the visit of King George and Queen Elizabeth to the U.S., the New York Worl'd Fair, etc. But in Europe, Germany had overrun Austria and Czechoslovakia, and Italy had invaded Albania, Japan extended aggression in China. In a sullen world preparing for war, a voice said "it's later than you think!".
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel edition / approximately 25 minutes......................$15.

On the 500th anniversary of his birth, Warner-Pathe' News Magazine reviews the work of one of history's greatest men...the painter, scientist, architect and doctor;
Leonardo da Vinci.
(16mm sound)
1-reeler (approx 300') Vg -Ex shape........$10.

LIVING HISTORY - Admiral Richard E. Byrd 
From Warner-Pathe News comes this living history story. An exclusive talk by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, made expressly for the students of America and
illustrated by films of his historic expeditions to the North and South Poles. Vintage lips of old sailing ships and Byrd in a tickertape parade start this piece off. Byrd, himself narrates his adventures.
(16mm sound)
1-reeler (approx 300') Vg -Ex shape........$10.


This is one of those nostalgic documentary-newsreels that show scenes from the past. First story; "peace at last! New York celebrates the Armistice in November 1918. Cheering crowds, flags and newspaper headlines of "Germany Surrenders" are waved at cameras. William S. Hart is remembered as one of the great screen heroes of the past with scenes from his Westerns. Next, Enrico Caruso , the idol of the Metropolitan Opera House is remembered with a scenes from the liberty loan rally as he sings George M. Cohan's "Over There". In sports, Tex Rickard and the battle between Jess Willard and Jack Dempsey. That memorable night in Toledo, Dempsey slashed and ripped into Willard. General John J. Pershing welcomes American heroes home from the war. America's most beloved humorist, Will Rogers, addresses a political rally for F.D.R. Next flashback is The Keystone Cops with Fatty Arbuckle and Mabel Normand. Charles Lindbergh comes home from Paris.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / approximately 12  minutes......................$10.

A Film by Daniel Cumus.
16mm/sof / Color / used shape with some cinebug repair in first 50 feet or so/ approx 1,200 - 25 minute length.......$15.

As the depression and talking movies together pushed Mississippi showboats into their final days. Movietone produced this nostalgic and charming glimpse of the river life which had been American legend since the time of Mark Twain. Here is one of those gaudy crafts which docks to the cries of "Here comes the Showboat!", and to excitement from the old and young alike. The actor's double in brass, with the leading man on the calliope and the villain in the box office, while the audience gathers and the curtain goes up. Until this point, the film has been silent , accompanied by a gutsy and evocative musical score. But now direct sound cameras record a few minutes of melodrama which was old when "The Black Crook" was young. It's corny stuff, but the picturesque people who have flocked to the levee just love it.
Super 8mm Sound  / b & w / 200-foot-reel edition / ......................$20.


Culled from the "Industry on Parade" series, this short documentary takes us on a tour of the factory in Dayton, Ohio where they manufacture cash registers, adding machines and the like. Nice detailed scenes of factory workers and the industrial machinery that made the assembly line style workable.
16mm Sound / b & w / approximately 200 feet / Ex-LN shape................$5.


Here's a nice little documentary produced by George and William Allen. Men who study race migrations say that the Navaho of the Painted Desert is a Mongol who, ages ago, crossed Siberia- then the ice flows of the Bering Sea stopped in Alaska a long time - and finally wandered slowly down the Pacific Coast to his present home. Scenes of their day-to-day life are shown. A winter "hogan" built of earth and logs with  the door always facing east as protection against the cold west winds. The "hogan" was designed to blend in with it's surroundings as a protective measure against attack. Valued for the closeness of weave and originality of design, the Navajo blanket is considered by collectors to be the most artistic of all Indian blankets. Deft hands creating a design which shall tell with a striking primitive power, the hope, longings, prayers and aspirations of the weaver. The men, women and children wear their hair in a double knot at the back of their head. Sheep and goats graze the plains and mesas, tended by the children. Also profiled is "Grey Hat", an ancient warrior 104 years old. His deeds as scout under Kit Carson, during the Apache war are legend. Turquoise necklaces, hammered silver coin buttons, buckles and bracelets are among the ornaments worn by the Navajo. As with all primitives, superstition plays a large part in the life of the Navajo. The gentle baby owl or "Night Witch" is supposed to harbor an evil spirit. So, the family decide that the young boy who has made a pet of the owl must return it to it's nest. Holding their customs, tribal laws and religion with courage against the fatal influences of a civilization they do not understand, these Arabs of the Sun live currently as in the dateless past.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / approximately 12  minutes......................$10.

Europe's powder keg! Endless Spanish Rebellion is source of constant concern to all nations. Worst London cloudburst in 27 years! Streets of British capital are
flooded when rain descends in torrents! In the U.S., storms and floods render thousands homeless. George VI reviews grand fleet. Newly crowned Monarch sees
Britain's mighty sea force at it's best. Texas horror! 450 perish when mysterious explosion demolishes school at New London!  U.S. Labor strikes- Industrial production halted. Workers lose millions in pay when Government condones sit down labor war. Rockefeller dies. Oil pioneer and philanthropist passes at age 97. Amelia Earhart lost. Famous aviatrix vanishes while attempting to girdle globe. More aviation; London to New York in 24 hours. Giant clipper ships are trail blazers in new and old world service. Nice aerial shots and animated maps to show flight routes. Soviet flyers win new air Laurels. Trio hops from Moscow to Vancouver, Washington via the North Pole, breaking world's distance record. Roosevelt appoints self-confessed ex-Klansman to the court as a judge from which there is no appeal! Robert Byrd's mentor perhaps? 17 million dollar bridge opens. World's largest span links Golden Gate City and East Bay area. Mussolini visits Hitler in Germany. Historic meeting of two dictators draws attention of entire world. Japan invades China. Fierce air raids terrorize millions of non-combatants in Shanghai and Nanking.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box..........$10.


Franco's victory; three year old Spanish civil war comes to an end. The nationalist army enters Barcelona. Wings over the Atlantic; air passenger service between America and Europe becomes a reality. From the old world to the new in one day! London's great day! Britain's King and Queen return from a Canada-United States good-will tour. Back to Buckingham Palace amid cheers of the people. Franco-British unity- Paris Bastille Day celebration assumes new world importance. The 150th birthday of France's freedom. Earthquake rocks Chile! 30,000 perish; 20 cities destroyed! Submarine disaster; 26 perish when U. S. S. Squalus sinks! A new diving bell saves 33 of the gallant crew. After 3 attempts, the Squalus is towed to Portsmouth, N. H. Tension in the far East; Tientsin Foreign Settlement becomes the center of
great unrest. Japan barricades British Concession and searches all who enter. China's floods; the worst in years add to the struggle of weary millions. Thousands are made homeless. In Montreal, Canada, 125 couples are united at an unprecedented love parade ceremony. Cupid's busiest day! W.W. 2 starts as Germany invades and devastates Poland! France declares war and moves its army into great Maginot Line. Britain safely transports huge army to France. Anglo-French naval supremacy is again the Allies' greatest asset for ultimate victory. Grain elevator disaster; two million dollar loss in devastating Chicago fire! Cape Horn; startling camera record of U. S. Cruisers braving hurricane seas.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$12.

Europe's total war! April 9th, Norway capitulates. Holland falls. May 10th, Queen Wilhemina departs. Belgians flee invaders. May 28th, King Leopold surrenders.
June 4th, Britain's heroic escape at Dunkerque. June 5 thru 22nd, the French armies crumble (surprise, surprise!). June 10th, Italy enters the war. Fate's irony as Nazis and French sign armistice at Compiegne. Britain bombards Somaliland! Britain's heroic stand! General de Gaulle reviews "Free Frenchmen" who continue to fight. London burns at night while destruction rains above. London carries on by day as the King and Queen view Buckingham Palace damage. Historic St. Paul's suffers. Nazi planes fall by the thousands! Britain's defiant leader Winston Churchill carries on. American destroyers are exchanged for naval bases. American defense begins. Nation rallies to strengthen land and air and sea might. The first peace-time draft is initiated. 16,000,000 American youths register.  F.D.R. is the first third term President as he defeats Wendell L. Wilkie in hard fought election.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$10.

War - five years! China fights on as tension in the Pacific grows! Siege of Tobruk! British guns repel year-long Axis attack! Balkan crisis- Nazis overwhelm heroic
Greeks. Germans halted! Capture of Iraq stops Hitler's march toward the Suez. British and Free French capture nearby Syria from Vichy forces. France's tragic fate.
The once proud republic is crushed under the conqueror's heel. Britain avenges the "Hood". The Bismarck is sunk in a historic sea and sky offensive. Roosevelt and Churchill meet. Atlantic charter agreed upon at dramatic sea conference. U.S. in Iceland. American land and sea forces guard Britain's Atlantic life-line. Nazi torpedo cripples U. S. S. Kearny. 11 American seamen perish!  Canadians smash Spitzbergen! The arctic island is rendered useless for Germany as the Canadians demolish wireless stations, coal mines and shafts blown up. Strikes slow U.S. defense! 16,000,000 man-days lost  as labor unions turn violent and destructive. Valuable troops diverted to restore order! Planes-Ships-guns; World's biggest bomber symbolizes growing U. S. military might. Democracy's call for ships is answered in U. S. yards as ship after ship is launched. The battle for Russia- Hitler's invasion of Soviet incites most gigantic struggle of all time! In the Baltic, Soviet naval guns repel invaders.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$10.

The invasion of Sicily - in Algiers harbor, part of the great invasion fleet is assembled. Units move out to sea--three thousand ships--the largest invasion armada the world has ever seen! Aboard the flagship, Admiral Hewitt presents General Patton with the banner of the new American 7th Army. The American landings on Sicily begin in darkness and continue at dawn. The Navy's guns duel with coastal batteries. hen, the lading at Gela. General Patton goes ashore to take personal command of repulsing Axis counterattacks at Gela. American wounded go aboard barges for transfer to ships for Africa. Gela falls and the U. S. troops occupy the town. Sicilian natives greet the liberating Yanks. Axis prisoners are marched off. To the west of Gela, men of the U. S. Third Infantry Division take Licata. Mine fields are cleared from the path of advancing troops. Major General Truscott is the Commander of the Third Infantry. A German-built airdrome, captured by the Americans in western Sicily, is rapidly pressed into use by our forces. Advancing into the interior, past Axis dead and the wreckage of Axis equipment. Town after town falls.U. S. forces meet their most crucial test in this war to date and score their greatest success.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Excel Films / Ex shape in in original box..........$10.

Battleship destroyed! Nazi V-2 terror rockets! Millions mourn Roosevelt. Truman takes office. Axis war criminals captured. Germany surrenders. Potsdam conference. Atomic bombing of Japan. War ends. Allies in Berlin. Tanks in Tokyo. Millions of G. I .s return. Gigantic U. S. fleet comes home. Clips of Ike, Patton, Montgomery, Churchill, Truman, many other prominent figures.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$7.
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape ..................$10.
16mm Sound / b & w / 400-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape .......................$25.

NEWS OF THE WORLD FROM EXCEL (circa 1944-1945)
Battle of Italy and MacArthur's victory at Lae opens this newsreel from Excel. Italian newsreel pictures show demonstrations against fascism at the beginning of the Badoglio government and the downfall of Mussolini. The British Eighth Army sets out, from Sicily, to invade Italy. Terms of unconditional surrender have already been signed secretly. Virtually unopposed, the Eighth Army rolls ashore on Italian soil. Simultaneously, the American Fifth Army prepares to invade Italy at Salerno, just below Naples. Vice Admiral Hewitt and Lt. General Mark Clark lead their troops. Reinforcements from the sea help to win Salerno. Sweeping up from the South, the British Eighth Army joins with the Yanks. General Eisenhower and British Admiral Cunningham watch as units of the Italian fleet sail to surrender at Malta. The allies capture Lae. Trained Australian jungle fighters of General MacArthur's command embark to do their part in encircling the japs at Lae, New Guinea. A naval bombardment precedes the landings. The Aussies pile ashore. One day later MacArthur and Lt. General Kenney direct the launching of an American air-borne attack. The Australian troops after a five-day trek from the coast, meet their American allies to complete the encirclement of the japs. Reinforcements arrive by air. The tall grass is burned to prepare a way for their landing Swiftly and efficiently, the last jap is driven from this sector.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Excel Films / Ex shape in in original box..........$10

Atomic bombings at Bikini. Atlantic airliner crash and rescue. Great turf classic. 32 new Cardinals. Paris peace meeting. Automobile golden jubilee. Tear's aviation development. New Canadian Governor General. Nuremburg verdicts. War's aftermath around the world.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$7.
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape ................................$10.
16mm Sound / b & w / 400-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape ..............................$25.

Texas City disaster. Around the world in 72 hours. U.S. President's travels. Uprisings in Korea and Palestine. Britain's King visits Africa. Nature on the rampage. World series baseball highlights. A Royal romance.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$8.
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape ..........$15.

West's worst floods! Thousands made homeless when swollen Columbia River inundates vast territory. Raging torrents devastate Canada's Fraser Valley. Florida is lashed a tropical hurricane roars in from the Caribbean. Holland's new Queen assumes the throne.  After 50 years of kindly rule, Queen Wilhelmina abdicates in favor of her daughter Juliana. All Amsterdam cheers the new Queen and her Prince Consort Bernhard. Berlin crisis! The world is tense as Russia and Western powers test each other's strength. U. S. Airlift continues to land food in the beleagured German capital. A coal strike grips France. 350,000 miners idle as a communist-led strike paralyzes the nation. 30,000 troops are called in to combat the violence. Palestine conflict as men and women don uniforms to protect new state of Israel. Hundreds are injured in a bombed Jewish shopping district. Revolt in Bogotá as crazed mobs go berserk following the assassination of Liberal leader Gaitan. Revolution sparks mad rioting and bloodshed. U. S. air growth as 92 ton giant "Constitution" plane takes off with 168 passengers. A crew of 12 guides the plane from California to Maryland in 10 hours. A parasite plane takes to the air. "Superfort" is a "foster mother" to the new jet which cannot take off by itself. It's launched while in the air as the larger plane lets it go. 2,200 paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne swing into action at Fort Bragg, N. C. Lockheed "Shooting Stars" in breath-taking display of aerial power over Andrews Field, Washington. Presidential election as Governor Dewey addresses tremendous crowds in a sweep around the country but President Truman squeaks by in a close election.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$8.

The S.S, Noronic disaster. Berlin blockade ends. The Legion's biggest show. Globe circled non-stop. The Pope's 50th anniversary. Atlantic Pact is signed. Ecuador earthquake. Mexican volcano erupts.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$7
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape ..........$10.

Re-armament begins. Reds start the war in Korea. American secret weapon spectacle. Communist riot in Berlin. Holy year canonization. Disasters in the news. Truman-MacArthur meeting in the mid-Pacific.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$7
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape ..........$10.

Royal couple visits U.A. Princess Elizabeth reviews her regiment as it troops the colors. The royal couple are welcomed by President Truman. Britain goes conservative! (boy was that a long time ago!) Awaiting the election results ay Trafalger Square and the winner is Winston Churchill. Crisis in Iran! The Iranian government seizes the oil industry operated by the British. U. S. envoy W. Averill Harriman attempts to effect a reconciliation (with Iranians?).At the Security Council, Prime Minister Massadegh defends the Iranian seizure. Midwest flood disaster! A million acres are flooded in Kansas and Missouri. 750,000 people either homeless or displaced! Spectacular auto crack-up at Langhorne, PA. Kefauver crime probe as former Mayor O'Dwyer defends his administration. Frank Costello isn't talking! Virginia Hill denies her underworld connections. Frank Erickson is cross examined. Japanese treaty signed as President Truman opens the San Francisco meeting. Dean Acheson signs for the U.S. After 48 nations sign, Japan signs. Battle for Korea! Truce talks between Reds and the U.N. The battle for Heartbreak ridge as marines arrive by helicopter. Allied power strikes the enemy's rear.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$8.

Details to be published soon
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape ..........$10. Sold pending payment

All the important highlights of the year including the Kennedy-Oswald assassinations.
Regular 8mm / Sound / b & w /  200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$20.

President Johnson inaugurated officially as President of the United States (after having removed J.F.K.). Revolt in the Dominican Republic. Johnson escalates the war
in Vietnam. Gemini 4 space walk captures the world's attention. Sir Winston Churchill passes away as the world remembers his leadership that helped preserve freedom around the world. Former presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson dies, reflections on his service and tenure at the U.N. Johnson signs medicare bill as former President Truman looks on. Thugs riot, burn and loot in the name of civil rights in Watts virtually destroying the entire city. Pope Paul is the first pontiff to visit the United States. Gemini 7 and 6 in a space rendezvous!
Regular 8mm / Sound / b & w /  200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$20.

President Johnson expands the Vietnam war. Pope Paul prays for peace.  French President Charles DeGaulle ousts N.A.T.O. , visits the U.S.S.R. President Johnson
visits Southeast Aisa and makes a surprise arrival at Cam Ranh Bay. More space news with Gemini's spectacular finish. Orbiter 2 photos!
Regular 8mm / Sound / b & w /  200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$20.

Bombing of Vietnam continues. Anti-war protests continue, President Johnson and Soviet Premiere Kosygin meet at a summit to discuss differences. Canada's Expo '67 opens to the world as Queen Elizabeth visits the Expo. Space program continues with the Apollo flight. An astronaut tragedy occurs when a fire kills three astronauts during a testing exercise. Egypt prepares for war against Israel by ordering the United Nations out. Israel beats them to the punch by attacking and winning the war in only  seven days. Race riots occur as thugs burn and loot in the name of civil rights in Detroit and Newark. Russia celebrates it's 5oth anniversary of the communist revolution. Baby boomers with no particular direction or goals become hippies and protestors. The pound is devaluated. President Johnson's daughter Linda is married
in the first wedding in the White House since the Wilson administration.
Regular 8mm / Sound / b & w /  200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$15.

One of the most tumultuous years of the decade. Viet Nam war escalates, Johnson loses popularity and decides he will not run for re-election as President. Pueblo submarine crew is released and tales of torture by the communists are revealed and a member who died is mourned. Russia invades Czechoslovakia! Apollo 8 orbits the moon setting the stage for the first landing on the moon the following year. World wide student protests and riots occur. Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King are assassinated. The political race for president heats up with Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, George Wallace running and Richard Nixon emerges victorious in the general election.
Regular 8mm / Sound / b & w /  200-foot-reel edition from Castle Films / L.N. shape in in original box......$15.

America lands on the moon. Nixon inaugurated. Eisenhower funeral. De Gaulle steps down. Ho Chi Minh dies. Moratorium marches. Viet Nam. Turmoil in Ireland and the Middle East.
Super 8mm Sound / Color  /  200-foot reel complete edition from Castle Films / mint shape.....$20.

Soviet astronaut tragedy! Apollo 15 Moon landing is a success! Bangladesh recognized! Nixon assaults inflation problem with wage and price controls! The Jesus movement among young people with the popularity of the rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar"! Soviet Union Premiere Nikita Khrushchev dies. United Nations turmoil as delegates get testy! Nixon agrees to help Israel acquire more jets for their defense against moslem attacks. More highlights.
Super 8mm Sound / b & w /  200-foot reel complete edition from Castle Films / mint shape.....$20.

This Joe Bonica Movie of the Month edition features William Bendix, Lois Andrews, Guy Madison, Joan Leslie, Caesar Romero, Jane Withers, Jackie Cooper, June Haver, David Rose, Jack Beutel, Hedda Hopper, Red Skelton, Alan Ladd, Tom Brown, Pat O'Brien with Louis B. Mayer, Ann Jeffries, Nancy Guild,  Fred Astaire, Lana Turner with Bob Hutton, Maria Montez, Gene Tierney, Evelyn Keyes, Cary Grant, Olivia de Haviland, Rory Calhoun with Beverly Tyler and Celeste Holm, Maria Montez with Atwater Kent, June Haver with David Rose (different shot from earlier), Jane Powell, Frank Morgan, Ben Blue, Edgar Buchanan, Ann Miller, The Wilde Twins, Van Johnson. Screen stars at a golf tournament featured are Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Adele Jurgens, Wayne Morris, John Carroll, Myrna Dell, William Lundigan, Mickey Rooney with Guy Kibee.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / approx 100' / Ex shape (one splice).......................$20.

Irving K. Meginnis produced, restored and edited this look at the 1890's-early 1900 era of film clips. The film opens with a streetcar ride through San Francisco. Next, a glimpse of night life as it was before jazz orchestras, hip flasks and parked cars. A movie curio - "A Lesson in Love" produced in 1902 reveals some secrets of a lost art. Scenes from another primitive film, "Cupid's Pranks" is next. Then an album of clips of movie favorites; John Bunny and Flora Finch, Marie Dressler and Johnny Hines. Next, a musical show of yesterday. We go behind the scenes and watch a dress rehearsal of "The Nudities of 1903". Remember the first movie mellerdrammers? These were the days when sad acting was really sad! "The Moonshiner's Bride" rivals "The Drunkard" for ham acting!
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / approx 200' / Ex shape .......................$8.

This is an automobile promotional film for the 1918 Maxwell car. Only Jack Benny made the Maxwell better known than these early "info-mercials". This little
documentary illustrates the toughness and durability of the car under conditions which would rarely be demanded of it. After all, if it could survive those challenges, what  a car it would be in day to day driving circumstances.
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / complete 1-reel film by Blackhawk Films with historical introduction notes..../ L.N. shape.....$15.

O - P - Q

a dramatization of founding father's struggle to establish independence. It was produced by Max and Arthur Alexander. Written by G. A.
Durlam. George Washington is portrayed by Daniel Curtiss, Benjamin Franklin by John Elliott, James Madison by Marc Loebell, Alexander Hamilton by Alan Connor, Culled from historical documents of correspondence between these founding fathers, the film makers have created a story of the founding of the United States of America and the Constitution.
16mm Sound / B & W / 2-reels (approx 800')  G shape..............................$30.


Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952. Quaker, scholar, missionary, a tour of historic Philadelphia landmarks connected with Pennsbury House and the life of William Penn.

16mm Sound  / b & w  / approximately 100' / Ex-LN shape.........$10.

POPE PAUL VI - Coronation of Pope Paul VI
With the death of Pope John XXIII, the world's attention is turned to Vatican City for the assemblage of the college of Cardinals who gathered to pick a successor.
The most famous stove in the world would burn black smoke if no Pope is elected on each ballot and white smoke would indicate a new Pope was elected. On  June 19, 1963, Giovanni Battista Cardinal Montini at 65 became the 262nd successor to St. Peter. A biographical account of Montini sets the stage for his coronation as the new Pope.
Regular 8mm Sound - b & w / 200-foot reel edition from Castle Films..............................$12.

POPE PAUL VI - Pilgrim of Peace Visits America

Vatican City, June 19, 1963, Giovanni Battista Cardinal Montini at 65 became the 262nd successor to St. Peter. In June 1964, began a pilgrimage into history with the visit to the holy land. The Pope is greeted by Jordan's Moslem King  Hussein. In Isreal he was greeted by President Balman Shazar. The Sea of Galilee where Christ singled out Peter who first occupied the throne. December 1964 - Bombay, India, the Pope is greeted by thousands at the  Eucharistic Congress. Prime Minister Shastri welcomed the Pope. Next, October 4, 1965, he again left Rome for New York City as the first Pope to visit the United States. Massive crowds and parades as the Pope asks prayers for his Peace mission. President Johnson meets wit the Pontiff. He is invited to address the U.N. on it's 20th anniversary. At Yankee Stadium 90,000 join the Pope's Mass for Peace. His missin ends at the Vatican Pavilion. It is Peace and farewell with a plea to end wars.
Regular 8mm - b & w /silent /  200-foot reel edition from Castle Films..............................$8.

Produced in 1933 by Carl Lemele for Universal Studios.
16mm /  tinted stock Kodascope / silent / approx. 400 feet /  G shape..............................$10.


Excellent Encyclopedia Britannica film . It opens with Ronald Reagan's inauguration as President then turns to historic news footage of past Presidents culled from old movie newsreels and describes the steps that lead to the election of the President every four years. The film impartially shows the history of how the process evolved from our fore-fathers to the State-organized caucus or primary then on to the general election and on to inauguration day.  The objectives of the national nominating convention is shown via clips from both major parties as well as minor parties as well and how a candidate is chosen if no clear majority is attained. The film comes full circle with Ronald Reagan's inaugural speech where he celebrates the organized transfer of power from one party to another. This film comes with a brochure-guide. Color is excellent and no signs of fading. 
16mm/sof / Color / approximately 1,200-feet / like new shape................$25.


A Hearst Movietone newsreel film, it is a documentation of the inauguration day ceremony and festivities held on January 20th, 1981 as Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the new President of the United States. His speech is highlighted, then the parades and Inaugural Balls that evening are shown as entertainers such as Woody Herman and his Orchestra, Charlton Heston and Glenn Campbell entertain as  The President and Mrs. Reagan thank their loyal supporters for their help in getting him elected. A straight forward documentation with no political leanings or references to the release of the American hostages caused by the Carter administration.   Fuji Color is excellent and no signs of fading. 
16mm/sof / Color / approximately 700-feet / like new shape................$35.


 The Framers of the Constitution created the office of the Presidency to meet specific needs. From the beginning, through, the role and powers of that office have expanded, as the United States itself has grown and changed over the past two hundred years. Starting today is perhaps the most powerful and influential person in the world. This film depicts that development with stock footage of previous Presidents such as Wilson, Roosevelt, Nixon, Ford through the Reagan administration when this film was produced around 1986-87 period. This film has vintage clips of President Ronald Reagan through out film.
16mm/sof / Color / approximately 700-feet / like new shape................$35.


- "Coast Daylight Days"
Regular 8mm / b & w  /silent /  Blackhawk Films release...approx 400'......L.N. shape.........................$15.

- "Diesels Roar on the Pennsy"
Super 8mm Sound / b & w  / Blackhawk Films release...approx 400'......L.N. shape.........................$15.

RAILROADS IN THE NEWSREELS - "Thunder Steam Blue Ridge"
Super 8mm Sound / b & w  / Blackhawk Films release...approx 400'......L.N. shape.........................$15.

 ROBERT YOUNGSON’S "THIS WAS YESTERDAY" 2-reeler on historical events from early 20th century including such personalities as Pancho Villa, General Pershing, Warren G. Hardon, Teddy Roosevelt, William Jennings Bryan, F.D.R., evangelist Billy Sunday, march king John Phillip Sousa, opera star Anna Case,
Vaudeville legend Sir Harry Lauder, stage legend Sarah Bernhardt, inventors Henry Ford and Thomas Edison among others. U-boats vs. destroyers! Sabotage: "Black Tom" factory fires! W.W. 1. Marvelous footage! Crisp and clear.
Super 8mm Sound
/ B & W / 400' ......................................................................$30.


This follow-up to "This Was Yesterday" picks up with the Germans causing trouble (even back then!). Wilson enters the U.S. into W.W. 1 after submarine warfare. Teddy Roosevelt visits the troupes (Democrats complained, of course). Scenes of ship building and airplane building as the U. S. gears up for war. Women in the workforce replace men who are drafted. Liberty Bond Drive is headed by movie personalities such as Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. and Mary Pickford. W.W. 1 battle scenes
are shown. Then the Armistice! Shots of various troupes returning and massive parades as we enter the roaring ‘20's.
Super 8mm Sound 2-reeler / b & w / 400' reel.....................................$30.

Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952,  gives us an overview of the American patriot with a tour of his home, paintings and historical facts.
16mm Sound/ b & w /approximately 100-feet / Ex-LN shape.........................................$10.

ROYAL WEDDING of Elizabeth and Phillip (c 1947)
Highlights from the Royal Wedding including a journey to  Westminster Abbey, part of the ceremony and the traditional  balcony appearance.
16mm / Sound/ b & w / approximately 10 minutes / Ex   shape.............No V.S................................$25. see also short below...

The King and Queen arrive at quaint Quebec, then Montreal. Official honors at Ottawa. Then the King and Queen visit the United States. In Washington, a great parade with the President. A mighty welcome in New York with festivities concludes this mini-newsreel,
16mm  / b & w / silent /approximately 100-feet / "headliner" edition from Castle Films / .............. L.N shape...........................................$6

Elizabeth II was crowned on June, 2, 1953, despite having acceded to the throne on Feb, 2, 1952, the instant her father died. British law states that the throne is not left vacant and the new monarch succeeds the old immediately. The ceremony is performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the most senior cleric of the Church of England. Other clergy and members of the nobility also have a part in this; most participants in the ceremony are required to wear ceremonial uniforms or robes. Many other government officials and guests attend, including representatives of foreign countries. The essential elements of the coronation have remained largely unchanged for the past thousand years. The sovereign is first presented to, and acclaimed by, the people. He or she then swears an oath to uphold the law and the Church. Following that, the monarch is anointed with oil, crowned, and invested with the regalia, before receiving the homage of his or her subjects. This is a Castle Films release from the 1952-era.
16mm  / b & w / silent /approximately 300-feet / complete edition from Castle Films / ...............$10.

This is not only historic from the standpoint of the Coronation ceremonies in 1937, but from a film collector's standpoint as well. This is one of the three original films edited and released by Eugene Castle when he created the home movie market. A few months after this release he would found Castle Films and release under his own name and banner. There are some nice early historical newsreel footage from Queen Victoria era on through to the 1937 ceremonies.
16mm  / b & w / silent /approximately 400-feet / complete edition from Pathegrams / .........................................$25.

Princess Elizabeth (not yet the Queen) gives birth to Charles and the nation celebrates another continued heir to the throne. Four generations of the Royal family are seen in this newsreel.
16mm Sound/ b & w /approximately 200-feet / Ex-LN shape.........................................$8.



SCOURING THE SKIES- great aerial photography!
This is part of Fox Movietone's "Adventures of the Newsreel Cameraman" series. Not too many years prior to this newsreel, man set out to conquer the clouds. The newsreel cameraman would soon be a part of flying. First offering shows Army pursuit planes performing maneuvers in the sky. Bomber pilots brave the air currents and pockets at Yosemite Valley. Smoke screens-- a sky war maneuver to hide from enemy planes. Parachutists display life-saving equipment at Roosevelt Field. Stunt fliers prove invaluable testing plane construction. Upside down flying ten feet off the ground! The China Clipper takes off from the waters of Alameda, California en route for the Philippines -- an intrepid feat of sky trailblazing. Next, an auto-carrying plane demonstrates at Floyd Bennett Field. Clyde Pangborn dares fate in his "flying flea" automobile-plane. The autogiro commuter is never detained by traffic jams! The Philadelphia Post Office has rooftop airmail delivery by helicopter. Frank Frakes crashes planes for a living. Tragedy strikes at an air pageant in Herndon, England. Another tragedy as Italian general De Pinedo takes off for Rome but crashes in a fiery blaze before the camera! The Monteverdi Brothers, bound for Rome, crash at take-off but survive to try again.
Super 8mm / silent / 200-foot-reel edition  from Blackhawk Films / Vg shape................$8.


The man in the brown derby, a symbol of American political integrity, Al Smith was admired by the great and powerful as well as the humblest of people. This Fox Movietone newsreel mini-documentary showcases the life and career of the legendary politician.
Super 8mm
/ b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel film by Blackhawk Films with historical introduction notes..../ Ex.. shape.....$15.

After ten postponements, February 20th, 1962 - a date with destiny for liberal Lt. Col. John H. Glenn Jr. USMC, the 40-year "old man" who, for almost three years trained for this space venture. A moment in history as the whole world watched. Animated sequences are added to show the modular separations not seen by
cameras after the actual newsreel footage of the launch. At 17,500 miles an hour he completed an orbit in 89 minutes. 4 hours, 56 minutes and 81,000 miles from the launch to splash-down within 5 miles of the U.S.S. NOA.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 50-foot headline edition by Castle Films / Vg-Ex shape / ................................$3.

Edited from contemporary news stories in Movietone News. To some they were maniacs, to others simply stuntmen. All over America crowds gathered to watch them perform. They challenged fear and mortality stunt after stunt and were heroes of their own making. Join the crowds and hold your breath! First off is a tight rope walker in breath-taking act in the Alps. A lady is the target of a hatchet hurler! Next at Palisades Park, New Jersey, Sol Solomon, world champion diver, plunges 128 feet! Gertrude Bell of the circus, does her daredevil act suspended high above Chicago pavements, hanging by her teeth from a cable. The valiant Canadian William Redhill Jr. keeps a promise he made to his father and rides down the treacherous stretch of rapids and whirlpools known as the Niagara Gorge in a barrel. At an American Legion show in Fresno, California, daredevils crash just for fun in a varied program of thrills and spills Ray Woods, daredevil diver, drops 165 feet from a Seattle bridge. Despite a steel corset, Woods is stunned unconscious when pulled from the water..
Super 8mm
/ b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel film by Blackhawk Films with historical introduction notes..../ Ex.. shape.....$10.

SUPERVISOR AS LEADER (1944) featuring Paul Ford
From the U.S. Dept. of Education comes this informational documentary about how foreman and supervisors should handle their leadership roles. Actor Paul Ford (best remembered from Sgt Bilko TV series) is among the actors portraying factory workers.
16mm Sound / b & w / approximately 500-feet / L.N shape..................(W. S.).............................$20.



Great news-documentary from Castle Films. Naval cadets leap into thin air in daring jumps for graduation from a zeppelin! Cavalrymen on horses in thrilling drills! Hard bumps for men in army tanks on drills as they crash through houses and over dams. A daredevil demonstrates a rocket lifeboat! Unfortunately it needs a lifeboat! Speed and spray with aquaplanes, aqua-batics and aqua-skiis. Wild motor boat races. Another daredevil shown is a human arrow who shoots himself into the air and lands in a swimming pool! Another man is shot out of a canon A man holds a baby 28stories above ground on a steel girder. Tightrope walkers on sky-scrapers. High speed race cars crack up. Motor cycle maniacs! Cars crashing through brick walls and through fires.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot  edition by Castle Films / G shape / ...........................$8.
16mm /  b & w /silent 1-reeler 400-foot edition by Castle Films / ex shape...............................   $20.


Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952,  gives us an overview
with accounts of Ethan Allen, The Green Mountain Boys, Lord Amherst.
16mm Sound  / b & w  / approximately 100' / Ex-LN shape.........................................$5.

Culled from the "Industry on Parade" series, this short documentary is titled "Stretching Rubber" and shows how the General Tire Company with it's research and development, experimented with synthetic rubber for various products but mainly to increase the supply of tires in post-war America. Their Akron, Ohio plant developed this process without government assistance (can you believe there ever was a time?)
16mm Sound / b & w / approximately 200 feet / Ex-LN shape................$5.




Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952,  gives us an overview of the Ftaher of our country through paintings and filmed tours of the carefully preserved estate.

16mm Sound  / b & w  / approximately 100' / Ex-LN shape.........................................$5.

WEST POINT 150th Anniversary

Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952,  gives us an overview of the academy that began in 1802 with visuals from early paintings and prints combined with movie footage.

16mm Sound  / b & w  / approximately 100' / Ex-LN shape.........................................$5.

The story of Wilbur and Orville Wright produced by Fox Movietone news and released by Blackhawk Films.
Super 8mm Sound / b & w  / Blackhawk Films release...approx 200'......L.N. shape.........................$15.


X - Y - Z

YESTERDAY LIVES AGAIN   - This edition opens with the first movie plot which spawned thousands of fall and custard pies as a bratty kid sneaks up on the old washer woman and tips over her barrel. Chicago's Fatima; she moved her muscles and the camera helped. Easter Parade; ladies and gentlemen of the horse and buggy
era. The first automobiles as the world cried "get a horse!" The Wright Brothers are the first men to fly. Great names of the gay '90s; Lillian Russell, the toast of all men
of her era. Enrico Caruso, the greatest voice the world had ever known. Buffalo Bill Cody, the daring scout and super showman. Andrew Carnegie- the builder of a new world made out of steel. William Jennings Bryan, free silver's champion. William E. Borah, U.S. Senator from Idaho. New U.S. President William McKinley's inauguration marks the first movie record of this important event. San Francisco is demolished by an earthquake and swept by flames! Three days of fire! Dynamic Teddy Roosevelt is respected by the entire world. War clouds as the German Kaiser arms against the world. Russian royalty - rare movies of the Czar, his army and his court. Emperor Franz Joseph - his mistake started the greatest of wars! Terror on the seas - 1,200 perish when Austrian Battleship is torpedoed. A glamorous era ends - false prophets arise - the world is torn by hate and greed - the hand of fear is at the helm.  Only time can tell how things will shape up.
Regular 8mm /b & w silent /  200' reel edition from Castle Films. / A.M. #337....................$5.
16mm  / b & w / silent /  400' reel edition from Castle Films ...............................$10.



     (8mm & 16mm section combined)  

This was adapted from the U. S. Navy motion picture "Operation Deepfreeze". Highest and coldest continent  in the world, Antarctica is larger than the United States and Europe combined. Yet less than one third of this vast continent had ever been explored. Prior to his death in 1957, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, USN, was United States Antarctic Programs Officer directing operations in preparation for the Georphysical Year. The Navy was assigned to give logistic support. Task force 43 was organized to implement the operation, code named Operation Deep freeze. The major objectives were to establish a main I. G. Y base near the site of Little America and an air facility at McMurdo Sound. The other objectives were to investigate Marie Byrd Land and the South Pole for good scientific observation posts and provide logistic support for U. S. participation in I. G. Y. (This is a government film so they expect us to know what the hell I. G. Y. stands for!)
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot reel edition from Blackhawk Films / G shape, some projection lines.................$8.

They're off to the land of the Eskimo. On board the ship, seals are sighted. These Greenland seals provide most of the commercial pinseal leather. Headed North,
ice is sighted. See a huge iceberg breaking up in the form of a perfect arch. Only one-ninth of an iceberg is visible above water. Ashore at a tiny Eskimo village, a
feast on walrus by the ravenous natives. They come aboard for some of the ship's food as well. A-sail again, a huge polar bear to the lee! The bear puts barriers of
ice between him and his pursuers. Men go over the side and the chase is on. The bear is eventually captured and is sent off to a zoo where he plays in his new home.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot reel edition from Castle Films / G shape / .................$5.
/ b & w / silent / 400-foot reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape......................$10.

AFRICA - Kenya Colony
From Hollywood Film Enterprises comes a series called Four Minute Journeys edited and titled by Paul I. Hoefler.  The Great Rift Valley was formed during the earliest convulsions of earth - and prehistoric silence still broods over this colossal scar cut deep into the bosom of Mother Africa. The valley floor is covered with volcanic debris, thorn trees and grass. Naivasha is a fresh water lake where the people of Kenya enjoy their holidays. Lake Elmenteita is fed with sulphorous waters, contains sodas and salt, and here live hundreds of thousands of flamingos. The flamingos gather in serried ranks near the shore or in huge pink blankets on the lake surface. Flamingos feed on a tiny crustacean that abounds in this lake. Lifeless in the blazing sun, the only sounds are the cries of te countless flamingos. Lake Elmenteita, "where the red flamingos flies, hunting fish before his eyes".
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 50-foot reel edition  / LN  shape / .................$4.


This is an old Encyclopedia Britannica Films release..
Regular 8mm /  b & w / silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel...................$8.

AFRICA - Native Africa
Regular 8mm /  b & w / silent 1-reeler 50-foot-reel "headliner" edition...................$3.

A fifth of the solid earth surface, this was a challenge 300 years ago. It was remote and unknown. Cairo, thousands of years old, it is the threshold to Africa.. You'll travel down the Nile, see Luxor; the place of the tombs. The Sphinx, the pyramids, and many other places of interest. The Emir's cavalry maintains old customs. Old methods and crafts continue on. Next stop, Ghana. Ancient forts are memorials that have endured. Game preserves feature all wildlife.  Next, the old Dutch city of Cape town. Climb to the summit of Table Mountain in a cable car!  The Atlantic and Indian oceans meet here. See Victoria Falls
Super 8mm /  b & w / silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel complete edition...................$5.


Castle Films travelog -
Edited film produced by Castle Films and distributed for "The World Parade" series was filmed in Tahiti; South Island, New Zealand; Pago Pago, American Somoa; and Papua and Kalabahai (Papua New Guinea). Footage includes: street scenes (Tahiti); Maori men, Maori women cooking food using woven bags plunged into hot springs, and wood carving (New Zealand); dwellings and the <meke meke> dance with male and female seated and standing dancers (Fiji); governor's mansion which is the former home of Robert Louis Stevenson, coconut gathering, tattoos, display of grass skirt, making palm basket, and <siva-siva> dance (American Samoa); and children on a "toy" outrigger, woman rocking baby in net bag, examples of body tattoo, ceremonial headdresses, nose adornment, and devil dance (Papua and Kalabahai). Footage includes scenic shots of each locale.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 420-foot reel "complete" edition / Ex-LN shape / orig box.....................$8.


Castle Films travelog - Scenes include an ocean liner, Bermuda, St George, Hamilton, traffic policeman, shops, horse drawn carriage, hotel, swimming pool, diving board, folk dance, native band, cabin cruiser, fishing boat, deep sea, big game, glass bottom boat, exotic fish, bicycle riders, scuba diver, spear fishing, snorkel, beach swimmers, beach restaurant, sailboats, golf course, catching turtles, downtown St George, Easter lilies, horseback riders, St Peters church, fortress, aquaplaning,
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot reel "complete" edition / Ex-LN shape / no box..............$8.


Streamlined transportation links great cities with the Utah-Arizona wonderlands. First stop is Bryce Canyon National Park where massive subterranean rock-layers of southern Utah are etched by time-old erosion. Visitors on horseback as well as on foot make their way through the park to see such unique things as the natural bridge from erosion and towers from Sunset Point. The approach  to Zion Canyon is a mile-long tunnel cut through solid rock.The broad dome of "Wesst Temle" dominates the entire valley. The majestic peak was named "Angel's Landing by devout pioneers. Next, the Great White Throne, The Watchman and The Divine Abyss itself. The Grand Canyon! Together with Bryce and Zion, this is a canyon trilogy.
Regular 8mm
/ b & w / silent / 50-foot headliner from Castle Films / G shape........................$3.
/ b & w / silent / 400-foot reel edition from Castle Films / Ex-L.N. shape......................$10.

  Castle Films travelog - Alpine resorts in the Canadian Rockies are seen in this fascinating travel film picturing the famous Skyline Trail in summer, and cold weather scenes of thrilling winter sports. Great footage of trains in the Alpine mountains, rivers, resorts, tourists, swimming, golfing, horses, Indians at Morley reserve dancing in front of teepees, cowboys, at  Lake Louise....canoeing on lake, fishing, moose, cooking fish at campfire, eating, and a lot of skiing, cross country and downhill.
There are a number of popular mountains located immediately adjacent to the townsite. They include Mount Rundle (2,949 m/9,675 ft), Cascade Mountain (2,998 m/9,836 ft) and Mount Norquay (2,134 m/7,001 ft), which has a ski slope as well as mountain biking trails on the Stoney Squaw portion. A gondola lift is available to ascend Sulphur Mountain (2,281 m/7,484 ft) where a boardwalk beginning from the upper terminal takes visitors to Sanson Peak. Sulphur Mountain is also the location of one of Banff's most popular attractions, the Banff Upper Hot Springs
  Tunnel Mountain (formerly known as Sleeping Buffalo Mountain) (1,690 m/5,545 ft) is situated within the townsite and is very popular for quick hikes; one can reach the summit in less than half an hour. It was named Tunnel Mountain because surveyors initially wanted to make a tunnel for the Canadian Pacific Railway right through the mountain, instead of following the Bow River Valley.
  Banff is home to the well-known Banff World Television Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival and R
ocky Mountain Music The population of the Town of Banff according to its 2007 municipal census is 8,721, which includes a permanent population of 7,437 and a shadow (non-permanent) population of 1,284.[7][8] The town's growth in recent years has led to concerns among some environmentalists who fear that it will harm the wilderness of the surrounding national park. The federal government has attempted to address these concerns by restricting development in the town, and mandating that only people who can demonstrate a "need to reside"[9] may take up permanent residence in the community.
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot reel "complete" edition / Ex-LN shape / no box..............$5.


Castle Films travelog - Vast wilderness areas of grandeur and unspoiled beauty made safe for the sportsman through the efficiency of the famed and colorful Northwest Mounted Police.
/ b & w / silent / 400-foot reel "complete" edition / Ex-LN shape / no box......................$5.

This "two-way" adventure thriller will give you a double taste of the majestic Swiss Alps. First you'll savor the excitement of climbing the topless slopes along with
 the professionals. Then you'll follow the awesome peaks and valleys from on high as daredevil baloonists in the annual Balooning Meet attempt to cross over the Alps into Italy. Thrills and excitement throughout!
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot reel edition from Castle Films / G shape /no main titles .................$5.

Blended into this thrilling saga of Colorado's past and present are such dramatic and spellbinding scenes as the majestic beauty of Pike's Peak and the Mesa Verde National Park...the excitement of the lawless West...the feverish drama of the gold and silver strikes and much more.
Regular 8mm Sound / Eastman Color -turning / 200-foot reel..........$12.


16mm Sound 
/ Eastman Color/ silent / 800-foot reel / approximately 20 minutes......................$10.

TWA Airlines travelog. Some highlight of London, Parliament, Big Ben, Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, Whitehall, then a visit to Ireland with her quiet lakes, ancient castles,  and the Blarney stone. Then, Paris, the city of lights, the Eifel Tower, Notre Dame, the Champs Elysees, the Arc of Triumph. Frankfurt and the colorful Rhine River. Switzerland and the wonderful Alps. Next stop is Portugal with scenes of Lisbon and the fishermen of Nazare. Madrid, Spain's largest city and one of the of
the great capitals of Europe. Then a flight to Italy to visit Venice, Pisa and Rome. Then winging towards Greece to Athens  including the Acropolis and the Parthenon.
Regular 8mm / Eastman Color - silent 1-reeler 200-foot reel..........$8.

(Castle Films) You'll thrill to the panorama of plush hotels, the fast action at Hialeah and the delightful beauties at Cypress Gardens. There's unusual entertainment, too, at  the Parrott Jungle, Reptile Farm and Marine Studios.
Regular 8mm
- Eastman Color - Sound
- 1-reeler.................................$8.

TWA-sponsored travelog to France. For anyone who would ever want to go there, you arrive at Oray Airport, Paris. Scene of the river Seine and the Eiffel Tower. Place Vendome - statue of Joan of Arc - place de L'Opera - The Madeleine. Place de la Concorde - Sacre colur - Notre Dame - The Louvre are seen. Next, the Camps Elysees and the Arch of Triumph. Next, chateau country - cathedrals at Chartre and the Rheims - Mont. St. Michael. A pilgrimage to Lourdes. Marseilles and a visit
to Chateau D'ff where the Count of Monte Cristo was presumably held prisoner. The French Riviera and a visit to Monaco.
Regular 8mm - Eastman Color - silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel.................$8.

Castle Films produced this particular travelog on Paris. It opens with the most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower. A shot as the elevator travels from high up down provides a panoramic scene of the city. Next, the Palais de Chaillot where the U.N. meets. A tip up the Champs Elysee to the Arch of Triumph is next. At sidewalk cafes, Paris watches the world go by (anything beats working over there!). There is the River Seine, laced with bridges and lined with merchants selling their wares. Street markets bring vendors and buyers by the thousands. Paris designers set styles for the world. Champagne is the king of France's wines while at lunchtime, French chefs are the masters of the kitchen at gourmet restaurants such as Tour D'Argent. Notre Dame is a favorite subject for art students of Paris. Sacre Coeur is the Church of the Sacred Heart in Montmarte. At nightfall, Paris lives up to its name of "Gay Paree" with scenes of entertainment venues.
Regular 8mm - silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel.................$4.


TWA airlines-sponsored travelog to Germany begins with Frankfurt, a boat ride on the River Rhine, Wuppertal which has a monorail for over 50 years, Cologne and the famous cathedral, West Berlin, Heidelberg on the Neckar River, visit a Black Forest clock maker, a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle, the "Oktoberfest" in Munich with all
sorts of carnival rides, ethnic-costumed dancers, etc.
Regular 8mm - Eastman Color - silent 1-reeler  200-foot-reel....................$8.

It's known as the "divine abyss". See local Indians do the "Buffalo dance". Tourists ride horses in their descent into the canyon via the "Angel trail". Wild life abounds as tourists feed deer by hand. See the Colorado River.
Regular 8mm / b & w / 50-foot headliner from Castle Films /........G shape..........$3.

It's known as the "divine abyss". Most Castle releases were on fading Eastman stock but this particular print is on gorgeous Kodachrome stock with vivid colors still in tact.
Regular 8mm / Kodachrome Color - silent / 1-reeler .......... 200-foot-reel./ original Castle Color Movies box..........$20.

TWA airlines-sponsored travelog to GREECE Arriving at Athens, heart of ancient and modern Greece. The Temple of Zeus. Evzone guards at the Royal Palace. Parliament building and the Tomb of the unknown Soldier. From Athens to the Island of Hydra. The pleasant Island of Mykonos and Pedro the Pelican.
Delos - Island of Greek antiquity. Corfu and a colorful folk dance. Back to Athens, The Acropolis and the Parthenon.
Regular 8mm - Eastman Color - silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel..........................$8.


French language travelogs (circa 1930's or 40's?)
16mm Sound   / b & w /  approx  1,200-foot-reel..................$10..


HOLLAND - "Volendam"
This yellow tinted print is from the "Cities of Other Lands" series produced by Post Pictures. Volendam's chief industry is fishing which is done in the "Zuider Zee" which was a favorite subject for musical comedy songs Every man and boy of fifteen can handle one of these boats in rough weather. Everybody meets on Main Street which runs along the waterfront. Many nice shots of the various people and activities round out this reel.
16mm / b & w on tinted stock / silent /  400-foot-reel from Post Pictures Corp, N.Y. / F-G shape, some spots on print, otherwise fine ............$10.


TWA-sponsored travelog to Hong Kong. After scenes of the luxurious flight with wide-screen movies and food the travelog shows views of Kowloon in the
early 60's featuring old rickshaws among buses, cars and sky-scrapers. Next, Hong Kong Harbor. The star ferry to Victoria and scenes there.
Shopping in Hong Kong's up scale stores and boutiques. Next is Tiger Balm Gardens, Repulse Bay. A ceremonial "lion dance" is performed. The new territories,
the boarder at Lok Ma Chau.
Regular 8mm / Eastman Color / silent 1-reel 200-foot-reel..................$8.

TWA-sponsored travelog to India. the land of many exotic temples. Calcutta - India's second largest city. See the Jain Temple and Victoria Memorial.
The Taj Mahal. Santa Cruz airport is the gateway to India and scenes of Bombay. The pink city of Japur. Qutb Minar Tower, Delhi. Government buildings in
New Delhi. The Gandhi shrine. The Republic Day parade
Regular 8mm / Eastman Color / silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel...................$8.


This Sero-Crest travelog opens with a nice montage of scenes from India. The Jantar Mantar Astronomical Observatory built in the 17th Century is the first stop. The Samrath Yantar; sun dial which still tells time perfectly, the giant compass was built to measure the altitude of the stars. Next, the Misra Yantar; for the study of time and movement of the sun. Next stop is the Jain Temple in Calcutta, where age-old holy rites are still performed. The Hill station of Mussoorie is a vacation spot. All supplies are carried by coolies up a winding road. Many scenes of the open air shopping markets and activities. Next stop is a school for Americans and wealthy Indians called The Hostel. The Taj Mahal was built by the Shah Jehan. Many nice shots of the building and it's architecture.
16mm  / b & w / silent /400-foot-reel edition from Sero-Crest Films /Ex-L.N. shape...................$10.

This is an old Encyclopedia Britannica Films release of a travel film on India.
Regular 8mm /  b & w / silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel...................$8.

INDIA; Jaipur The Sun God Procession

From Hollywood Film Enterprises comes a series called Four Minute Journeys edited and titled by Paul I. Hoefler. This edition is Jaipur, India - The Sun God Procession. Jaipur, the Rose Pink City of Rajputana. Thousands of devoted pilgrims have gathered to pay homage to the Sun God on its annual procession through the streets. Those who worship the Sun God bring presents to cast upon his chair as it passes. Small coins and a variety of vegetables predominate as offerings. After the procession the Sun God is carried back to its throne in the temple atop this hill. Inside the ancient temple on a dimly lighted throne sits the Sun God, an image worshipped by thousands of Hindus. By reflecting sunlight through the means of many mirrors the photographer was able to get this clear picture of the Sun God and his wife.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 50-foot edition / .........................$4.

INDIA; Bikaner - Rajputana
From Hollywood Film Enterprises comes a series called Four Minute Journeys edited and titled by Paul I. Hoefler. This edition  is the city gate of Bikaner which dates back to the Mongul Emperors of India and through the arches still flow the streams of commerce. Ancient forts that have stood the time of Emperor Akbar still face the Marwar Desert.  Camels play the most important part in the daily life of Bikaner but donkeys and oxen do their share of the work. Bikaner State contains more than 125,000 camels. Lieut. General His Highness The Maharajah of Bikaner at the head of his staff reviews the State Army on New Year's Day. The Camel Corps is world famous. Riflemen are mounted on swift camels. A great period piece circ the 1930's.
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 50-foot edition / .........................$4.

Produce by Carl W. Dudley. Here in Egypt, ancient cradle of many civilizations, a 20th century plane stands out in dramatic contrast to the camel caravan, which outdates man's memory. Five times each day, faithful Mohammedans face to Mecca for prayer---a ritual they have been performing for centuries. Capital of all Egypt, Cairo is a thoroughly metropolitan city with it's world-famous Shepheard's Hotel...its new emphasis on modern architecture...it's faithful adherence to the minarets and mosques of ancient times. Along the narrow streets of the Bazaar District, artisans ply their trades. Merchants of every nationality display their wares. One of the world's most important inter-ocean waterways, the Suez Canal controls much of the destiny of the Middle East and beyond. Speeding by rail through the Nile Valley, we see a countryside of irrigated, well-cultivated fields. Even before the Greeks became a nation, Egypt's civilization was already old and rich. Many of the hieroglyphics have been translated, adding much to our knowledge of the ancient Pharaohs and the people they ruled. Along the banks of the Nile River, the massive temples and columns of Luxor give evidence of ancient man's engineering genius. Also shown are the pyramids and the mighty Sphinx. It is believed that some 100,000 slaves spent 20 years building this architectural triumph but the secret of its construction has disappeared with the ages.
Regular 8mm /  b & w / silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel/ L.N. Blackhawk print...................$8.

From Castle Films World Parade series is this Egypt travelog. The film opens with scenes of the great Pyramids and numerous camel jockeys traveling the desert. Cairo is shown in it's modern day setting of building and commuter trains. The old and the modern are contrasted in the busy city. Among the sights are "Shepheard's"-one of the world's great hotels, Cairo's native quarter, the Egyptian Museum which displays King Tut's treasures, including the life-like face mask of King Tut made in solid gold, Luxor, where the Pharoahs lived, a 4,000-year-old mummy, etc. The Valley of the Kings was destroyed by earthquake in 27 B.C. Horseracing at the Gezira Sporting Club outside Cairo. The Nile is the longest river in the world. The Great White Way of Cairo is seen at night.
Regular 8mm /  b & w / silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel from Castle Films / orig box / L.N. shape.....$8.


NEW ENGLAND HOLIDAY - Castle Films travelog - Shrines and places everyone wants to see- and a vacation brought to you in Cape Cod vistas, the Beach, the Ocean, and the White Mountains.
/ b & w / silent / 100-foot reel headliner edition / ......................$4.


Blackhawk Films presentation. Jerusalem, the holy city, blessed of Jehovah for the Jews, of God for the Christians, and Allah for the Mohammeddans. Jerusalem, with  its names out of sacred literature, with its venerable churches, its ancient mosques, its synagogues. Mt. Zion and the tomb of the King David, soldier, statesman, poet---whose songs of ages long past we sing today---the Psalms of the Old Testament. In the distance, the dome of the rock on which Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac, his son, to the wrath of the Lord. This travelog move on the the new section of Jerusalem where the heritage of the past and the brisk tempo of the present are blended.. Also shown are the village of Nazareth, then on to Tel Aviv, the city of today, on the history laden shores of the eastern Mediterranean.
Regular 8mm /  b & w / silent 1-reeler 200-foot-reel/ L.N. Blackhawk print...................$8.

Listed elsewhere as a "Railroads in the Newsreels", this is really a beautifully photographed one-hour train-travel-log of the mountains and towns trough the Peruvian Andes 12,000 feet above sea level and more. Beautiful photography and  loads of  railroad lore.
16mm Sound
/ Color   / great color! / approximately 1,200 '  60 minutes)....L.N. shape......(W. S.)...................$30.


TWA-sponsored travelog to Portugal. Opens with Lisbon on the river Tagus. Avenida de Liberdad and scenes of Lisbon. Fashionable Estoril - the Portuguese
Monte Carlo. The fishing and resort village of Nazare. The famous shrine Fatima. The running of the bulls in the street of Vila Franca. Bull fights in the ring. In Portugal, the bull isn't killed. The fight ends in another way.
Regular 8mm / Eastman Color / silent 1-reel 200-foot-reel...................$8.


ROME - The Eternal City
Castle Films World Parade release
16mm / b & w / silent  400-foot-reel release fro Castle Films..................$10.


This is an Encyclopedia Britannica travel films release. More details later.
Regular 8mm /b & w /silent /200-foot edition from .Encyclopedia Britannica .........$8

From the "magic Caroet Movietone" series of travelogs.
Super 8mm Sound
/ b & w /  200-foot reel  / ......................$10.

SCOTLAND - "Roamin' in Scotland"

This Castle Films travelog was only out from 1942 to 1942 before being withdrawn. Footage from the late 1930's era. The land of brown heath and shaggy wood, thistle and bonnie heather. No lakes in the world are better known  or more widely sung.. The twon of Ayr is the birthplace of Robert Burns where "Auld Lang Syne" was first sung. We see Sir Walter Scott's home in Abbottsford. Nearby is Dryboro Abbey where Scott is buried. Edinburgh is the capitol of Scotland. You'll see historic Edinburgh Castle where 400 years ago the door swung open to admit Mary Queen of Scots. You'll see the palace of Linlithgow where she was born. Next, Holyrood Abbey where Mary married the conspiring Bothwell. Next the "Royal Mile" between Holyrood and Ediburgh along which stands the John Knox home. Next the birthplace of Andrew Carnegie. St. Andrew's is the first golf course in the world. It was founded in 1754. It's cemetery perpetuates the memories of champions. Highlanders gather at Braemar. Festive dances conclude this travelog.
16mm / b & w / silent / 400-foot-reel.from Castle Films.................$10.

- Relive happy memories of the recreational facilities at Walt Disney World in the 70's. Highlights include Polynesian Village, Monorail rides, Fort Wilderness campgrounds, fireworks and water ski shows and more.
Super 8mm / Color / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / original box / Vg-Ex shape...........................$10.


Castle Films travelog of the President's residence in Washington D.C.
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / box & film in L.N. shape...........................$8.
Super 8mm / Color / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / Universal 8 box & film in L.N. shape though color turning...........................$8.


Narrated by Ed Herlihy, this short Pathe' News "Milestones of the Century" episode produced around 1952,  gives us a nice tour of the mansion also a history of it's origin with prints and paintings, the burning in the War of 1812, and the re-emergence and expansion.

16mm Sound  / b & w  / approximately 100' / Ex-LN shape.........................................$5.

Columbia Pictures armchair  travelog.  The Jefferson Memorial,  the Washington Monument, the White House, Ford's Theater and the house where Lincoln died, the Lincoln Memorial, the Potomac River, the Pentagon building, the U.S. Treasury Department, the State Department, the Supreme Court (where nine lawyers make up laws you have to live by), the Iwo Jima Memorial, Mt. Vernon, Arlington Cemetery and the Lee Mansion, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, J. F. K. gravesite, and the U.S. Capitol rounds out this reel.
Super 8mm / b & w / silent / 200-foot-reel edition / used condition, some surface wear...........................$5.

Nature's wonerland! Protected wildlife abounds. Friendly bears approach tourists for food. Scenes of deer, buffalo, moose,  and there's good fishing as  fisherman catch fish in a stream. Waterfalls twice the height of Niagara. And, of course, there's "Old Faithful".
Regular 8mm / b & w / silent / 50-foot headliner edition from Castle Films / G shape.............$3.

- Castle Film’s forbidden fruit of documentaries. "Adults Only"!
egular 8mm
/ b & w / silent /1-reel./ orig,. box..............$10.





Death Valley Days Boraxo commercials featuring Ronald Reagan and his loving, loyal daughter Patty doing the commercials on the set of the movie and in a kitchen setting. Others in outdoor setting, TV studio, etc.
16mm Sound / Color - Eastman stock / approximately 200-feet total...........................................$15.

PHIL SILVERS SHOW "Bilko's Double Life"
Everybody is angry with Ernie because he owes all of them money so he scoots out of town on a leave. Meanwhile, an exact double of his, who happens to be a millionaire, arrives in town on vacation and the usual fun mishaps begin when everybody mistakes Bilko's double for Bilko himself!
16mm Sound/ half hour show (approximately 25 minutes)  Vg-Ex shape .............................$35.

After ten years, Ernie's old group are gathering at a hotel for an army reunion. It seems that all have gone on to become huge successes and millionaires. Ashamed, Ernie tries to pretend he's not in the service and is a big time big shot himself  but eventally decides to reveal that he is still just an army sergeant. One of his friends makes him an important officer in his large corporation and Ernie finds the rat race too much and happily returns to the army motor pool.
16mm Sound / half hour show (approximately 25 minutes)  Vg-Ex shape .............................$35.


DARTS IN THE DARK: an introduction to W O. Mitchell (1981) Known for his witty radio and TV appearances, he shows a more serious side as he reveals his
personal views on writing. Passages from his stories reflect the many facets of this self-proclaimed "folksy foothills philosopher"
16mm Sound /Color / Eastman stock 2-r approx 16 min G-Ex ....$10.


This episode, hosted by the Old Ranger, is titled "The Train and Mrs. Tretaine" and stars Joan Blondell as a widow lady with a son who has a battle with the railroad when her cow is killed by the locomotive. She wants $50. from the railroad but they won't give in and she begins a series of sabotage acts to bring the railroad man around to paying her. Also starring are Noah Beery, Jr., George Tobias and Doodles Weaver.
16mm  Sound /b & w / half hour show format (approx 25 minutes). Near mint original with commercial slugs captions still in the print.....(W. R.).............$25.

FORD THEATER (1957) "Gentle Deceiver"
starring Keenan Wynn, Byron Foulger, Sara Haden, Lucy Marlow and Lucien Littlefield.
Keenan Wynn plays a  wandering tramp who presents himself as an eccentric millionaire while visiting a small town in order to obtain food and lodgings.
16mm / sof / b & w / 3-r (approximately 25 minutes).......Ex shape.............................$20.

In addition to his comedy monologue, Jackie appears in two skits. One featuring the Poor Soul who can't seem to get two seats side-by-side for him and his date at a movie theater and a skit featuring Reggie Van Gleason.
16mm Sound / b&w /approximately 25 minutes/ Ex shape appears to be composite from two different shows..................$45

(c 1955) featuring Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris and Nanette Faberet
This is a complete segment skit from what is probably "Caesar's Hour". It is a musical opera parody sung in gibberish by the stars doing a "Pagliachi " take-off. The sound is about 2 seconds off though, with the singing gibberish, it's not as noticeable as if it were regular dialogue. Some unintentional humor arises during short exchanges when you hear Nanette Faberet's voice coming from Sid Caesar's mouth and visa versa!
16mm Sound / b&w /approximately 15 minutes/ L.N. shape- sound is about 2 second late, so priced accordingly....................$10


starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell.
Also featured are  Clarence Kolb, Hillary Brooke.
This episode (#2) is titled "The Contract". Vern is forced  by his boss to wine and dine a female customer for the agency because she has a crush on him. He thinks it will be ok since his girl friend Hillary Brooke is out of town. Naturally, Hillary returns a day early and shows up for dinner. To complicate this bedroom farce-style comedy, Margie has two dates scheduled also between rival boyfriends whom she must entertain in separate rooms. So with help from neighbor Mrs. Odettes, a series of phone and doorbell signals send Vern and Margie scampering into different rooms to entertain two dinner guests at the same time! A lively paced and funny episode!
16mm / sof / half-hour format (approximately 25 minutes) .....................$30.

starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell.
Also featured is Hillary Brooke, Clarence Kolb,
This episode is title "Case of the Helping Hand" (2-24-54).Vern is paranoid that a young man named Perkins (played by Robert Nichols) is after his job at the Honeywell Agency and becomes convinced that he is being phased out by the boss, Mr. Honeywell who is actually only grooming the young man to be relocated to an office in Dallas. Mr. Honeywell thinks it best if Vern keeps on thinking that he's on the bubble. Perkins only weakness is reading lurid mystery stories so, Margie and Vern's girl friend Hillary Brooke, conspire to create a fake mystery  that causes the young man to get on the wrong side of Mr. Honeywell. Good fun as Margie and Hillary run loose in the office building and in the home of Mr. Honeywell. The plot works but then the scheme is revealed and Margie and Hillary have to cover-up the plot (yet another Hillary involved in a cover-up!).
16mm / sof / half-hour format (approximately 25 minutes) .....................$30.

starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell.
Also featured are Donald McBride, Willie Best, Clarence Kolb, Don Hayden
Vern and Margie arrive home from vacation a week early and Vern doesn't want his boss to know or he might have to work and lose the time off. When his boss, Mr. Honeywell, loans out Vern and Margie's apartment, they wind up posing as maid and butler to hide the fact they are home early. It gets complicated when Mr. Honeywell finds out and must produce a fake Vern Albright for the client, Donald McBride.  Then, McBride gets wind of the whole scheme and turns it back on Vern and Mr. Honeywell. Typical zany sit-com plot that is carried off perfectly by a first rate cast.
16mm / sof / half-hour format (approximately 25 minutes) ...................$30.

starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell.
This 3rd season episode is "Margie's Millionth Member" It depicts the telecast of the "Captain Stratosphere" science fiction TV show which incorporates a behind the scenes look at the Hal Roach Studios. The set and costumes used seem to be from "Rocky Jones Space Ranger" which was also shot at the Roach lot.
16mm / sof / half-hour format (approximately 25 minutes) ...................$35.

This is a silent A-B roll of raw footage of a Pepsi commercial from the 1960's. Sound portion of this was lost so only images of gunfighters in a western town and the girl doing the plugs with clap boards and re-takes.
16mm /silent / Kodachrone double perf stock /(approximately 200-feet ..................$5.

starring George Reeves
"My Friend Superman"
16mm Sound/ b & w / half-hour format (approximately 25 minutes) / Ex. shape.....(J. R.)..............$75.

A symphony conductor starts a big symphonic and vocal chorale version of the famous jingle; "Winston tastes good like..." then stops and sees that it has been altered to "your cigarette should" then realizes the change in the target audience as non Winston smokers and continues the piece.
16mm Sound /Eastman color / approximately 50-feet (30 sec. spot) ..................$3.

Trailers & Production Reels

16mm Sound / Color/ approx 50' / Ex shape..........................$5.

BRAMBLE BUSH (theatrical trailer)
starring Richard Burton and Angie Dickenson
16mm Sound / b & w / approx 100' / Ex shape...............$10.

CHARADE (movie trailer for TV)
16mm Sound / Color/ approx 50' / Ex shape..........................$5.

Four assorted trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.

starring Sean Connery as secret agent James Bond
16mm Sound / Color  / Ex shape / Eastman print in fair shape ....................$5.

FIVE EASY PIECES (movie trailer for TV)
16mm Sound / Color/ approx 50' / Ex shape..........................$5.

Four assorted trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.

trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.

trailers and production short sequence combined in this reel.
16mm Sound / b & w / approx 100' / G shape / ......... .....................$5.


Eight assorted trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.

(includes trailers and clips)
16mm Sound / Color/ approx 600' / Ex shape...........(W. S.).................$25.

MIDWAY (trailer for TV))
W. W. 2 action adventure drama
16mm Sound / Color / approx 50' / Ex shape / Eastman print in fair shape .....................$5.

(trailer for TV))
Dean Martin crime drama
16mm Sound / Color / approx 50' / Ex shape / Eastman print in fair shape .....................$5.


Four assorted trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.


Seven assorted trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.

(extended theatrical trailer)
Humphrey Bogart creates his legendary stage role for the screen with Leslie Howard and Bette Davis in this extended-length trailer that runs about five minutes
with many classic scenes and quotes from the film. Print is a dupe with slightly low sound but clearly audible.
16mm Sound / b & w / approx 200' / Ex shape dupe ...............$15.

(theatrical promo reel)
The crowing of Queen Elizabeth was a major event and this promo reel is from a feature-length documentary in color of the entire ceremony including the parades as well as the wedding.
16mm Sound / Color / approx 200' / Ex shape / Eastman print in fair shape ....(W. S.)....................$15.


Seven assorted trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.


Four assorted trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.

theatrical-length trailer
Super 8 sound
/ Color / Walt Disney productions.....................$10.

trailer-promo short

Super 8 sound
/ Color / approximately 5-6 minutes .............................................$15.

TABOOS OF THE WORLD (movie trailer)
Narrated by Vincent Price, this film was a follow-up attempt to capture the success of "Mondo Cane".
16mm Sound / b & w / approx 50'/ Ex shape /  .....................$5.

  Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson / production reel extended trailer
Super 8mm Sound / Color / 5-6 minutes...$12.

UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE (trailer for TV))
starring Jack Lemon
16mm Sound / Color / approx 25' / Ex shape / Eastman print in fair shape .....................$5.

THE WILD COUNTRY (trailer for TV))
16mm Sound / Color / approx 25' / Ex shape / Eastman print in fair shape .....................$5.

starring Humphrry Bogart, Walter Huston
Tim Holt, Bruce Bennett
16mm Sound / B & W / approx 100' / Ex shape /nice reduction quality.....................$20


Three assorted trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.


Two  trailers for TV.
16mm Sound / b & w / / Ex shape / ......... .....................$5.

theatrical trailer Super 8 sound / Color / Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, w/ Raymond Burr..$12.


Adventure Parade.jpg (16387 bytes)Sports Parade generic box.jpg (14561 bytes)
Babe Ruth box.jpg (13690 bytes)

ATTENTION 8mm & 16mm Collectors!
Here's the reference guide and historical book you've always wanted!


Do you remember the first movie you ever owned? It was probably a product of Castle Films. Before home video, Castle Films made every living room a screening room.

For four decades the 16mm and 8mm film products of Castle Films were sold in every department store and hobby shop. Castle had big-screen movies for everybody: comedies with Abbott & Costello, The Marx Brothers, and W. C. Fields...monster movies with Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman...cartoons with Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy, and Mighty Mouse...westerns with Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and James Stewart...travelogues of the world's picturesque places...newsreels of major headline stories...musicals with top singers and bandleaders.

Collectors have always wanted a reference book detailing the total output of Castle Films. Here it is. Castle Films: A Hobbyist's Guide is a complete filmography of every title printed between 1937 and 1977. For handy reference, there are separate indexes by title, subject, and serial number, a listing of Castle's color film releases, and a special section "decoding" Castle's various pseudonym titles and disclosing the "true identities" of many films.

Castle Films: A Hobbyist's Guide is a fascinating, nostalgic look at one of the pioneers of home entertainment.


Collectors have always wanted a reference book detailing the complete 40-year filmography of Castle Films. This is it.
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